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MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW TEEN 7. Vocabulary 01. I haven't ___ where to travel to. (a) taken your time (b) put together (c) made up my mind 02. Can you ___.

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2 Vocabulary 01. I haven't ___ where to travel to. (a) taken your time (b) put together (c) made up my mind 02. Can you ___ the answer to question 5? (a) take off (b) figure out (c) sit up x x

3 03. Julia is ___ about her finals tomorrow. She says she doesn’t know anything for the exam. (a) getting stuck (b) freaking out (c) slouching 04. ___. You still have an hour to hand in your test. (a) How’s that (b) Take your time (c) Freak out x x

4 04. When I’m in trouble, I always talk with my mom for ___. (a) reply (b) resolutions (c) advice 05. Don’t ___! You’re not late for your date with Bob. (a) hurry (b) rule (c) fight x x

5 06. I hate driving in this street. The traffic is always ___ at this time of the day. (a) stubborn (b) crazy (c) chaotic 07. I ___ going to supermarkets on Saturdays - they're always so full! (a) avoid (b) care (c) make up x x

6 08. Giving me this present won’t ___ the horrible things you told me yesterday. (a) put together (b) figure out (c) make up for 09. “Mom can you help me ___ all these Play Mobil pieces ___?” (a) drive…crazy (b) put…together (c) start…over x x

7 10. Don’t ___ at dinner table. Sit up and have good manners, Bill. (a) slouch (b) take it easy (c) beg 11. Yummy! This salmon looks ___! (a) disgusting (b) expensive (c) appetizing x x

8 12. When I go to King’s Burger, I order a/an ___ hamburger. (a) salad (b) all the way (c) order 13. When we don’t follow Dad’s ___, we are grounded. (a) buns (b) dispensers (c) rules x x

9 14. It’s a difficult ___ to make: a sports car or a sedan? (a) choice (b) bun (c) bow 15. My parents always ___ what we do and where we go. (a) care about (b) beg (c) keep x x

10 17. ___ your coat. It’s hot in here. (a) Make up for (b) Take off (c) Pick up 18. Sue always ___ her children from school. (a) cares about (b) picks up (c) bears with x x

11 19. I asked Jim where he had been, but he gave me no ___. (a) choice (b) order (c) reply 20. I’m not hungry for an all the way burger. I want it ___. (a) broiled (b) plain (c) appetizing x x

12 21. I’m going to have ___ piece of cake. It’s delicious! (a) each (b) another (c) other 22. It’s ___ 8:00 p.m. Let’s hurry or we’ll be late for the movie. (a) never (b) yet (c) almost x x

13 23. The liquid soap ___ is empty. How can I wash my hands? (a) toilet (b) dispenser (c) towel 24. I’ll have a tomato and ___ salad. I’m on a strict diet. (a) bun (b) lettuce (c) pasta x x

14 25. If you'll just ___ me for a moment, I'll tell you all you want to know. (a) bear with (b) pick up (c) freak out 26. I don’t care about diets. I love all ___ foods, especially chicken nuggets. (a) grilled (b) broiled (c) breaded x x

15 27. Marie and Bill love ___ other so much that they are planning on getting married very soon. (a) another (b) such (c) each 28. They ___ the rock concert because of the heavy rain yesterday. (a) canceled (b) made (c) started x x

16 29. My Mom has never worked outside the home. She is a ___. (a) stubborn (b) housewife (c) bow 30. Meg is so ___. She has purple hair and wears very weird clothes. (a) cheap (b) strange (c) plain x x

17 31. This dish looks ___ ! I will not eat stroganoff with broccoli, Mom. (a) amazing (b) disgusting (c) cool 32. You should spend ___ money on clothes. There is no place for ___ clothing stuff in your closet. (a) more / more (b) more /less (c) less / more x x

18 33. I have been ___ 30% of my salary to buy myself a car. (a) saving (b) spending (c) putting 34. Why do you have a black eye? Have you gotten into a ___, Jim? (a) shop (b) menu (c) fight x x

19 01. Al’s going to NY tomorrow, ___ he? (a) isn’t (b) hasn’t (c) won’t 02. I ___ my grandmother tomorrow. (a) I’ve visited (b) ’m visiting (c) visit x x Grammar Part I

