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Monkey By Chase Mrs. Weinberg.

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1 Monkey By Chase Mrs. Weinberg

2 Monkey

3 Why I Chose My Animal? I like the Colors on the Colobus monkey and the Colobus monkey has so many facts.

4 Appearance The Colobus monkey has many characteristics that make it special. They have black fur that strongly contrasts with the long white mantle. They have whiskers and a beard around the face. They also have a white bushy tail. Colobus monkeys have no thumbs and this helps them go through the trees faster. With all of these characteristics, the Colobus monkey has a great chance of surviving in the environment

5 Habitat Do you know where a Colobus monkey lives? Colobus monkeys live in deciduous forests and in mundane forests. They can live in lowland swamps and coastal forests. Colobus monkeys also live in moist savannas and gallery forests. These Cmonkeys because there are good things to eat

6 Diet Colobus monkeys are herbivores. A Colobus monkey eats leaves, stems, bark, flowers, buds, shoots, fruits and some aquatic plants. They also eat 80% leaves and 15% fruit. Fruit is hard for them to find. The food they eat helps them also to survive in the environment

7 Family A Colobus monkey’s family is important to them. A Colobus monkey is born all white. They only have one baby a year. Colobus monkeys live in small groups which consist of one male with up to six females and their young. The females help take care of the young and the family of Colobus monkeys help them all survive.

8 Predator/Prey/Adapt Danger! Danger! Stay away from your predators! Colobus monkeys can die from hunting, logging and habitat destruction. They are over hunted and still sold in Africa for their meat and fur. Their predators are leopards, large eagles and humans. Colobus monkeys work together to protect their young, themselves and other colobus monkeys in the group.

9 Interesting Facts Here are some interesting facts about the colobus monkey. Colobus comes from the Greek “kolobus” which means “maimed”. Unlike most primates, colobus lack thumbs. The lack of a thumb is an adaptation for moving quickly through trees. They can live up to 25 to 30 years. I enjoyed learning about the colobus monkey.

10 Photo Gallery

11 About the Researcher My name is Chase McCormick. I live in Bothell, WA with my family. I am in second grade at Moorlands Elementary. I like to write and read non-fiction. I also like to play baseball. I look forward to our class field trip to the zoo this spring and hope to see my animal.

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