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A Guide for Navigators 1National Disability Institute.

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1 A Guide for Navigators 1National Disability Institute

2 Objectives Understand the distinction among networks, collaboration and partnering Understand the importance of being strategic Understand how to create and sustain strategic networks and strategic partnerships Understand results accountability and the connection to partnerships 2National Disability Institute

3 21 st Century Organizations Strategic Understand the operating environment Mission/Vision Driven Established organizational goals/objective/strategies Competent Capacity and competencies to reach objectives Collaborative Organizational culture emphasizes collaboration Accountable Results oriented in all activities 3National Disability Institute

4 What % of your time is spent In meetings with external organizations In networking events 4National Disability Institute

5 Critical Question Does this time result in in measurable results? 5National Disability Institute

6 Relationship Hierarchy Networking: exchange information Coordinating: exchange information and link existing activities for mutual benefit Cooperation: share resources for mutual benefit and to create something new Collaboration: work jointly to accomplish shared vision and mission using joint resources Partnerships: Collaboration where decision making is shared and all partners are accountable for outcomes. Source: National Association of County and City Health Officials 6National Disability Institute

7 What is Strategic Connecting networking, collaborating and partnering activities to the goals of your organization Setting goals for these activities Developing plans around these activities Evaluating the effectiveness of these activities 7National Disability Institute

8 Why Strategic Your time is limited and valuable Others’ time is limited and valuable No organization can be all things to all people Resources are limited and trending downward Now more than ever, the environment is conducive to partnerships Networks and Partnerships must advance your organization’s strategic objectives 8National Disability Institute

9 Benefits of Strategic Networks and Partnerships Ability to leverage your organization’s resources Opportunity to improve your organization’s performance Build your customer pool Reduce your customer pool Greater community visibility for your organization Greater opportunities for expanded partnerships 9National Disability Institute

10 Strategic Networking Networking to accomplish the strategic objectives of your organization by Promoting your services Developing trust relationships Expanding the collaboration/partnership potential 10National Disability Institute

11 Networking Objectives Have purpose for each networking opportunity Identify employers Identify needed resources Identify potential partners for collaboration Set objectives for each networking opportunity 11National Disability Institute

12 Networking Opportunities When you meet people, use the time to gather information from them: Primary concerns about their business Unmet needs. Overlap of solutions you provide overlap with their needs Overlap of solutions others provide that overlap with your organization’s need Their contact information 12National Disability Institute

13 Networking Competencies Ability of identify productive marketing opportunities Knowledge of the mission, strategic objectives, capacities and needs of your organization Ability to communicate Ability to market and sell Ability to communicate who you are and who you represent quickly and succinctly (elevator pitch) 13National Disability Institute

14 Elevator Pitch Short-30 -60 Seconds Concise Tells a story Has a hook elevator-pitch-that.html 14National Disability Institute

15 EXAMPLE I am the director of a program that provides training and consultation to state agencies and private nonprofits whose mission is to find employment for people with disabilities. We work primarily in the southeast, but are a part of a national network of similar programs. National Disability Institute15

16 Your Ideal Network A group of individuals or organizations that : Know what you do (what your mission is) Can meet your organizational needs You can meet their organizational needs Can expand your network National Disability Institute16

17 How to sustain your network Keep in touch Frequency of contact should be proportional to the value of the network member Acknowledge the value of each network member Acknowledge contributions of your network members National Disability Institute17

18 National Disability Institute18

19 Partnership A relationship characterized by collaboration and responsibility for the achievement of a specified goal 19National Disability Institute

20 Partners Have shared: Vision Objectives Resources Decision making Accountability for results 20National Disability Institute

21 Characteristics of Effective Partnerships Shared vision Trust Clear Communication Clear and quick decision making process Ability to anticipate and manage change 21National Disability Institute

22 Partnership Value Assessing value What does each partner stand to gain? Leveraging Value How will the partnership create additional value 22National Disability Institute

23 Benefits of Partnership Leverage strengths Share responsibility Gain competencies Increase potential for innovation Enhance competency sets Increase organizational visibility 23National Disability Institute

24 Competencies needed to Establish Effective Partnerships Ability to analyze needs of consumers Knowledge of potential partners Ability to negotiate Ability to develop performance measures Ability to share decision making Ability to communicate 24National Disability Institute

25 Barriers Differing levels of interest Differing levels of resource commitment Lack of role clarity Differing levels of community visibility Differing levels of power 25National Disability Institute

26 Barriers Lack of time and interest Lack of compelling reasons to partner Lack of incentives to partner Lack of clear and fair rules of the game Interpersonal issues History Lack of shared values 26National Disability Institute

27 Ready To Partner Define current and future needs of your customers and your organization Determine what resources your organization can commit Consider time Consider cost Determine how the partnership will effect your organization Increase effectiveness Your organization’s visibility in the community Increase or decrease in customers 27National Disability Institute

28 Formalizing Partnerships Structure the decision making process Assess resources available Determine roles and responsibilities Develop strategic plan-(goals, objectives, actions) Determine outcome measures Determine evaluation process 28National Disability Institute

29 Evaluation of Partnership Effectiveness Develop clear measures of effectiveness Mutually agree on evaluation strategy Discuss results 29National Disability Institute

30 Key Steps in Growing Partnerships Monitor Measure Learn Communicate Innovate 30National Disability Institute

31 Sustaining A Partnership Communicate Recognize Reward Publicize 31National Disability Institute

32 Importance of Communication Speeds decision making Lessens the silo effect Speed resolution of issues Fosters mutual understanding and trust 32National Disability Institute

33 33

34 Population Accountability Quality of life we want in our community What would these conditions look like? How can we measure these conditions? Who are the partners that have a role to play? How can we do better (innovation)? What will we do? How will we know how well we are doing and communicate this? Source: Mark Friedman 34National Disability Institute

35 Results Accountability How much did we do Number of customers served Activities How well did we do it Percentage of Consumers Employed Percentage of Consumers with increased self-sufficiency Customer satisfaction 35National Disability Institute

36 Benefits of Results Accountability Facilitates Goal Setting Defines Success Facilitates improvement and growth Encourages innovation Tangible proof of value to the community Can be marketed 36National Disability Institute

37 Questions 37National Disability Institute

38 Contact: 904-686-1463 38National Disability Institute

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