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Principles of Health Science

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1 Principles of Health Science
Med Terms Principles of Health Science

2 Prefixes – usually indicate location, time, or number and come at the beginning of a word
Suffixes – usually indicate the procedure, disease, or condition and come after the root word Root Words – usually indicate the part of the body involved

3 Combining Vowel 1. usually “o” 2. attached to the root word 3. makes medical terms easier to pronounce 4. is NOT used a when suffix begins with a vowel 5. IS used when suffix begins with a consonant

4 Prefix + Root Word + Suffix = Medical Term
Poly + neur/o + itis = POLYNEURITIS many + nerves + inflammation = inflammation of many nerves

5 Common Medical Prefixes
a-, an- negative, without ab- away from ad- towards anti- against ante- before

6 bi- two, both brachy- short brady- slow dys- painful, difficult dors- back

7 endo- inside epi- above, upon hemi- half hyper- excessive, above, more than hypo- decrease, below, less

8 inter- between, among intra- within, inside macro- large, big micro- small mal- bad

9 neo- new para- beside or below peri- around poly- many

10 post- after sub- below super- above supra- above tachy- fast

11 dextr/o- right side sinistr/o- left side olig/o- few or scanty eu- good, normal, well or easy

12 Common Medical Suffixes
-algia- painful -asthenia –weakness -cele –hernia -centesis -surgical puncture -ectomy -removal

13 -itis -inflammation/infection
-gram –picture -malacia -abnormal softening -megaly- enlargement -necrosis -death of tissue -plegia -paralysis

14 -ology -study of -ostomy -surgical opening -otomy -surgical incision -rrhea- flow

15 -pathy –disease -plasty -surgical repair -rrhaphy –suture -sclerosis -abnormal hardening -scope -instrument to view

16 -rrhage -abnormal bleeding
-rrhexis -rupture -graphy –process of recording -stenosis -narrowing

17 -al -pertaining to -ous -pertaining to -ical -pertaining to -ac -pertaining to -ic - pertaining to

18 -iasis -abnormal condition
-esis -abnormal condition -ago - abnormal condition -osis -abnormal condition

19 Common Medical Root Words
acro –extremities angi/o –vessel arthr/o- joint cardi/o –heart cerebr/o –brain chrondr/o- cartilage

20 cyte -cell gastr/o- stomach hepat- liver lapar -abdomen latero- side mamm/o- breast

21 medial- middle my/o –muscle cost/o –ribs nephr/o -kidney oophor –ovary ot/o -ear

22 pneum/o -lung/air rhino -nose tend/o -tendon trachi -trachea (wind pipe) thorac -chest

23 salpingo -fallopian tube
procto -rectum oste/o -bone neur/o -nerve nas/o -nose

24 myel/o -spinal cord/bone marrow
mast/o –breast lip/o- fat laryng - throat hyster/o -uterus

25 hemo/hemat- blood enter/o -small intestines cyst/o -sac/bladder col/o -large intestines/colon cervi/c -neck

26 carp -wrist brachi -arm arteri/o -artery aden -gland

27 tonsill - tonsils lith – stone appendic- appendix myc/o- fungus

28 pyel/o- renal pelvis (part of kidney)
py/o – pus pyr/o- fever

29 cyan/o -blue eryth/o –red leuk/o - white melan/o – black poli/o - gray

30 dextr/o—right side sinistr/o– left side megal/o--large or great olig/o– scanty or few

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