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Social Media – Jeopardy FacebookTwitterName that Icon Misc.You Tube 100 200 300 400 500 1000 FINAL JEOPARDY.

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1 Social Media – Jeopardy FacebookTwitterName that Icon Misc.You Tube 100 200 300 400 500 1000 FINAL JEOPARDY

2 Facebook—100 points (Q) Q: What comes first…a new user or a new page? A:

3 Facebook —100 points (A) A: User. Link for a new page: Game Board

4 Facebook—200 points (Q) DOUBLE Q: What should you have at least two (three) of when working with youth? A:

5 Facebook—200 points (A) A: Administrators for page. To allow you to: Edit the page, Create posts, Respond and delete comments, Send messages, View insights (stats). Game Board

6 Facebook—300 points (Q) Q: What can you add in a post along with text? (up to 4 answers) A:

7 Facebook—300 points (A) A: Photos, video, links, location,etc. Game Board

8 Facebook—400 points (Q) Q: How can you send messages to only a few people? A:

9 Facebook—400 points (A) A: Set up a Group in Facebook or via Facebook email. Game Board

10 Facebook—500 points (Q) Q: What types of groups are available? (3 types) A:

11 Facebook—500 points (A) A: Secret (no one can see), Closed (see group only), and Open (everything public) Game Board

12 Facebook—1000 points (Q) Q: What are three ways to show you appreciate a post, video, link, etc.? A:

13 Facebook—1000 points (A) A: ‘Likes’ (good), ‘Comments’ (better-interaction), ‘Shares’ (best-sharing posts). Game Board

14 Twitter —100 points (Q) Q: The maximum amount of characters in a Tweet. A:

15 Twitter—100 points (A) A: 140 Game Board

16 Twitter—200 points (Q) Q: #YearOfFaith or is an example of what? A:

17 Twitter—200 points (A) A: A Hashtag Game Board

18 Twitter—300 points (Q) Q How can you view someone’s Tweets on your page? DOUBLE A:

19 Twitter—300 points (A) A: Follow Game Board

20 Twitter—400 points (Q) Q: How can you shorten a web address? A:

21 Twitter—400 points (A) A: http://tinyurl.com Game Board

22 Twitter—500 points (Q) Q: What is the proper way to forward someone’s tweet? A:

23 Twitter—500 points (A) A: RT RT @cathmedia: Great NCYC 2013 Promo! Game Board

24 Twitter—1000 points (Q) Q: Entire group – what promotion or event could you promote through Twitter? Present to group. A:

25 Twitter—1000 points (A) A: Sharing time Game Board

26 Icons —100 points (Q) Q: What is A:

27 Icons—100 points (A) A: Twitter Game Board

28 Icons—200 points (Q) Q: What is DOUBLE A:

29 Icons—200 points (A) A: Google Game Board

30 Icons—300 points (Q) Q: What is A:

31 Icons—300 points (A) A: Facebook Game Board

32 Icons—400 points (Q) Q: What is and how do you log into the account? A:

33 Icons—400 points (A) A: YouTube. You login through Google. Game Board

34 Icons—500 points (Q) Q: Have you seen this icon before A:

35 Icons—500 points (A) A: Amazon (you can post comments, etc. on their website) Game Board

36 Icons—1000 points (Q) Q: What category do these fall into? A:

37 Icons—1000 points (A) A: Photo sharing websites. Game Board

38 Misc.—100 points (Q) Q: What are the names of at least two Blog websites? A:

39 Misc —100 points (A) A: Wordpress, Blogger, Serendipity, blogengine, Geeklog. Game Board

40 Misc—200 points (Q) Q: When can you post children’s photos on a website, blog, photo gallery? A:

41 Misc—200 points (A) A: Upon receipt of a photo release. Game Board

42 Misc—300 points (Q) Q: Who approves the use of social media tools for a youth ministry/church page? DOUBLE A:

43 Misc—300 points (A) A: Pastor/Administrator of the parish, school, Diocesan institution or entity Game Board

44 Misc—400 points (Q) Q: What other tools does Google offer for free? A:

45 Misc—400 points (A) A: Google+, forms, presentation,document, spreadsheet, drawing, calendar, maps, Alerts, YouTube, Gmail. Game Board

46 Misc—500 points (Q) Q: What is one Social Media tool you will try? (discuss at table) A:

47 Misc - 500 points (A) A: What tool, when? Game Board

48 Misc-1000 points (Q) Q: What cautions should we take with Social Media and youth? (Discuss at table) A:

49 Misc—1000 points (A) A: Friend vs. mentor, never alone in a chat room, employee mentality, think twice, tweet or post once. Game Board

50 YouTube—100 points (Q) Q: What does subscribe mean? A:

51 YouTube—100 points (A) A: You will be notified when a new video is available from the channel. Game Board

52 YouTube - 200 points (Q) Q: Can you embed a video in a Powerpoint presentation? A:

53 YouTube—200 points (A) A: Yes. Game Board

54 YouTube - 300 points (Q) Q: How can you use YouTube in your ministry? A:

55 YouTube - 300 points (A) A: Discuss at table and present to group. Game Board

56 YouTube - 400 points (Q) Q: Can you change the start time of a video? DOUBLE A:

57 YouTube —400 points (A) A: Cut the chase and link to the interesting part Linking to a video where the real action starts at 3 minutes 22 seconds, wondered if you could make it start at 03:22? You are in luck. All you have to do is add #t=03m22s (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) to the end of the URL Embed only a part of Video Just append ‘&start=30′ to skip first 30s of the video. In general you can modify the value after start= to the number of seconds you want to skip the video. Game Board

58 YouTube—500 points (Q) Q: Can you change the quality of your viewing video? A:

59 YouTube—500 points (A) A: Yes by selecting the “star” under the video. HD viewing may also be available. Game Board

60 YouTube - 1000 points (Q) Q: Where can you “share” videos on other social media platforms? A:

61 YouTube—1000 points (A) A: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Blogger, Tumblr, MySpace, LinkdIn, StumbleUpon and more. Game Board

62 FINAL JEOPARDY Where can you find the Diocesan policy on Social Media?

63 FINAL JEOPARDY Thank you to Katie Schmid, Teacher at Boylan CCHS for the Jeopardy game!

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