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Delight Assisted Payroll Value Retention Service and Support December 2009 Heather Willson.

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1 delight Assisted Payroll Value Retention Service and Support December 2009 Heather Willson

2 Intuit Confidential 2 Retention Basics What qualifies as a Retention Call? – Any call where a customer who requests to cancel service and is saved, or calls in with a pricing complaint/problem and is saved. – “Saves” can be everything from having a value-add conversation with the customer, offering a discount, or changing a price code. ALL SUCCESSFUL RETENTION CALLS SHOULD BE LOGGED IN THE RETENTION QUICKBASE: What can we offer Assisted Retention Customers? - Retention customers who are still unhappy with the service (after a value- add conversation) can be offered -20% off their monthly fees for 6months -A price codes move -20% off their monthly fees for 12 months* *20% off for 12 months can only be offered in special case scenarios, and will only be applied with coach’s approval.

3 Intuit Confidential Assisted Retention and Price Codes 3 Aside from leaving Assisted payroll due to a business closure, most customers who call in requesting to leave Assisted service due to pricing can be saved. -Many customers are on older price codes which no longer suit their needs, and are being charged unnecessary transactional fees. -You can move a customer from a price code which is no longer suiting their needs, and onto a newer price code. -Understanding the differences in these codes will help you decide which new price code is best for your customer.

4 Intuit Confidential Price Codes 4 -Price codes are the series of letters and numbers which drive a customers pricing in AS400. These codes control how much a customer will be charged each payroll run for their monthly, direct deposit, employee, and W2 fees. Each code is different, and extends a different level of pricing to a customer. Price code can be found within the first screen of AS400: PRICE CODE!

5 Intuit Confidential Price Code 5 -Here is an example of the breakdown screen of AS400 where we can see what a customer is and is not charged for on price code AP59DD150. -For example, we see that anything labeled “yes” means the customer is charged for that fee, and “no” means they are not. -All of these fees tie together and roll up to create the pricing structure that price code AP59DD150

6 Intuit Confidential Old Price codes customers will call in on 6 The price codes we receive the most calls on are AP69DD3 AP59DDTUC AP59DD5 AP59DD150 -These codes are from older pricing campaigns, when customers were charged transmission fees for Employee or Direct Deposit Fees. -When the customers had large amounts of employees (10-15) these prices were a great value. But as customers lose employees, the fees start to outweigh the benefits. -

7 Intuit Confidential Monthly, EE and DD Fees (The Big Three) 7 A “base fee” means that the customer is charged for the base, and then every item or unit (meaning, every employee) has a unit fee on top of that. For example, a customer on AP59DD150 who has 5 employees will pay $12.50 in fees. Older price codes fee breakdown You can determine if a customer’s fees are not in line with their needs by looking up their Big Three. -The “Big Three” are the main fees within a price code are the Monthly Fee, the Employee (or EE) Fee, and the Direct Deposit (or DD) Fee.

8 Intuit Confidential How to tell what a customer is paying each payroll run 8 Hit “F6” in AS400 which will bring you to their payroll breakdown, where you can determine if they run weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This customer runs weekly payroll, so they receive a transmission fee with every run. Pick a date you’d like to research, enter “5” next to it and press enter

9 Intuit Confidential 9 Here we see their exact monthly, DD and EE fees. We can tell by their price code (AP59DD150) that they receive the $12.50 transmission fee for EEs. Since they only have 4 Ees, a fee like this doesn’t make sense for their needs. Price Code Breakdown TRANSMISSION FEE!

10 Intuit Confidential How to determine which price code your customer should be moved to 10 -The easiest way to determine which price code a customer would fit best on is to reference the most recent Price Code Guide, found in the Hive: -Most customers will fit best on ASST 60, otherwise known as “regular Assisted” payroll. -If the customer has 15 or more employees, and runs payroll bi-weekly they’d be a good fit for Advantage. This way, they receive DD and their W2’s for free. -If the customer says they are a Costco member, they’re eligible for Costco Assisted pricing. -If the customer has more than one state, or is considered a multi-EIN customer, they qualify for multi-EIN pricing. -If the customer says they are a PAP member, please transfer them to the accountancy team at x82225.

11 Intuit Confidential Calculating the savings for your customer 11 Its a good idea to create a quick excel spreadsheet detailing out the customers old and new pricing. Enter in their current number of Ees and the number of times they run a month, and all related fees: We can see that our customer on AP59DD150 price code had transmission fees costing them an extra $50 a month. On ASST 60, their fees are much more reasonable, and will save them $34.20 a month, which extends to $410.00 a year.

12 Intuit Confidential Offering New Assisted pricing to existing customers 12 -If you think a customer would be a better fit on a lower price code, you may move a customer to ASST 60 (“Regular Assisted”), ASST60ME (multi-EIN pricing) or APAV115 (“Regular Assisted Advantage”) pricing. This can be done by entering a request into the Retention QuickBase; The Quickbase owner will move the customer over immediately, and you will receive a confirmation email within a week letting you know this has been done. If you have a customer who would like to move to Costco, email the Costco price change team at RN Costco Price Change, then enter a request into the Retention QuickBase so we can track this as a save. * * Please always track any Costco price change move which qualifies as Rentention in the Retention QuickBase as well.

13 Intuit Confidential Offering a discount on Assisted pricing 13 If a customer is still upset, or if you feel they’re entitled to a one-time discount of 20% off for 6 months, you may offer this. This can be done by entering a request into the Retention QuickBase; The available discounts are for 20% off Assisted for 6 months, and 20% off for 1 year. 6-month discounts are ideal for customers who temporarily have no employees, operate seasonal businesses, are experiencing a “slow season” or any type of financial difficulty. 12-month discounts are only avaialbel to special-case customers, and must be given only after supervisor approval.

14 Intuit Confidential 14 Building The Value of Assisted Payroll If you have a customer who is still hesitant, it is important to know if the customer truly knows what they are getting themselves into before leaving Assisted payroll. The calculating and filing of payroll taxes can often be more overwhelming than a customer realizes. Simple questions will allow you to sell the value of Assisted: – Do you want to continue to handle everything yourself or do you want to hand the burden of paying and filing with the federal and state agencies to us? – How much experience do you have with filing and paying your payroll taxes to the federal and state agencies? - I want to make sure that you understand the liabilities associated with doing payroll internally. About one out of every 3 tax filings by small businesses in the U.S. are done incorrectly or sent in late and result in a state or federal fine or penalty averaging around $800. Assisted payroll takes all of this unnecessary liability and cost off your shoulders. Below is a sample taken from the IRS website, detailing payroll fees with and without Assisted payroll:

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