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Ocelot by Ashlyn Ms.Winberg.

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1 Ocelot by Ashlyn Ms.Winberg

2 Why I Chose My Animal? I chose an Ocelot at the last second. I also think Ocelots are cool to learn about and some times cute.

3 Appearance Appearance An ocelot has amazing characteristics. An ocelot has a pink nose and brown eyes. Ocelots can also have sharp teeth to catch its prey. It also can have beautiful spotted fur. It blends to the dirt. That’s what an ocelot looks like. An ocelot can be cute but they certainly are not friendly.

4 Ocelot

5 Habitat An ocelot has an interesting habitat. An ocelot’s habitat can be as far as North Texas. Ocelots can be in jungles, tropical rainforests and riverbanks. They survive by getting food and water. With life like this for an ocelot, they can survive in the wild because they have food, water and warmth.

6 Diet An ocelot has a special way that it catches its prey. Ocelots can eat young deer, peccaries, and monkeys. At the zoo they eat birds, mice, and rats. They also eat fish, iguanas, and water snakes. That is what an ocelot eats. Monkeys are what ocelots mostly eat.

7 Predator/Prey/Adapt An ocelot has some dangers and gets preys. An ocelot’s danger is the bobcat. They are endangered cats because people are hunting them for their soft fur. The mother will conceal the litter in the den. The ocelot’s den will keep the litter safe from danger.

8 Family Do you know what family an ocelot is in? An adult female has kittens once or twice a year. It’s family can have one to four kittens per litter. Mothers will conceal the litter in a den to help protect them. I know what family ocelots are in. They are in family felidae.

9 Interesting Facts An ocelot has many interesting facts. An ocelot’s tail is usually one-third of the length of an ocelot’s body. That includes 36 species of cats. Ocelots are also nocturnal. Ocelots are one of the three small cats. They hopefully will stay away from danger so we can keep on learning about them.

10 Photo Gallery

11 About the Researcher My name is Ashlyn Peterson. I live in Bothell. I like jumping on my trampoline. I am 7 and ½. I play basketball. I love ocelots.

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