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The Sophomore Year Sophomore Parent Night December 4 th 2014.

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1 The Sophomore Year Sophomore Parent Night December 4 th 2014

2 Presented by the NORTHERN VALLEY DEMAREST GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Matthew Spatz, Director of Guidance Mr. Michael O’Malley, Lead Counselor Mrs. Jennifer Ferraro/Ms. Melissa Maki Ms. Tracey Salerno Mrs. Colleen Spafford Mrs. Laura Schwartzapfel Mr. Howard Tiell Ms. Deborah Bajakian Student Assistance Counselor


4 ROLE OF SCHOOL COUNSELOR Maintains a relationship with students and families from 9 th through 12 th grade. Meets several times a year to discuss current progress and develop future plans (four-year plan). Schedules courses in accordance with interests, requirements and future plans. Assists college search and application process. Acts as intermediary with teachers and administration. Assists students and families to resolve issues. Provides help in referrals to IRST, CST SAC and outside professionals.

5 Seeking Additional Support Seeking Additional Support Encourage your child to: See counselor for assistance Attend Extra Help sessions Visit lunchtime Math & Writing Centers (Math: Room H205 and Writing: Room B122) National Honor Society Tutoring Conference with teacher

6 Additional Resources Understand IRST Child Study Team 504 Committee Visit our SAC (Ms. Deborah Bajakian) Student Assistance Coordinator provides support to students on issues impacting their social and emotional well-being Conducts Sticks & Stones and Health Labs

7 Everything Counts! Courses taken and grades achieved Grade Point Average Standardized Test Scores

8 Make the most of your High School experience! Social development Extra curricular clubs and organizations Athletics- NCAA Eligibility Certification Requirements Volunteer opportunities:. and/or Summer programs Employment

9 State of New Jersey Graduation Requirements Take and pass a minimum of 24 credits including: English (4 years) World Cultures (1 yr) ; US History (2 yrs) Science (3 years) Mathematics (3 years) World Language (1 year) Two Courses in The Related Arts (Visual & Performing Arts and 21 st Century Life & Careers) Personal Financial Literacy Physical Education / Health / Driver Ed. (4 years)

10 Grade 9 Grade Credits Algebra 1 A 1.00 Biology 1 A- 1.33 Computer Input & Applications A 1.00 English 1 B+ 1.00 Innovation & Invention 1 A 1.00 Physical Education 1 A 1.00 Spanish 2 B+ 1.00 World Civilization/Culture B+ 1.00 Year Earned Credits: 8.330 Grade 10 Grade Credits Geometry A 1.00 Chemistry A- 1.33 English 1I H B+ 1.00 Innovation & Invention II1 A 1.00 Physical Education 2 A 0.75 Drivers Education A 0.25 Sophomore Health A 0.75 Spanish 3 B+ 1.00 US History I B+ 1.00 Year Earned Credits: 7.330 Grade 11 Grade Credits Algebra II A 1.00 Physics A- 1.33 English 1II H B+ 1.00 Engineering Design H A 1.00 Physical Education 3 A 0.75 Junior Health A 0.25 Spanish 4 B+ 1.00 US History II B+ 1.00 Year Earned Credits: 7.330 Grade 12 Grade Credits- Courses in Progress Potential credits Accounting H 1.00 AP English Literature 1.00 AP World History 1.00 Applications of Science 1.00 Pre-calculus 1.00 Physical Education 4 0.75 Senior Health 0.25 Spanish 5 1.00 Year Earned Credits: Grade Scale A+ 98-100 C+ 78-79 W Withdrew Pass A 92-97 C 72-77 U Withdrew Fail A- 90-91 C- 70-71 X Medical Excuse B+ 88-89 D 60-69 P Passing B 82-87 F below 60 AU Audit B- 80-81 I Incomplete T Administrative Withdrawal Public High School (Grades 9 - 12) Accredited By: Middle State Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools New Jersey Department of Education Honors and AP grades are weighted in computing GPA. GPA calculation includes marks from grade levels 9-12. TRANSCRIPT Northern Valley Regional High School District 150 Knickerbocker Road Demarest, NJ 07627 (201) 784-1600 Student Name: Doe, JaneID# 20170000 110 Anywhere Drive, Demarest, NJ 07675 Grade: 12 Gender: F Birth Date: 7/01/1999 Phone: 201 555-1212 Total Earned Credits: 22.990 State ID#: 7857852000 Entry Date: 9/2013 Graduation Date: 6/2017

11 Testing PARCC: Participate in the PARCC Assessment, successfully passing one section of English Language Arts & one section of Math PSAT SAT SAT Subject Tests ACT

12 Scheduling Conferences and the Course Selection Process: Teachers will share recommendation with student in late January Students & parents discuss recommendations and course selections Scheduling conferences begin in early February February 11 th 2015: Program of Studies Review elective course offerings Process concludes at the end of March

13 IMPORTANT DATES Interim Reports: October 6th, December 10th, March 3rd, May 13 th End of Marking Period: November 5th, January 20th, April 2nd, June 22nd Mid Term exams: January 21 st, 22 nd, 23 rd Final Exams: June 23 rd, 24 th, 25 th College Admissions Panel: May 6 th at NVOT

14 IMPORTANT ONLINE RESOURCES NVNET Haiku Powerschool First Class Naviance Collegeboard Big Future

15 Web-based resource that is specific to our school to support course, career & college planning Do What You Are ® Self Discovery Personality Type assessment: will provide you with important information about your personal characteristics. You will learn about careers that are matched to you, your personal strengths and blindspots, and how you negotiate in your daily life.

16 Prep Me:Prep Me: PrepMe's online ACT and SAT test prep creates personalized study plans for students and helps schools follow and report on their success. BigFuture:BigFuture: BigFuture by the College Board is a free comprehensive website that improves the college planning process. BigFuture’s step- by-step approach makes college planning easier to navigate. Road Trip Nation:Road Trip Nation: Roadtrip Nation empowers individuals to explore who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Through a public television series, online resources, and an educational curriculum, Roadtrip Nation helps career-seekers connect to real-world professionals and discover pathways aligned with their interests.


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