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Parish Hill Middle School A day in the life of a Parish Hill 7 th grade student.

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1 Parish Hill Middle School A day in the life of a Parish Hill 7 th grade student.

2 Parish Hill Middle/High School Mr. Kenneth Henrici, Superintendent Mr. Joe Fleming, Principal Ms. Dori Smith, Assistant Principal 304 Parish Hill Road Chaplin, CT 06235 860-455-9584

3 Parish Hill Middle High School’s Mission Statement Parish Hill fosters academic and personal excellence, develops the ideals of respect, integrity and fairness, and embraces community participation within a safe school environment.

4 Parish Hill School Climate Pirate Pride Pirate Pride is an initiative which focuses on the encouragement and recognition of positive behavior.

5 Parish Hill Pirate Pride Code of Conduct Be Respectful I will be polite and use good manners. I will be considerate of others’ feelings. I will recognize that people will have different needs. I will be open-minded and I will listen to others. I will behave appropriately in school. I will take care of school property. I will follow directions. Be Safe I will work to make Parish Hill a safe and clean environment. I will respect personal space and property. I will be drug and alcohol free. I will do my part to prevent bullying. Be Responsible I will follow all school rules. I will be reliable and prepared for school. I will be accountable for my choices and actions. I will work hard to do my best. I will think before I act. Have the courage to show your Pirate Pride !

6 School Rules Student agendas contain all school rules and policies. Below are a few important rules to remember: –Cell phones or other electronic devises are not allowed to be used during the school day. –Refer to the dress code in the agenda. Please try to ensure that your student dresses appropriately. No hats/hoods are allowed to be worn inside the school. –No food or drinks except water are allowed in the hallways or classrooms. –Bullying is not tolerated at PHHS. If bullying has occurred the offense must be reported to Ms. Smith, Assistant Principal and Anti Bullying Coordinator.


8 7 th Grade Orientation Students will be invited to 7 th grade orientation August 24, 2010. Please watch for a letter to be sent home with specific details. Students will receive their agendas and locker combinations. Students will receive their schedules and have a chance to visit each of their academic classes. Students will have a snack and have an opportunity to explore the layout of the school. Students will participate in a fun “get to know you” activity.

9 Academic Life Social life Emotional life

10 Academic Life

11 Buses Next year’s bus schedule will be posted in the newspaper. Buses usually start to pick up students around 6:45. Buses arrive at PHHS between 7:30-7:45. If your child wants to go to a friend’s house after school, ride their bike or walk home a parental signed permission notice must be brought to school and given to the secretary in Student Services prior to 9:00. Your child will receive a pass for that afternoon. Buses leave PHHS at 2:30.

12 Attendance If your child is going to be out sick, please call the main office at 455-9584 prior to 9:00 a.m. so we will know that your child is home safe. If we do not hear from you, we will call. If your child is out due to a doctor’s appointment or an illness, please bring a doctor’s note to Student Services upon return to school. If your child is being dismissed early the parent/guardian or designated adult will need to come into Student Services to sign the student out. If the student returns back to school within the same day, the student will need to sign in and should bring in a doctor’s note.

13 Lockers All students will be given a locker and a combination lock during summer orientation or the first day of school. A $5.00 deposit is required. All students are encouraged to use their lockers throughout the day. In addition to their regular locker, all students are assigned a gym locker and are required to change for gym.

14 The morning routine The PHHS school day is from 7:50-2:25. Buses typically arrive at PHHS from 7:30-7:45. Students congregate in the café prior to 7:45 and are then allowed to go to their lockers to prepare for the day. Students are allowed to purchase breakfast items from the café prior to 7:50. Students should take care of “housekeeping” during this time. –Bus notes –Doctor’s notes Students must be in their class by 7:50. Students should listen to morning announcements.

15 Block Schedule

16 Course Offerings A-E Period Classes  English 7  Math 7 or Pre-Algebra 7  Science 7  Geography 7  School Success Skills 7

17 Lunch Middle school lunch is from 11:16-11:41. Hot Lunch is currently $2.00. Ala Carte items are also available. If your child currently has free or reduced lunch, you will need to complete a new form for PHHS. You can set up an financial account with Mrs. Linda Grindle, Café Manager.

