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EFE Veterinary Science

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1 EFE Veterinary Science
Medical Terminology EFE Veterinary Science

2 Points of the dog (external anatomy)

3 Points of the Dog

4 Points of the Dog ------------Forehead ----------Stop Nostril (nares)
Muzzle Pinna Flews (floppy lips) Commissure of mouth

5 2 Directional Terms

6 Species Names Canine Feline Equine Porcine Bovine Ovine Caprine Avian

7 Suffixes -itis Inflammation of. Tonsillitis Dermatitis meningitis.

8 Suffixes -pathy Disease of (Pathology) Neuropathy Psycopathy

9 Suffixes -ology The study of Biology Pathology Histopathology
Pathobiology cardiology

10 Suffixes -ectomy The removal of Tonsillectomy Appendectomy Splenectomy

11 Suffixes -tomy To make an incision or opening in Tracheotomy Lobotomy
Osteotomy Gastrotomy

12 Suffixes -ostomy A created opening Colostomy Tracheostomy (Stoma)

13 Suffixes -plasty Surgical repair of Rhinoplasty Dermatoplasty
Osteoplasty (plastic surgery)

14 Suffixes -scope An instrument to view (or hear) something Microscope
Stethoscope Endoscope Arthroscope

15 Suffixes -algia Pain Neuralgia Fibromyalgia (analgesic)

16 Suffixes -centesis To place a needle into, usually to obtain a sample or to remove a substance Cystocentesis Thoracocentesis Abdominocentesis pericardiocentesis

17 Suffixes -osis A condition of Dermatosis Thrombosis Nephrosis

18 Adjective Endings -ic -al -ical ac Gastric Terminal Medical cardiac

19 Noun Endings -y -ia -um -is -a Ovary Pneumonia Cerebrum Pelvis plasma

20 Root Words Digestive System
Esophag(o) Esophagus Esophagostomy Esophagitis

21 Root Words Digestive System
Gastr(o) Stomach Gastritis Gastrotomy gastrointestinal

22 Root Words Digestive System
Enter(o) Intestines Enterococcus Enterotomy gastroenteritis

23 Root Words Digestive System
Hepat(o) Liver Hepatitis Hepatopathy hepatic

24 Root Words Digestive System
Chol(e) Gall bladder Cholecystectomy cholestasis

25 Root Words Digestive System
Dent(o) Dont(o) Teeth Dental Orthodontist Odontoclast

26 Root Words Digestive System
Gingiv(o) Gums Gingivitis gingivectomy

27 Root Words Digestive System
Duoden(o) Duodenum (first part of the small intestine, where food goes after the stomach) Gastroduodenal

28 Root Words Digestive System
Pancrea(t)(o) Pancreas Pancreatic pancreatitis

29 Root Words Circulatory System
Cyt(o) Cell Cytology Leukocyte polycythemia

30 Root Words Circulatory System
Cardi(o) Heart Cardiology Pericardium endocarditits

31 Root Words Circulatory System
Hem(o), hemat(o) Blood Hematology Hematocrit hemorrhage

32 Root Words Circulatory System
Erythr(o) Red Erythrocyte erythema

33 Root Words Circulatory System
Leuk(o) White Leukocyte Leukemia

34 Root Words Circulatory System
Arteri(o) Artery Arterial Arteriosclerosis

35 Root Words Circulatory System
Ven(o) Vein Venous

36 Root Words Circulatory System
Phleb- Blood vessel Phlebotomy phlebitis

37 Root Words Circulatory System
Splen(o) Spleen Splenectomy splenic

38 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
My(o)- Muscle Myositis myopathy

39 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Chondr(o)- Cartilage Chondrodysplasia osteochondritis

40 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Crani(o) Head Cranial Cranium

41 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Arthr(o) Joint Arthritis arthroscopic

42 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Orth(o) To correct or straighten Orthodontic orthopedics

43 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Oste(o) bone Osteoarthritis Periosteum osteotomy

44 Root Words Musculoskeletal System
Cervic(o) Neck (of the body or a body part) Cervical spine

45 Root Words The Respiratory System
Thorac(o) Chest Thoracotomy Thoracocentesis Thoracic spine

46 Root Words The Respiratory System
Trache(o) Trachea (windpipe) Tracheitis Tracheostomy transtracheal

47 Root Words The Respiratory System
Pulmon(o) Lungs Pulmonary pulmonic

48 Root Words The Respiratory System
Pneum(o) Air and lungs Pneumonic Pneumonia

49 Root Words The Respiratory System
Bronch(o) Bronchi Bronchitis bronchopneumonia

50 Root Words The Neurologic System
Cerebr(o) Brain Cerebral

51 Root Words The Neurologic System
Encephal(o) Brain tissue Encephalitis encephalopathy

52 Root Words The Neurologic System
Nerves, neurologic system Neurology neuropathy

53 Root Words The Sensory System
Rhin(o) Nose Rhinoceros Rhinoplasty rhinitis

54 Root Words The Sensory System
Dermat(o) Skin Dermatitis dermatologist

55 Root Words The Sensory System
Ophthalm(o) Eye Ophthalmoscope ophthalmology

56 Root Words The Sensory System
Ot(o) Ear Otoscope otitis otolaryngitis

57 Root Words The Urogenital System
Nephr(o) Kidney Nephritis nephrologist

58 Root Words The Urogenital System
Cyst(o) Bladder (urinary) Cystitis Cystocentesis cystotomy

59 Root Words The Urogenital System
Hyster(o) Uterus Hysterectomy hysterical

60 Root Words The Urogenital System
Ovari(o) Ovary Ovaiohysterectomy

61 Root Words The Urogenital System
Urethr(o) Urethra Urethrostomy Urethritis Not to be confused with ureter

62 Miscellaneous Root Words
Aden(o) Glands Lymphadenopathy adenitis

63 Miscellaneous Root Words
Hist(o) Tissue Histology histopathology

64 Miscellaneous Root Words
Umbilic(o) Umbilical cord, navel, bellybutton Umbilical hernia

65 Miscellaneous Root Words
Adren(o) adrenal gland adrenaline

66 Miscellaneous Root Words
lymph(o) Lymph (node or fluid) Lymphadenitis lymphoma

67 Miscellaneous Root Words
Abdomin(o) Abdomen Abdominocentesis Abdominal

68 Miscellaneous Root Words
Path(o) Disease Pathology cardiomyopathy

69 Prefixes brady Slow bradycardia

70 Prefixes tachy Fast tachycardia

71 Prefixes Epi- Upon Epidermis Epithelium epinephrine

72 Prefixes peri Surrounding, around Pericardium perimortem

73 Prefixes trans Across transtracheal

74 Prefixes hyper Too much Hyperactive hyperthermia

75 Prefixes Hypo- Too little, under Hypothyroid hypoxia

76 Prefixes Micro- Small Microscope micrometer

77 Prefixes Macro- Large Macrocyte (maximum)

78 Prefixes Mono- One, single monocular

79 Prefixes Uni- One Unique Unilateral unison

80 Prefixes Poly- Many Polycythemia polyarthritis

81 Prefixes Neo- New Neoplasia (cancer)

82 Prefixes Pre- Before Premature preoperative

83 Prefixes Post- After Postoperative Post-seizure

84 Prefixes Sub- Under, below Subcutaneous subdural

85 Prefixes Ecto- Outside ectoparasite

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