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Arctic Fox By Arianna Ms. Weinberg.

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1 Arctic Fox By Arianna Ms. Weinberg

2 Arctic Fox

3 Why I Chose My Animal? I chose my animal an arctic fox because it is an amassing animal.

4 Appearance The Arctic Fox is very cool. An arctic fox has a nose and ears of course, but they are close to the head! The Arctic Fox has a Fluffy tail that they use for a reason. It has it because that tail helps it keep warm. It is so soft that it is like a blanket. An Arctic Fox is cool in many ways. You might think an Arctic Fox is just an Arctic Fox, but it is much more, it has all of these cool traits to help it survive.

5 Habitat Do you know an Arctic Fox lives in the Arctic? An arctic fox lives where there are no trees (called tree-less.) During most of the winter the sun doesn't rise. It is dark 24 hours a day. If you thought they live in the arctic you might be right.

6 Family The momma arctic fox can have more than 10 pups. Did you know that pups are also called Kit's. A group of baby foxes is called a litter. When a fox is born, it cannot see or hear. The pups mother and father take turns on watching the pups while the other hunts for food. The mother and fathers protection helps keep them safe especially since they can't see or hear!

7 Diet An arctic fox will eat almost anything. An arctic fox catches a few birds and buries them for winter. The fox will eat many things such as plants, birds eggs, insects and fish. An arctic fox can and will even eat arctic geese. the arctic fox will also eat seaweed, so it is an omnivore. An omnivore is something that eats anything.

8 Predator/prey/Adapt If you are in the arctic, stay away from arctic foxes. An arctic fox has many predators such as the golden eagle and the polar bear and the wolverine. An arctic fox is hunted by people for skin. Burning gas is bad for the environment. If the environment is in danger, so are the animals. Arctic fox lurk everywhere, that means to be careful.

9 Interesting Here are some facts that are interesting. An arctic fox has a long bushy tail that helps it keep warm. The arctic fox also has fur on the bottom of its feet to keep its feet warm. They also have white fur that helps it stay safe and blend in with its environment. Thank You for reading these pages and I hope you learned plenty of facts.

10 Photo

11 About the Researcher My name is Arianna Thomas. I like going camping and eating marshmallows while telling scary stories about dragons. I also like going to the aquarium. I live in Kenmore Washington with my family. I am a second grade student at moorlands elementary. I look forward to our class field trip to Woodland Park zoo this spring and hope to see an arctic fox, which we rarely get to see.

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