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Medical Words and Word Parts

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1 Medical Words and Word Parts
Talking Points Parts of medical terms include prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms. The combining form gives the term its basic meaning. Prefixes and suffixes are used to modify the meaning. Vowels are sometimes used to make the combined word forms pronounceable. Once you understand common prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms, you can break down words to understand them. Discussion Questions What are the benefits of understanding medical terminology? What are some medical terms you found interesting in your reading? 10/1/13 1

2 Prefix Suffix Combining Form Size, Shape, Color, Direction….
The part of the body. Prefix Infor. or describes test or problem Combining Form Prefix Suffix a- dys- brady- endo- tachy- peri- bronch/o cardi/o gastr/o hepat/o pne/o nephr/o -a -itis -ology -emesis -pnea -ectomy 10/1/13

3 Prefix a- allo- brady- hetero- macro- micro- nulli- para- peri- poly-
a- (no; not; without) allo- (other) brady- (slow) hetero- (different) macro- (large) micro- (small) nulli- (none) para- (near; beside; abnormal; apart from; along the side of) peri- (surrounding) poly- (many; much) supra- (above; upper) tachy- (fast) nulli- para- peri- poly- supra- tachy- Talking Points A prefix is a word part that comes before a combining form. The prefix modifies the combining form or forms, often indicating direction, time, or orientation. In the medical word endotracheal, the prefix endo- means “within.” An endotracheal tube is a tube that lies within the trachea. Class Activities Have groups of students select medical terms from the glossary in the text or from a medical dictionary and break them down for the class. Have students divide into three groups. One group will be assigned the list of prefixes in the text, one will be assigned combining forms, and one will be assigned suffixes. The first group will call out a prefix, the second will add to it by calling out a combining form, and the third group will complete the term by calling out a suffix. Write each term on the board and discuss it. Be sure to indicate if the term is a legitimate medical term or just a fun term created by the exercise. 10/1/13 3

4 cardi/o- Combining Forms cardi / o - root slash combining vowel hyphen
Talking Points Every medical word contains a combining form. The combining form is the foundation of the word and gives the word its essential meaning. A combining form has two parts: The root, which contains the medical meaning. The combining vowel, which is usually o, but sometimes a, e, or i. The combining vowel helps join the root to another word part and makes the resulting whole word pronounceable. An example is the combining form cardi/o-. cardi/o- 10/1/13 4

5 Suffix -emic -capnia -ia -pnea -ology -thorax -penia -ptysis -emesis
-emic (Pertaining to blood cond) -ia (Condition) -ology (Study of…) -penia (deficiency) -emesis (vomiting) -orexia (appetite) -itis (inflammation) -emic -ia -ology -penia -emesis -orexia -itis -capnia (carbon dioxide) -pnea (breathing) -thorax (chest; pleural cavity) -ptysis (spitting) -stasis (to stop; control; place) -globin (protein) -pathy (disease; emotion) -capnia -pnea -thorax -ptysis -stasis -globin -pathy Talking Points A suffix is a word part added to the end of a combining form that modifies or gives additional or specific meaning to the combining form. By adding a suffix to one of the combining forms just mentioned, a new medical word is produced. As an example, if the suffix -itis, which means “inflammation,” is added to the combining form bronch/o-, it becomes the medical word bronchitis. By breaking down the meaning of the combining form and suffix, it is easy to define bronchitis. Teaching Tip Give examples of medical terms using the lists of prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms in the book. Knowledge Application Given a passage in the text, students should be able to determine the meaning of medical terms. 10/1/13 5

6 Make a Word -a (condition of) -ectomy (cut out) -emesis (vomit)
-ia (condition) -ic (pertaining to) -itis (inflammation) -ium (structure of tissue) -logy (study of) -ostomy (opening) -pathy (disease) -penia (lack of) -plasty (surg repair) -scopy (exam w/instr) -a -ectomy -emesis -ia -ic -itis -ium -logy -ostomy -pathy -penia -plasty -scopy ante- (before) bi- (two) brady- (slow) contra- (against) dys- (w/difficulty) endo- (with-in) hyper- (above normal) hypo- (below normal) inter- (between) per- (through) peri- (around) poly- (many) tachy- (fast) ante- bi- brady- contra- dys- endo- hyper- hypo- inter- per- peri- poly- tachy- arthr/o- (joint) bronch/o-(bronchus) cardi/o- (heart) carp-o- (wrist) gastr/o- (stomach) lip/o- (fat) oste/o- (bone) nephr/o- (kidney) neur/o- (nerve) ot/o- (eye) pne/o- (breathe) ren/o- (kidney) rhin/o- (nose) arthr/o- bronch/o- cardi/o- carp-o- gastr/o- lip/o- oste/o- nephr/o- neur/o- ot/o- pne/o- ren/o- rhin/o- 10/1/13

7 Medical Words Excerpted From:
( U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health 10/1/13

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