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Rapid Rising Water Name.

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1 Rapid Rising Water Name

2 Question: Which brand of paper towel will absorb water the fastest.

3 Purpose: To find out which brand of paper towel will work the fastest in soaking up the spill. This will help my Mom when cleaning up my little brother’s spills.

4 Hypothesis: I think the most expensive paper towel Bounty will absorb the water faster because it is advertized as the “Quicker Picker Upper”.

5 Materials: Two Brands of Paper towels Water Clear plastic cups
Food coloring Spoon Stop watch to record time in seconds.

6 Procedure: Fill a 400 ml beaker with 300 ml of water and add four drops of food coloring Carefully tear four paper towels from two different brands of paper towel along perforated lines. Roll each towel into a long, thin tube about equal in length to each other. Mark the different brands of paper towels on one end of the tube. Place both in the cup at the same time and start the stop watch. Observe the colored water as it climbs up the paper towel tubes using the capillary action. Keep track of the times for each towel. Using fresh towels each time, do two more trials to confirm your results.

7 Other Ideas With Paper Towels
Squeeze play: Which brand will absorb the greatest amount of water. Sipping Siphons: Can a certain brand of paper towel suck all the water out of one container into another? The Dry Test: How can you test the strength of a dry paper towel? The Wet Test: The Stretch Test: Double layer Strength Test with different liquids.

8 Data Chart: Bounty- Target Brand- Brand Time to absorb to the end
Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Bounty- 8:36 8:22 8:00 Target Brand- 6:56 6:45 6:22

9 Results:

10 Conclusion: My hypothesis was not correct and the Target Brand had the quicker picker upper. So if you need to get a spill picked up quick use the Target Brand.

11 Credit Thank-you Mom for buying the paper towels and helping me type up my report and making my board. Thank-you to my teacher for helping me measure my results and make my graph using excel.

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