18 Course Offerings F Period Classes  Physical Education  Music (one choice) 1. Chorus 2. Band 3. General Music

19 Course Offerings Rotation (G period) Each class is ¼ of the year  World Language (requirement of all students) Students choose three of the following:  Family and Consumer Science  Woodworking  Art  Money, Math, Manipulative and Me  Computer Aided Design  Chinese  Computer Applications

20 Course Offerings Activity Period Three Fridays a month: 1.Activity Period 2.Advisor/Advisee 3.Friday on the Hill One Friday a month is usually a half day for teacher professional development. Half days end at 12:20. Lunch is served on a half day.

21 Goals for Seventh Graders I am a successful, well-organized seventh grader because: 1.I bring a pencil and a pen (blue or black) to each class. 2.I have a notebook with dividers or a separate notebook for each class. 3.I listen to class discussions and take notes. 4.I have appropriate textbooks for each class. 5.My textbooks are covered. 6.I am on time for my classes and I am in my seat before the bell rings. 7.I realize that if I am late for classes, I will have a pass or signed agenda explaining why, or I may be required to stay for detention or I may be referred to the principal. 8.I make up work I miss when I am absent from school by asking my teachers for it on the day I return. 9.I pass all my assignments in on time. 10.I realize that I will receive zeroes for work which has not been made up. 11.I know that late grades may be given for papers handed in late. I realize it is my teacher’s decision to accept late work or not. 12.My first and last name, the date, and the class period appear in the upper right hand corner of all papers I turn in. 13.I cut off any frayed ends on my papers before handing them in. 14.I should have the following things at home so I can work on extra projects: 1.dictionary 2.thesaurus 3.magic markers, pencils, pens 4.rulers 5.maps (U.S. and World) 6.paper/posterboard 15.I have read my student handbook/agenda 16.I will not plagiarize and there are consequences (zero on that assignment) as a result. 17.I will write my homework in my agenda book and complete it each night.

22 Recommended Supply List English – Mrs. Entwistle –3-ring binder –filler paper –blue or black ink pens –journal Geography – Mrs. Gallant –notebook –writing utensils (pencils or pens) Math – Mrs. Griffin –notebook with a section for vocabulary, and a section for class notes –three folders in the notebook for worksheets, quizzes, and tests –pencils with erasers and pens. Science – Ms. Mazza –3-ring binder –filler paper –writing utensils –correcting pen (different color than normally used to write with) SSS – Mr. Gagnon –3-ring binder Art – Mrs. Williams –Must have a pencil with a working eraser for art class every day. Band – Ms. Cianci –General music students must have a 3 ring binder with filler paper and a pencil (NOT a pen!) for every class. –Band students must have a pencil (NOT a pen!) for every class. Students must also bring their own supplies (ie. their own reeds, valve oil, cork grease, drumsticks) for their instrument. Gym – Mr. Caron/ Mrs. Lussier –shorts/sweat pants –tee-shirt –sneakers that have laces (that tie).

23 Extra Academic Assistance Students are encouraged to stay after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for extra assistance. Students can make arrangements to stay after school with a teacher. To ensure students’ safety, students are required to stay after school with an adult.

24 Late Bus Students who want to take advantage of extra academic assistance and/or extracurricular activities can take the late bus home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students are required to sign up in the café prior to 2:25. Late bus leaves PHHS at 3:40.

25 What to do if your child is not reaching his/her academic potential Contact/meet with your child’s teacher and/or the 7 th grade team. Contact/meet with your child’s School Counselor. If your child continues to struggle a referral can be made to the RTI Team, 504 Team, or Special Education.

