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Science Fair Project Template

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1 Science Fair Project Template
Each of the following slides are designed to present a step in your science investigation using the Scientific Method. Write all your project information in the corresponding slides. Slide 9 between Data and Results contains an Excel connection to create a bar graph. You can use all, some, or replace the clip art. Delete this slide after you complete your presentation.

2 Problem Statement What brand of paper towel is the strongest?
(Title: Revenge of the paper towels!)

3 Variables Constant Variables: Pennies Graduated cylinder Tray 30ml of water Cup Manipulated Variable: Brands of paper towel Responding Variable: What brand of paper towel is the strongest?

4 Hypothesis: If we test Bounty, Family Values, Sparkle, Clear Value, and the school’s paper towel, then Bounty will be the strongest.

5 Materials Pennies Bounty paper towel Sparkle paper towel
Family Values paper towel School’s paper towel Clear Value paper towel 30ml of water Tray Graduated cylinder Cup

6 Procedures Pour the water into the cup.
Take a paper towel and fold it gently and put the entire towel underwater. Take it out and squeeze out the excess water. One person holds the paper towel while another person carefully, places one penny at a time onto the paper towel. Be careful to count the pennies as you are placing them. When the paper towel rips, subtract the last penny and record the amount of pennies the paper towel held, before breaking. Repeat the experiment twice with the same paper towel. Repeat steps 2-9 with the other brands of paper towels.

7 Data Number of pennies Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average School 68 93 63
Bounty 227 324 225 258r2 Sparkle 114 135 113 120r2

8 Data Number of pennies Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average Family Values
71 45 202 106 Clear Value 37 85 69 Kirkland 152 252 170 191r1

9 Data

10 Results The school’s paper towel averaged 67 pennies. Bounty averaged 259 pennies. Sparkle averaged Family Values averaged Clear Value averaged 69 pennies. Finally, Kirkland averaged 191 pennies.

11 Conclusion Our hypothesis was supported by the experiment. Bounty was the strongest out of all the paper towels we tested. We noticed that Family Values may have changed the way they held the paper towel and that may explain the large difference in their final results. Also, we had 22 people doing the experiment, so each group may have held the paper towel differently, close together or far apart.

12 Application This experiment helps us in life because we know that bounty is the strongest paper towel of the 6 that we tested. We are going to show the data to our parents when we go to the grocery store. Therefore, we will tell them to get Bounty.

13 Bibliography Barnhardt, Robert A. "Linen." World Book Student.
World Book, Web. 17 Oct P, Samantha. "Which Brand of Paper Towel Will Absorb the Most Water?" Weblog post. Science Project. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct < 001/samanthap.html>. "Different Brands of Paper Towels." Bounty Paper Towels and Napkins. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct <>.

14 Abstract We wanted to find out which brand of paper towel was the strongest. Our hypothesis was that Bounty would be the strongest of the 6 brands we tested. Bounty was the strongest of all the 6 brands of paper towels.

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