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Coscoroba Swan By Joslyn Ms. Wenibing. Coscoroba Swan.

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1 Coscoroba Swan By Joslyn Ms. Wenibing

2 Coscoroba Swan

3 Why I Chose My Animal? I chose because it is cuit. It is also a bird.

4 Appearance The Coscoroba Swan has many characteristics that make it special. Coscoroba swan have a white body and a pink beak and black eyes. The Cygnets, their babies, are silver, gray, or brown. They also have 3 darker gray stripes on their back. That is what Coscoroba Swans look like and the Cygnets look like. Their appearance helps it survive in the wild.

5 Habitat Have you ever wondered where Coscoroba swans live? Coscoroba swans prefer shallow areas to live in. They prefer shallow areas because it is by the land so they can hide from predators. They live in ponds, lagoons, and canals. Coscoroba swans live in South America. This is why Coscoroba Swans live in and prefer shallow areas and live in South America.

6 Diet The Coscoroba swan eats many things. Coscoroba swans eat insects and matter and also small fish in the wild. In the zoo they eat romaine lettuce and water flower pellets and the owner feeds them. This is why they eat many things to survive in the wild and zoo.

7 Family Coscoroba swan’s families are very big. Coscoroba swans are in the family of gooses, ducks and swans. The mother Coscoroba lays up to 3 to 9 eggs. Coscoroba swans live in larger groups to stay away from predators. That is why Coscoroba swans have a big family to survive.

8 Predator/Danger The Coscoroba Swan can be a predator to some and can also be a prey to others. They eat small fish. The babies are eaten by Otters and gulls also birds of prey. They also fly in [?] groups to avoid predators like bears. They stay away from bears because they eat them. Coscoroba swans have to stay away from bears and their predators to survive so they fly in large groups in the wild.

9 Interest Here are some interesting facts about a Coscoroba Swan. Coscoroba swans have names like mike. A few days before hatching they chirp inside the egg. In the wild they are alive 7 years, but in the zoo they live up to 20 years. They also shed their flight feathers for 3 months to care for their young! It is so cool that Coscoroba swans have names but I do not know why they have names. Do you?

10 Photo Gallery

11 About the Resea Hello, my name is Joslyn Marie Greff. I am 8 years old. I live in Kenmore, WA and I live with my mommy, my daddy, me, my sister Shaylen, my brother Treyton, and my other brother Brycen. My favorite sport is swimming. I hope I get to see my animal that I have been searching information on.

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