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Payroll Services Overview Helping to Prepare A Better Future For You & Your Company.

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1 Payroll Services Overview Helping to Prepare A Better Future For You & Your Company

2 Now you can trust that your payroll is in good hands. There’s nothing better than personal attention from a trusted advisor who knows your business. Our high-quality payroll service is customized for you and your business.  Rely on us to deliver top quality service all year long. SAY GOOD-BYE TO PAYROLL HASSLES

3 Each payday, tell us your employee hours. We calculate all federal, state, and local taxes, as well as voluntary deductions such as retirement plan contributions or insurance premiums. Your tax deposits will be on time. Correct-every time. We complete your federal and state payroll filings for you, including quarterlies, year end forms and W-2’s All of your payroll information will be maintained and available ACCURATE PAYROLL YOU CAN TRUST

4 Did you know that each year, 1 out of 3 small businesses pays a penalty to the IRS? With our payroll service, you’ll never miss a tax deadline or pay the wrong amount. NO MORE IRS PENALTIES

5 On payday, paychecks can be handed out, or they can be electronically deposited into employee bank accounts with our Direct Deposit service. Your employees will love you for Direct Deposit! No more trips to the bank! We also provide professional pay stubs detailing the current as well as year-to-date withholdings, vacation and sick time. YOU AND YOUR EMPLOYEES WILL BE PLEASED

6 Spending too much time on payroll? Paying a lot for payroll services? TIME SAVING COST CUTTING BENEFITS

7 Full Service Payroll Solution A Service That is Customizable For Small Business Needs Organizations Churches Construction Contractors And More Your Trusted Advisor Can Help!

8 Support for wide range of pay types Sick, vacation and holiday pay accruals Federal, state and local tax calculations Voluntary deduction calculations Paycheck printing Direct deposit with detailed pay stubs Secure online employee access to pay stubs Contractor payments With 100% accuracy guarantee We Make Pay Days Easy and Accurate Each pay day, just provide us with employee hours and we’ll take care of the rest. We Provide:

9 Federal tax deposits Quarterly 941’s Annual 940’s and 944’s Employee W-2’s 1099 MISC filing Annual state tax forms We Meet All Your Tax Deadlines You never have to worry about upcoming tax obligations… we take care of everything. This Includes:

10 Payroll Summary, Paycheck Details Last Paycheck, Deductions, Total Pay Workers Comp., Vacation & Sick Pay Total Cost, Tax Liability, Taxes and Wages Contractor Payments and Contractor Details We Provide Easy-To-Read Reports You’ll get plain-language, detailed reports so you always have the big picture at your fingertips. Our Detailed Reports Include:


12 Whatever your payroll question. We are here to help. You can rely on us for top quality service. All year long! We Offer Service You Can Trust

13 For more information contact us to schedule a payroll appointment. You’ll be delighted with the results! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW SP PAYROLL & TAX SERVICES CAN HELP PREPARE A BETTER FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR COMPMANY CONTACT ONE OF OUR ACCOUNT REPRESENTATIVE. Christopher Poole Account Representative Phone: (614) 202-1204 email: Stacey Poole ERO Account Rep. Phone: (614) 203-5134 email: Get Started Today! Thank You

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