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Sophomore Parent Night Doreen Moore February 2013 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL.

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1 Sophomore Parent Night Doreen Moore February 2013 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL

2 Sophomore Support SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Mrs. Doreen Moore – Sophomore Counselor Ms. Debbie Blashaw – Director of Support Services Mr. Scott Kahler – Sophomore Formation Director Mr. AJ Gass – Sophomore Formation Administrator Dr. Matt McCann – School Psychologist If you stay ready, You don’t have to get ready

3 1 st Semester Recap SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Academic transition Athletic transition Homework, tutoring, communicating w/teachers Technology …being responsible? Or not? PSAT Naviance assignment Semester finals Goals for 2 nd semester

4 PSAT Scores SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Test scores were given back in December PSAT = excellent preparation for the SAT Use the Online Access Code on the inside of the score report to log in to your personalized College Quickstart * see correct answers and explanations * Get a personalized SAT study plan * Search for colleges * Explore majors, * Learn about scholarship programs

5 Testing SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL PSAT - Class of 2015 will take a 2 nd PSAT in the fall of their Junior year. SAT/ACT - take at least one before the end of Junior year. Subject Tests - take in the month of June “after” you have completed the course, OR after you have completed the highest level in that subject area. Register through College Board. (not all colleges require subject tests) Subjects tests offered: Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, World History, French, Spanish, German, Mod Hebrew, Latin, & Italian AP Exams - exams are taken in May at Servite.

6 Prepping for SAT/ACT SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Summer 2013 is a great time to prep Prep classes Online programs Software programs, prep book, or tutor Talk to other parents w/ older students Refer to “Test Prep References” handout

7 When to Take the SAT, ACT & Subject Tests SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Prep summer 2013-test Junior year Oct or Nov. Prep fall 2013-test Junior year Jan or Feb Subject Tests-after you have completed the class, OR after the highest level class offered in that subject area. (e.g. after AP Biology; not HP Biology) CSU’s do not require subject tests UC’s may require for certain majors Private/out of state-vary

8 Junior Year SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL 8 periods required English 3 *** (C, H, A) US History *** (C, H, A) Ethics (C, H) Foreign Language (C, H, A) Math (C, H, A) Geometry, Alg 2/Trig, Pre-Calc, Calc Science or Elective ***(C, H, A) Bio, Chem, Marine Bio, Physical Science, & Anatomy Athletics or Elective (C, A) Fine Arts, Computer Science, History, Sports Med, Academic Decathlon Priory March 5 th - HP/AP sign ups from 8:00-8:50am. Required for English, History, Science, Computer Science. 2013-14 registration packets will be mailed home in March. Completed registration forms will be due back in April.

9 Servite Summer School SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL All semester “F” grades must be repeated during Servite summer school. 2 nd semester “D” grades in Foreign Language and Math must be repeated during Servite summer school. Session 1 redeems Semester 1 June 24-July 10 8:00-12:40 Session 2 redeems Semester 2 July 11- July 26 8:00-12:40 * All Semester “D” grades are recommended to be redeemed for college admissions. PLAN NOW!! (If applicable)

10 Summer SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Summer reading will be required (check Servite website) Attend Summer School (if applicable) SAT and/or ACT prep Visit colleges/universities….road trip!! Christian service hours-sophomores should have a total of 60 hours completed by June. Forms can be found under the Faith and Service tab on the Servite website. Part time job

11 Miscellaneous SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL Summer school information will be available on the Servite website when we return from Easter vacation. Mar 5 – Late start….HP/AP sign ups for certain courses Mar 29 - April 7 – Easter vacation April 8 – School resumes May 27 - Memorial Day - Holiday May 28-31 - Finals June 2-6 - 2013 Priory Leadership Summit Tablet PC - Turn in after finals. Pick up in August Counseling office is open during summer school Make an appt with Mrs. Moore with any questions/concerns you may have before finals.

12 Thank You For Coming Mrs. Doreen Moore (714) 774-7575 ext 1133 SERVITE HIGH SCHOOL

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