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ENGAGE INSPIRE MOTIVATE Welcome to our Town Hall.

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3 Welcome to our Town Hall

4 STRATEGIC PLAN 2011-2014 Our strategic planning process was guided by the following principles: Resident Focused Quality of Care Engagement Transparency Education Accountability Integration Sustainability Innovation Trends

5 MISSION Committed to enhancing the quality of life in a caring and safe environment

6 VISION Recognized as a leader in providing quality care through spectacular service, innovation, education and collaboration with our residents, clients, staff and community partners

7 CORE VALUES Resident Focus Respect Integrity Enthusiasm Innovation …..Everyone Matters

8 Strategic Aim High Quality Compassionate Care Goals: Minimize Risk Healthy Caring Environment Enhancing Resident & Employee Satisfaction

9 Strategic Aim Continuous Quality Improvement Goals: Best Practice Enhancing Operational Performance Integration & Coordination of Care

10 Strategic Aim Optimize Human Resources Goals: Enhanced Training & Education Capacity Building Building Relationships

11 Strategic Aim Innovative Trend Setter Goals: Leverage Expertise & Resources Advocacy New Initiatives & Partnerships

12 By Following Our Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Aims, our VISION will be achieved

13 We are Proud to present this plan – yet is only that – a plan. We will not achieve success unless we incorporate these Aims into our daily activities.

14 Our dedicated employees and volunteers are deeply valued and we rely on your expertise in our day to day operations. We look forward to spectacular new opportunities and partnerships both internally and externally.

15 We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for all of our residents and staff.

16 RESIDENTS FIRST Residents First is one of the most comprehensive and innovative quality improvement (QI) initiatives in Canada. This provincial initiative supports long-term care homes in Ontario in providing an environment for their residents that enhances their quality of life. Residents First also facilitates comprehensive and lasting change by strengthening the long-term care sector's capacity for quality improvement.

17 RESIDENTS FIRST Fairhaven will begin working on a new initiative reviewing our admission process as part of our quality improvement.

18 RESIDENTS FIRST Over the past six (6) months, we have taken the opportunity to use the “lean” program in the Building Services and Reception areas.

19 LEAN = 5s Lean means creating more value for customers with fewer resource s. What is 5s? Sort Straighten Scrub Schedule Score








27 Feels Like Home Nursery

28 Upcoming Events

29 FAMILY CARNIVAL September 24 th 11:00 am to 2:00 pm BBQ, Bouncy Castle, Games, Petting Zoo, and more…. Bring your Family and Friends Fairhaven Foundation Event

30 SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP November 19 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Items to purchase – candles, jewellry, art, Avon, etc. Raffle and demos of Christmas Decorating Fairhaven Foundation Event Contact Pat Hooper – Ext 214 (705-743-4265)

31 Change is difficult.

32 Change helps you grow and makes our world a better place.

33 Change should be cherished for the knowledge it brings.


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