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Scientific Method to the Rescue

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1 Scientific Method to the Rescue
Will the strongest towel please stand up! Template courtesy of

2 Purpose To practice using the scientific method to design and conduct an experiment To think like a scientist

3 Problem/Question Many brands of paper towels claim to be the strongest. Which brand of paper towel is the strongest?

4 _______ In research laboratories, papermakers test the paper they make for physical properties such as : strength, absorbency, stretch, tear resistance, folding endurance, and stiffness. They also test for optical properties like: transparency, opacity, brightness, color, and gloss.

5 Research Since paper towels are usually wet when they are being used, the “wet strength” of the towel is important. Wet strength is the strength of paper when wet. This can be measured by the amount of mass that a wet paper towel can hold.

6 Hypothesis If different paper towels are tested for strength (__________, _______________, and ____________), then _____________ will be the strongest.

7 Experiment Gather materials: 3 brands of paper towels
Graduated cylinder basin washers Water (how much in mL) Balance scale scissors

8 Variables Independent Variable: what you will change (the ‘if’ part of the hypothesis) Dependent Variable: what changes based upon the independent variable. (the ‘then’ part of the hypothesis). Constants: things that remain the same each time you perform the test.

9 Procedure Step by step process to follow Number the steps Use complete sentences. Be specific! Indicate number of trials

10 Procedure 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

11 Sample procedure idea Picture credit:

12 Analyze Data Create a data table that includes the trials and the average of all trials (the reduced data). Create a graph, using of the average information (the reduced data). Remember to label X and Y axis and give a specific title that relates to the purpose of the lab

13 Data Table # : Title Label Label: Brawny Bounty Scott Include a number
Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average Brawny # Bounty Scott Always include an appropriate title Include labels for columns; include units!

14 Use average, or reduced data
Graph Use average, or reduced data Include a title and number Labels should include units where needed

15 Follow the directions to complete the conclusion template.

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