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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

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1 Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

2 OUR VISION Aeropres Corporation will be an innovative, customer focused leader in the chemical industry, recognized for integrity and superior performance through a highly skilled and dedicated team. OUR VISION

Our mission at Aeropres continues to be a dynamic and progressive supplier to the chemical industry by:  Creating long-term partnerships and delivering remarkable customer service; Maximizing profitability and shareholder value through growth of current markets, new markets and acquisitions; Providing an environment of encouragement and support for our employees’ continuous improvement. OUR MISSION

4 Aeropres Corporation is an exciting company and an exceptional place to work. These core values, that guide our actions, are the primary reasons for our success. By sustaining these core values with passion and determination, we will remain successful and preserve the unique spirit of our company. Core Values Our Strategy Organizational Opportunities Our Enviroment Environmental, Health and Safety Our Processes Quality Innovation Our People Teamwork Integrity Responsibility Our Customers Aeropres Customer Focus

5 Our Strategy - Organizational Opportunities
We are creative in delivering value to our shareholders because we recognize profits are essential to creating capital for growth, prosperity, job creation and security. We continually strive to strengthen our organization by investing in our most valuable asset, our employees. We anticipate change and capitalize on opportunities that are mutually beneficial to shareholders, employees, and our customers.

6 Our Processes - Quality
Our Quality Systems ensure that Aeropres consistently produces and delivers the highest quality products to our customers each day. Our system processes, control and audit systems, employee training and documentation are in place to ensure that our product consistently meets and surpasses this standard.

7 Our Processes - Innovation
Innovation helps us to continually improve our business and raise our standards. We embrace meaningful, productive change and the opportunities it brings. Innovation, from products to processes, ensures our continuous improvement and leadership within our industries.

8 Team Work Our People - Teamwork
Teamwork expands beyond departments. Employees communicate with one another in a collaborative manner and work together toward the same goals. We continually strive to remove barriers that stifle meaningful communication. We support each other, celebrate our successes together and welcome opportunities for growth as a team. Example text This is an example text Go ahead and replace it with your own text Team Work Responsibility Integrity

9 Responsibility Integrity Our People - Integrity
In all our business dealings and communications, we treat our business partners, customers and employees with respect and fairness. We act with honesty, not compromising the truth. Our People - Responsibility We take responsibility for our decisions and actions. We treat each other with respect while upholding accountability to the highest of standards in order to encourage an environment of continuous improvement and achievement of shared organizational goals. Team Work Responsibility Integrity

10 Our Customers – Customer Focus
or Our Customers – Customer Focus Our customers are the lifeline of our business and we strive to exceed their expectations through world-class customer service. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we make to them because their loyalty is our greatest reward.

11 Core Values Our Environment – Environmental, Health and Safety
We put Safety First in all our activities. We watch out for each other and strive to recognize and correct potential hazards. We respect the environment and meet or exceed requirements of federal and state environmental agencies. We each do our part to preserve a safe and healthy work environment, to reach our principal goal that all employees return home to their families each day healthy and safe. Core Values

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