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The Freshman Year Freshman Parent Night November 20, 2014.

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1 The Freshman Year Freshman Parent Night November 20, 2014

2 THE NORTHERN VALLEY DEMAREST GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Matthew Spatz, Director of Guidance Mr. Michael O’Malley, Lead Counselor Ms. Melissa Maki Ms. Tracey Salerno Mrs. Laura Schwartzapfel Mr. Howard Tiell Mrs. Colleen Spafford Mrs. Deborah Bajakian, Student Assistance Counselor

3 Northern Valley Mission Statement We at Northern Valley Regional High School provide an environment in which each student seeks answers to questions, challenges assumptions and develops self-worth. Our high schools encourage individual academic excellence, aesthetic appreciation and moral integrity. Recognition of academic and culture diversity promotes mutual respect and acceptance. We provide a framework for the immediate and future concerns of our students. Such provisions require a constantly critical reevaluation of curriculum and course design to keep abreast of global research and new techniques within our respective disciplines. We promote students respect for learning and their desire to acquire knowledge through traditional as well as appropriate technological means. Education requires a shared commitment. Therefore, the responsibility of the community is to support and complement the schools' philosophy and goals. This joint commitment of students, professional staff, Board of Education and community forms the basis for a challenging and effective program.

4 Professional School Counseling Program Aligned to NJ State Standards Guided by best practices in Professional Associations and Organizations American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) NJ School Counseling Association (NJSCA) NJ Association of College Admissions Counselors CollegeBoard Bergen County School Counselor Association

5 Comprehensive Counseling Program Two Modes of Service: Programs, Curriculum and Prevention Response and Crisis Intervention Three Student Domains: Academic Development Career Development Personal/Social Development

6 Research supports link between social-emotional well being & student success FRESHMAN HEALTH LABS Support and reinforce life skills for student well being Help students seek balance Raise self-awareness including helping students identify stress & develop coping skills

7 Character Education Shared Values Respect Integrity Citizenship Responsibility Reflected in academic programs Reinforced through co-curricular/athletic opportunities Demonstrated in district practices and policies, including integrity policy Ethical Literacy – Institute for Global Ethics

8 Make a Smooth Transition Everything you do counts! Homework Classwork Projects Class Participation Extra-Curricular Activities Athletics

9 Structure of the Freshman Year Create an academic routine Join clubs/activities/athletics Interim Reports: October 6, December 10, March 3, May 13 End of MP: November 5, January 20, April 2, June 22. Mid Term exams: January 21 st, 22 nd, 23 rd Scheduling conferences SAT Subject test in Biology is offered Final Exams: June 23 rd, 24 th, 25 th *Interim Reports and Report Cards are viewable in Powerschool.

10 Role of the High School Counselor Liaison between teacher and families Coordinate parent/student/teacher meetings Communicate with students Help families navigate new experiences Advise academically Provides help in referrals to IRST, CST, SAC and outside professionals

11 What to do when experiencing difficulties Attend extra help after school with teacher Math Center-H205 Writing Center-B122 NHS tutoring-A &D days Room G221 Conference with teacher Consult Student Assistance Counselor Refer to Intervention & Referral Service Team( IRST) Section 504 Committee Child Study Team

12 Student Assistance Counselor Ms. Deborah Bajakian Student Assistance Counselor provides support to students on issues impacting their social and emotional well-being. Ext. 13260 A new State of NJ mandate - HIB Anti-bullying Specialist Sticks and Stones/Health Lab

13 Scheduling Conferences Course Selection Process Teachers will share recommendation with student in late January. Students and parents discuss recommendations and course selections. Program of Studies Night : February 11, 2015

14 Scheduling Conferences Course Selection Process Scheduling conferences begin in early February and run through March 27 th. Schedule an appointment with counselor to finalize schedule. No changes can be made after March 27 th as the master schedule must be run.

15 Graduation Requirements Take and pass a minimum of 24 credits including: English (4 Years) World Cultures (1 Year); US History (2 Years) Science (3 Years) Mathematics (3 Years) World Language (1 Year) Two Courses in the Related Arts 21 st Century Life & Careers (1 credit) Visual and Performing Arts (1 credit) Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy (.5 credit) PARCC NJBCT


17 The High School Transcript All courses will be included in the calculation of the GPA. Encourage your student to perform to the best of his/her ability at all times. Each Marking period is 20% of the final grade; the mid- term and final exams are worth 10% each toward the calculation of the final grade. Final letter grades are placed on the transcript in each course along with credits earned. Starting with the Class of 2017, students will not be ranked

18 Get Involved! Make the most of your high school experience! Extra Curricular Clubs and Organizations Athletics / Music / Art Part-time employment Summer program Volunteer:

19 Important Websites NVNET Haiku Powerschool Collegeboard- Big Future First Class Naviance- Prep Me, Road Trip Nation

20 Parent and student can regularly review grades and prior assignments/assessments. View posted academic information as an opportunity to have conversation with your son or daughter regarding progress. Interim Reports and Report Cards viewed on PowerSchool.

21 What is Family Connection? How do I access it? How do you register? What can I do with it? How does it help career planning?

22 We ask all freshmen to complete: O Learning Style Inventory O 9 th grade Transition Survey O Strength Explorer (completed in Freshman Health labs)

23 Question and Answer

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