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8 th grade transition to High School Parent Meeting December 16, 2014.

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1 8 th grade transition to High School Parent Meeting December 16, 2014

2 During the last legislative session, changes were made to graduation plans and state assessments through House Bill 5. This meeting will help identify the graduation plan (endorsement) options available to Klein ISD students so that parents may help their student select the best option for their desired academic pursuit.

3 9 th grade course selection sheet

4 FOUNDATION PLAN COURSES Revised February 3, 2014 GRADUATION PLAN Academic Discipline Endorsement Distinguished* *Possibly Eligible for top 10% automatic admissions to Texas public 4-year institutions DisciplineCredits English4 4 Math4 4* Science4 4 Social Studies3 3 Foreign Language2 2 Fine Arts1 1 Physical Education1 1 Electives7 7 Total Credits for Graduation:26 *must include Algebra 2

5 Endorsement Areas  ARTS AND HUMANITIES Political science, literature, world languages, cultural studies, history and fine arts.  BUSINESS & INDUSTRY Information technology, database management, marketing, accounting, finance, graphic design, architecture, construction, welding, automotive technology, agriculture, vet science, culinary arts and hospitality.  MULTIDISCIPLINARY This endorsement provides students the opportunity to take a variety of courses from each of the other four endorsement areas.  PUBLIC SERVICE Health science occupations, education, law enforcement, cosmetology, and JROTC  STEM Science, Technology-including computer science, Engineering, and advanced Math.


7 Typical Freshman Schedule English 1 Algebra 1 (or Geometry if the student took Algebra I in 8 th grade) Biology World Geography Elective (PE recommended) Elective (Fine Arts recommended) Elective (World Language recommended *)

8 Other Required Coursework 2 years of the same Foreign Language *Spanish *French *German *Latin 1 year of Fine Arts *Art *Band *Choir *Dance *Orchestra *Theatre Arts (Performing or Production)

9 Options for meeting PE requirement 1 year of PE or equivalent – PE – Dance (can be PE OR Fine Arts credit) – Athletics (must try out) – Cheerleading (S1 only, must try out) – ROTC (substitution) – Color Guard (S1 only) – Marching Band (S1 only, substitution) Students can earn up to 4 PE/equivalent credits

10 9 th Grade Elective Options--CTE Semester Courses: Touch System Data Entry Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance Money Matters Principles of Human Services Retailing & E-tailing Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Professional Communications Principles of Construction (KF only) Principles of Manufacturing (KF & KO only) Full year Courses: Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Business Information Management 1 Concepts of Engineering & Architecture ROTC

11 9 th Grade Elective Options--Technology ♦ Computer Science 1 (regular or Pre-AP) ♦ Prerequisite is Algebra 1 with a B Average (Recommended) ♦ Fundamental Computer Science (grades 9-12) ♦ Game Program Design (grades 9-12) ♦ Mobile Application Development (grades 9-12) ♦ Robotics Program Design (grades 9-12) ♦ Web Design (grades 9-12)

12 Requirements to Graduate: Earn the 26 required state credits Complete one of the Endorsement Plans Pass all 5 EOC tests

13 End of Course (EOC) Tests: Algebra 1 English 1 English 2 Biology US History

14 A Day In the Life at High School o 7:25 am - 2:30 pm o 7 periods each day * o 50 minute classes o 5-6 minute passing time o Each student assigned a counselor & principal according to last name *KOHS has Panther Den 3 x a week (T, Th, Fri)

15 Sample High School Report Card Total of 3.5 credits earned for this report card.

16 Semester Grades Are Based on : Three Six Weeks Grades & the Semester Exam FirstSix Weeks= 28% SecondSix Weeks= 28% ThirdSix Weeks= 28% SemesterExam = 16% Each semester stands ALONE! The first and second semesters are not averaged together for a passing grade.

17 Your High School Transcript It is your scorecard! Starts with 9 th grade The high school classes you take in middle school go on your transcript, but do not effect your GPA. It is how colleges will evaluate you. It is the official record of: GPA (grade point average) credits earned

18 Begin with the End in Mind What is your career interest? (8 th graders completed an interest inventory on the Career Cruising site prior to Thanksgiving.) What Programs of Study and/or specialized schools of choice will prepare you for your postsecondary education and/or career training? Which Endorsement will you earn? Plan NOW!

19 Tips: Don’t overload 9th grade schedule Consider extracurricular activities & commitments when selecting classes We will send course verifications home for your signature. Schedule change deadlines will be honored! No schedule changes after 3:00 p.m., June 11, 2015 No schedule changes after 3:00 p.m., June 11, 2015

20 Students Entering 9 th Grade  Each student selects (in writing) an endorsement area and creates a Four Year Plan with their 8 th grade counselor, Ms. McClay.  As a freshman, students will meet with their counselor to finalize these plans.

21 FOUR YEAR PLAN Revised February 3, 2014

22 Plan For The Future Grade 9 * Attend Freshman Orientation (in August) * Strive for good grades * Develop good study habits * Remember: GPA begins with 9 th grade * Become involved in your school!!

23 Online Data Entry in January!!! Ms. McClay visited the classes to deliver course selections and discuss high school requirements in early December. Bring back Course Request Form (Ms. McClay is collecting them before Christmas break: December 17 due date!!) Review online at home with parent on the Career Cruising website (January)

24 FAQ For more information please visit: KISD website: Endorsement Information videos: Career Cruising website:

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