26 Future Planning Parish Hill Middle School prepares students for high school. Counselors will work with students on future goals including high school planning and preparation. –Parish Hill High School offers many advanced college prep classes including Advanced Placement English Literature, Spanish, Calculus, Biology, Studio Art, and U.S. History, Statistics. –Please feel free to refer to the Parish Hill Website or speak to your child’ School Counselor for more information and opportunities. (

27 Social Life

28 Extra Curricular Activities Sports Middle SchoolHigh School Soccer Soccer Basketball Basketball Baseball Baseballl Softball Softball Cross Country Cheerleading Golf Track and Field Cross Country All Students must: 1. Have an up-to-date physical 2.Be in good academic standings 3.Have transportation after practice and games as they are usually scheduled beyond late bus hours.

29 Extra Curricular Activities Examples of after school/evening activities: Art Club Jewelry Club Spirit Club Diversity Club Ski Club Newspaper Drama Talent Show To ensure students’ safety, students are required to stay after school with an adult.

30 School Dances Held approximately once per month on Fridays from 6:30-9:00 Typical Cost is $6.00 with discount if your child follows the theme of the dance. Minimum of 4 chaperones at each dance. Guests are allowed with prior approval.

31 Emotional Life

32 There are several services offered daily to student to assist them through the school year.  School Counselors  Social Worker  Health Room

33 Health Room Mrs. Annette Senechal Health room is open from 7:30-2:45. Student can access the Health Room, which is located in Student Services, with a pass from their teacher at any time during the day. The Health Room offers a place for students to rest if necessary and a private bathroom. Physicals: State mandated grades 6/7 grade and 10/11 grade. –Sports assessments/physical are required yearly for athletes. Emergency Cards should be on file and updated yearly. If your child needs to take prescription medication at school, an Authorization for Administration of Medicine form must be signed by your child’s physician and kept on file in the Health Room. The medication must be brought in to the nurse by a parent/guardian and must be kept in its original container. Students can be given Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen medication from the nurse with a signed permission slip on file. Cough drops, throat drops, and Tums are always available to students through the nurse. Students are not allowed to carry any form of medicine with them during the school day, including any over the counter medications. Do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Senechal at 455-9584 X117 with any questions or concerns.

34 School Counselors Mrs. Darcy Baran-7 th -10 th Grade Mr. Larry Miller-11 th -12 th Grade Academic, career and social/emotional counseling. Assist students with any questions regarding class, lockers, lunch, schedules, etc. Assist student in future planning. Liaison between home, school, and community. Member of RTI Team, Planning and Placement Team, 504 Team, 7 th and 8 th grade teams and Crisis Team.

35 Clinical School Counselor Ms. Kim Hegg Individual and group counseling. Assess students for special education eligibility. Member of Planning and Placement Team, RTI Team, 504 Team and Crisis Team. Consults with teachers, administration and parents. Liaison to community based agencies.

36 Family Resource Office Social Work Services Mrs. Marcia McGinley Individual, group and family counseling. Prevention and educational services. Referral services to community agencies. Liaison between home, school and community. Helping Hands Program-holiday and financial assistance. Liaison to interdisciplinary teams such as Special Education, 504, RTI Team and Crisis Team.

37 Parents’ Survival Guide Communication, Communication, Communication… Let’s count the ways: 1.Phone 860-455-9584 2.E-mail ( 3.Power School (you will receive a letter in the mail with your username and password.) 4.Connect Ed-Phone announcements 5.Parent/Teacher conferences held twice per year. (November and February) 5. Meetings-7 th grade team time: –Mondays and Wednesdays 1:40-2:25 –Thursdays 12:50-2:25 –Fridays 12:50-1:35 6.Interim Report Cards mailed home four times per year. 7.Report Cards mailed home four times per year. 8. Monthly Newsletter is mailed home. 9.PTO meets the first Tuesday of the month. 10.Parent volunteers are welcomed. Volunteers will be coordinated through the teachers and/or Student Services. Parents wishing to visit their son/daughter’s classroom should plan ahead and schedule a time with either the classroom teacher or Student Services.

38 Parents’ Survival Guide Congratulations you have made it through the childhood years. But wait, you are now entering….. the teenage years! We are always here to help. Best of luck!


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