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Klein Forest High School 2013-2014 Course Registration for Current 9 th, 10 th, & 11 th Graders.

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1 Klein Forest High School Course Registration for Current 9 th, 10 th, & 11 th Graders

2 3 Requirements to Graduate : 1.Earn 26 State Credits. 2.Pass required State Courses. 3.Pass required End Of Course (EOC) exams.

3 12-15 EOC tests over 3 years 9 th grade: English 1 – Reading/Writing, World Geo, Algebra 1, Biology 10 th grade: English 2 - Reading/Writing, World History, Geometry, Chemistry 11 th grade: English 3 - Reading/Writing, US History, Algebra 2, Physics For more information go to: Graduation Requirements – EOC (EOC = End of Course Exams) You must successfully pass at a Level II or above

4 Credits State Credits – count toward graduation –26 state credits needed to graduate; –1 Full Year class = 1 credit –1 semester class =.5 credit Local Credits – do not count toward graduation (office aide, student leadership) Denied Credit – student does not earn credit due to excessive absences, even if passing grade in course

5 Transcripts A Transcript is the official record showing HS courses you have earned credit for while in middle school and high school.

6 How Do I Earn Grade Points? Apply to semester grades only Pre-AP, AP, GT, DC, and Advanced classes receive more grade points. A high grade in any class helps your GPA more than doing poorly in a class with more GPA points. “How to Calculate your GPA” Power Point is online at KFHS website- link to Counseling> College & Career.

7 CLASS RANK After all grade points are averaged for all students at the end of the 6 th semester or Junior year, students are ranked from those with the highest GPA to the lowest GPA. Students also receive a temporary rank at the end of their sophomore year, so they can make plans and set goals for raising their GPA.

8 Plan For Your Future Whatever you do NOW determines where you go in the future – choose wisely! 4 Year University 2 Year College Military Work

9 High School GRADUATION PLANS Recommended Plan Distinguished Plan “To be eligible for admission at a Texas Four-Year Public Institution, students must successfully complete the Recommended or Distinguished high school program.” --Texas Education Code (state law)

10 Graduation Plan Requirements DisciplineRECOMMENDEDDISTINGUISHED English 44 Math 44 Science 44 Social Studies 44 Foreign Language (same) 23 Comm. Application.5 Fine Art 11 P.E./P.E. Equivalent 11 Additional Electives TOTAL CREDITS 26

11 4 X 4 Distinguished Grad 4 – yr Plan Course of Study (DAP) 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV Algebra IGeometryAlgebra IIPre-Calculus (or additional 4 th yr math) Biology IChem./Physics 4 th year lab science World GeographyWorld HistoryU.S. HistoryGovt./Eco 3rd year of same Foreign Language 4 Advanced Measures AP scores, Dual Credit courses, Articulated courses, National Merit on PSAT IPC will count as an elective, not science credit for DAP

12 IPC may count as one of the 4 years of science credit needed for RAP BUT must be taken before Chemistry and Physics 4 X 4 Recommended Grad 4 – yr Plan Course of Study (RAP) 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV Algebra IGeometryAlgebra IIPre-Calculus (or additional 4 th yr math) Biology IIPC/Chem./PhysicsChem./PhysicsChem./Physics or 4 th year lab science World GeographyWorld HistoryU.S. HistoryGovt./Eco

13 Required Coursework 2 years of Foreign Language – Spanish – French – German *Must take 2 years of the same language

14 Required Coursework 1 year of Fine Art – Art – Band – Orchestra – Choir – Theater (Performance or Technical) – Dance – Color Guard/Winter Guard – Floral Design Some classes require Audition and/or Group-Director Approval

15 Required Coursework 1 year of PE or Equivalent – PE – Athletics – Cheerleading (S1 only, S2 Local) – ROTC (S1&S2 waiver) – Drill Team (S1 only, waiver) – Marching Band (S1 only, w) –Color Guard (S1 only, w) Can earn up to 4 PE credits

16 Career & Technical Education (CTE) Why take CTE? – Learn about jobs – Certifications 2 or 3-period classes require planning!

17 Career & Technical Education (CTE) Agriculture Auto Tech Business Childcare Cosmetology Computer Culinary Health Science Vet Tech Additional classes

18 Additional Elective Credits Journalism 1 A survey course in all aspects of journalism. Prerequisite for Yearbook and Newspaper classes Students interested in Journalism: –Are self-motivated –Are self-disciplined –Like to write –Have a natural curiosity –Are outgoing –Like to read newspapers and magazines –Like to watch or listen to the news –Are interested in pop culture

19 Advanced Academics Pre AP, AP, & Dual Credit Rigorous coursework & more homework Preparation of AP/DC classes Earn college credit “Extra” grade points Be better prepared for college Advanced Measure for Distinguished Plan Limited opportunity for schedule changes. –Consider your schedule, extra-curricular activities, and other responsibilities.

20 Advanced Academics (Consider these guidelines) Pre-AP, AP, & DC classes are challenging & demanding!! Must be self-motivated & an independent worker!!! Must be willing to spend additional hours out of class completing research, projects & supplemental reading Must have/acquire good study skills & time management (use a planner and keep up with long-term projects) –Pre-AP classes prepare you to take AP classes during your sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. –AP/DC classes are college level, and they allow you to potentially earn college credit.

21 PowerPoint Presentation/Course Selection Sheet during Eagle’s Nest Complete Course Selection Sheet/Four-Year Plan with input from parents Course request entry into Gradespeed during eagle’s Nest Course Selection Meeting with House Counselor Meet for final course selection and turn in Course Selection Sheet/Four-Year Plan Check requests on Gradespeed until 3/1/2013 Course verification in April/May Deadline to request Schedule Changes is June 14, 2013, as set by the district Course Selection Process


23 Course Selection Sheet Key * = Semester Course + = Approval Required $ = Fee Required F = Form Required ▲ = Prerequisite Required (must have taken another course before you can take chosen one) Checking a course does not mean you will automatically get that class – you must chooses alternates also!!!!!

24 Choosing Courses You MUST select 7 classes (4 core classes + 3 electives) –4 classes must consist of core courses: English Math Science Social Studies –3 classes must consist of at least 3 of the following: CTE Electives Foreign Language Fine Arts PE/Athletics Technology Application Electives 1 full year class = 1 period 2 semester classes = 1 period You MUST ALSO select 3 Alternatives (in case your 1 st choice electives are not available

25 Online Data Entry Access online Course Selection portal through Gradespeed using student URL Select courses using drop-down menus (with Course Selection Sheet from previous day) Meet with Counselor (in next 2 weeks) Bring 4-Year Plan & Course Selection Sheet Review at home via Parent Connection Access to the student/parent portal will end on Friday, March 1 st 2013.

26 Four Year Plan Use pencil. Decide on graduation plan. Include classes from middle school where you earned HS credit. Fill in the blanks with the classes you plan to take in HS (some pre-filled). Check required classes. Turn in with Course Selection Sheet to your counselor when you are called in for your course selection meeting. Name_____________________ ID #_________________ School Year__________________


28 Tips on High School Success ATTENDANCE – cannot learn if you are not present Get involved with activities. Do service work (volunteer). Student Council, Key Club, etc. Make time to study every night. Study before the Exams Ask for help from your teachers, before and after school Attend free tutorials before or after school Get to know your Counselor!

29 1.Complete your 4 Year Plan. 2.Complete your Course Request Selections – on Course Selection Sheet & online. 3.Turn them in to your counselor when you are called in for your Course Selection Meeting.

30 REMEMBER  NO CHANGES after June 14th, 2013

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