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MOCAD Mobile Care and early intervention And Diagnosis MOCAD is an android based mobile application that is specifically designed to address the needs.

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1 MOCAD Mobile Care and early intervention And Diagnosis MOCAD is an android based mobile application that is specifically designed to address the needs of social care services that visit clients in their own homes and deliver a wide variety of care needs.


3 What does MOCAD do? Sends planned DAILY visit information to a mobile device for each individual Care Worker Automates existing paper based processes including mileage and timesheet recording Utilises NFC (Near Field Communication) tags to alert the social services that a carer has attended a client

4 What does MOCAD do? Reports by automated SMS message that a visit has been completed Notifies the next client by SMS that the care worker is on their way even sends them a picture ID Creates an optimised journey plan for the care worker between client locations and records that mileage.

5 So how does MOCAD do this? It securely takes schedule information from the database and downloads this to any Android mobile device Allows the Social Care Team to prioritise client visits each day for workload distribution

6 So how does MOCAD do this? Logs arrival and leaving times with NFC Tags in the clients home and allows SMS transfer of logged time back to head office Ensures that visits are not “missed”

7 The process is repeated for each client visit Allows the Social Care Team to monitor, manage and automate existing paper based tasks such as mileage and time recording

8 MOCAD the Application CIRCLE OF CARE MANAGEMENT Reports completed visits for all clients for complete quality control Allows mileage to be optimised automatically and supplies expense information on a daily basis per carer Allows relatives to see what care has been administered and by who, showing the processes that should have been done Allows accurate automatic timesheet reporting including statutory breaks – billing made easy. All data in one place for a complete overview

9 A Typical Carer’s day – John Griffiths Avon County Council Daily Schedule - Carer John GriffithsPayroll NumberPW166 Mocad No.07624 908270 TimeRefNameAddressPostcodeAgeSexVisit DetsOther details 09:00:007010Mohammad Khan Flat 1, 3 Great George Street, BRISTOL BS1 5RR52MFeeding - Vegitarian 09:45:007001James Walker74a Park Row, BRISTOLBS1 5LE73MPersonal HygieneKey Code 2243 10:15:00Break 10:45:007002Sharon Lopes40 Colston Street, BRISTOLBS1 4AE84FMedicationNeighbour Ruth next door 11:30:007003David Morgan25 Victoria Street, BRISTOLBS1 6AA76MFeedingPet dog Oscar 12:30:00Alt EstAlternative Establishment - unscheduled 13:00:007004Jeremy Bass2 Victoria Street, BRISTOLBS1 6BB35MFeeding and Medication 13:30:00BreakScheduled Lunchbreak 14:00:007005Pat Bishop100 Temple Street, BRISTOLBS1 6AG70FCleaning 14:45:007006Carole Kennedy8 Deanery Road, BRISTOLBS1 5AF79FLunch 15:15:00BreakScheduled Break 15:45:007002Sharon Lopes40 Colston Street, BRISTOLBS1 4AE84FMedication 16:15:00Alt EstScheduled Office Social Services, ACC, College Green BristolBS1 5TR

10 So how does this help Manage the problem? Avon County Council - Management Report Pay NoCarerRAISEClientPostcodeVisit DateStartFinishAct StartAct FinishMileage £ Mileage 431220GeraldKate2013MrCharles 7 Northbourne Avenue- BS10 6DG22-Dec-1121:0521:3520:2620:56 431220GeraldKate5003-Alternative Establishment---22-Dec-1121:4522:3020:5822:22 --------- 01:2501:560.0 £ - 17865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline 3A Waltham RoadBoscombe EastBS7 6PE29-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0307:40 17865SherringJohn2029-Brian Flat 5 Kingsley House2 Coronation AvenueBS9 1TB29-Dec-1108:0009:0008:0009:024.2 17865SherringJohn2023-Reginal Flat 2 Hamilton Court14 Hamilton RoadBS1 4EQ29-Dec-1109:3010:3009:3010:263.5 17865SherringJohn5003-Alternative Establishment---29-Dec-1110:3012:0010:2612:04 17865SherringJohn5000-Meal Break---29-Dec-1112:0012:3012:0412:29 17865SherringJohn5003-Alternative Establishment---29-Dec-1113:0014:2512:5414:19 17865SherringJohn5002-Handover - Wallisdown---29-Dec-1114:3015:0014:1914:59 --------- 07:3007:317.7 £ 5.01 17865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline 3A Waltham RoadBoscombe EastBS7 6PE30-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0307:431.7 17865SherringJohn2023-Reginal Flat 2 Hamilton Court14 Hamilton RoadBS1 4EQ30-Dec-1108:0009:0007:5509:461.7 17865SherringJohn5003-Alternative Establishment---30-Dec-1109:4511:2009:4610:17 17865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline 3A Waltham RoadBoscombe EastBS7 6PE30-Dec-1111:3012:0011:3911:591.7 17865SherringJohn5000-Meal Break---30-Dec-1112:0012:3012:0112:30 17865SherringJohn5003-Alternative Establishment---30-Dec-1113:0014:2513:0514:17 17865SherringJohn5002-Handover - Wallisdown---30-Dec-1114:3015:0014:1814:565.1 --------- 07:3007:2210.2 £ 6.63

11 Link this to Google and…

12 And from the relative’s point of view? Avon County Council - Relative View RAISE No 2010 Ms Gwendoline From 16th December to 5th January 2012 PatchCidCarerRaiseNameVisit DateSch StartSch EndAct StartAct EndSch DurAct DurVariance 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East16-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0107:4400:4500:4300:02:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East16-Dec-1111:3012:0011:3211:5300:3000:2100:09:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East17-Dec-1116:0016:30--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East17-Dec-1120:3021:00--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East18-Dec-1117:0017:30--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East18-Dec-1120:1020:40--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East19-Dec-1117:3518:0517:1817:3600:3000:1800:12:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East19-Dec-1122:0022:3021:5022:0800:3000:1800:12:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East22-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0307:4400:4500:4100:04:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East22-Dec-1111:3012:0011:3111:5200:3000:2100:09:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East22-Dec-1107:0007:45--00:4500:45:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East22-Dec-1111:3012:00--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East23-Dec-1107:0007:45--00:4500:45:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East23-Dec-1111:3012:00--00:3000:30:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East29-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0307:4000:4500:3700:08:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East30-Dec-1107:0007:4507:0307:4300:4500:4000:05:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East30-Dec-1111:3012:0011:3911:5900:3000:2000:10:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East05-Jan-1207:0007:4507:0107:4000:4500:3900:06:00 78865SherringJohn2010MsGwendoline3A Waltham RoadBoscombe East05-Jan-1211:3012:0011:3011:5600:3000:2600:04:00 -------- 11:1505:2405:51:00

13 So what does it take to deploy MOCAD? Care System Integration will supply the mobile phones and SIM cards to allow immediate role out Cloud services supply SSL connection to ensure security and as little disruption to normal working systems Scheduling systems to help speed up deployment, however, there will be some significant change management required to get the most out of MOCAD Reduces admin – no timesheets, no mileage sheets and optimised mileage reporting – huge savings in administration and accurate data to plan care True accountability and the ability to give data back to the relative Low daily running cost at approximately £5 per user per day plus initial setup

14 Questions and Demonstration John Griffiths CEO Care Systems Integration Ltd +44 (0) 7966 443048

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