20 03. Angela ___ her house since early in the morning. (a) cleaned (b) has been cleaning (c) cleans 04. I detest ___ seafood. I love red meat! (a) have eaten (b) eating (c) to eat x x

21 05. Sandra ___ Bob recently. (a) doesn’t see (b) didn’t see (c) hasn’t seen 06. You haven’t had lunch yet, ___ you? (a) don’t (b) haven’t (c) have 07. Do you mind ___ this bag for me? (a) carry (b) to carry (c) carrying x x x

22 08. ___ you ___ your homework? (a) Did / do (b) Have /done (c) Do / do 09. They love each other, ___ they? (a) did (b) do (c) don’t 10. Paul ___ in this school for five years. (a) studies (b) has been studying (c) studied x x x

23 11. I ___ with Brad on the phone last night. (a) talked (b) have talked (c) talk 12. You will come to my party, ___ you? (a) will (b) aren’t (c) won’t 13. Grandpa ___ me to school yesterday. (a) drive (b) drove (c) drives x x x

24 Grammar Part II 01. Keep ______ your food on the plate, little Joe. (eat) 02. My teacher ____________ how to use the Present Perfect Tense. (explain) eating has explained

25 03. Linda doesn’t like coffee, ____ she? 04. By the time it ______ to rain, all the students had gone home. (start) 05. Julie ______________ her exercises if she had paid attention to her teacher. (do) does started would have done

26 06. I _________________ to the States if I had had the money. (travel) 07. We ________________ for one hour. (dance) 08. Mom __________ dinner before I called her yesterday. (cook) would have traveled have been dancing had cooked

27 09. I _______ to the beach if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. 10. I avoid ______ in large crowds. I feel really bad. (be) 11. If Jim _____ here today, he would go to the movies with us. (be) will go being were

28 12. If it ___________ so much, we would have gone to Teresópolis. (not; rain) 13. Karla _______ that dress last week. (buy) 14. Mom and Dad __________ a week in Cancun. (spend) hadn’t rained bought have spent

29 15. Martha _________ tomorrow. (move) 16. I’ve finished ______ my homework, May I go out and play? 17. ___ the boys _______ soccer tomorrow morning? (play) 18. If Mary passes the SAT, she _______ at UCLA. (study) is moving doing Areplaying will study

30 19. I _________________ with you if I had had the money. (travel) 20. Before I got home yesterday, Mom ________________. (arrive / already) 21. I __________ now. Don’t disturb! (study) would have traveled had already arrived am studying

31 22. I don’t know where I _________ my new Jacket. (keep) 23. I _________ for L.A. next week. (leave) 24. I would buy that video game, If I ____ the money on me now. (have) 25. Al dislikes ________ beer. (drink) have kept am leaving had drinking

32 26. Mary generally _____ up at 7 o’clock; but today, she _____ up at 6 and she ______________ since 8 o’clock. She must ___ very tired. (wake; wake; work; be) 27. If I __________ until late yesterday, I ______________ to the beach. wakes woke has been working be hadn’t slept would have gone

33 Complete the sentences with neither nor, or either/or: 01. ______ pink ___ green looks good on you. You should choose another color. 02. Bill will ask _____ Sally ___ Irene out. 03. If Al gets a raise, he will _____ buy a car ___ travel to Europe. Neither nor either or either or

34 04. ______ Mr. Smith ____ Mr. Mason was present at the meeting. Both were sick. 05. Sally’s very picky. She liked ______ the food ____ the drinks at party. 06. I detest this city, so I am going to move to _____ NY ___ L.A. Neither neither nor eitheror

35 07. I’ll go with ______ the salmon ___ the tuna. I love fish. 08. ______ Grace ____ I liked the movie. We don’t like violent movies. 09. _____ you go out now ___ I will. 10. He’ll never go out with _____ Ana ___ Sue. Neither either Either nor or

36 Find the mistakes and correct them 01. Anybody from school came to my party. Only my family was here. 02. There isn’t many coke in the fridge. 03. I’m not good at play soccer. Nobody much 03. I’m not good at soccer. playing

37 04. I suggest to go to the park today. 05. Don’t tell nobody I am here. 06. Sue’s tired today, hasn’t she? 07. Put a few ketchup on my burger, please. 08. Before leave, turn off the light. 04. I suggest to the park today. going anybody isn’t a little leaving, 05. Don’t tell I am here.

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