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PERSONNEL SERVICES HR Information Systems (HRIS) Using CoreHR Personnel Payroll Go Live Roadshow.

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1 PERSONNEL SERVICES HR Information Systems (HRIS) Using CoreHR Personnel Payroll Go Live Roadshow

2 Introductions Anne Harkness Charles Morgan Caroline Beadle Esther North Page 2

3 Payroll go live – impact  Change for Payroll team  Changes for departments  Second level salary approvals Page 3

4 Payroll go live – further stages  End of November into December  Existing departmental access to CoreHR screens remains as is  New payslips and employee numbers  New payroll costings reports  Phased introduction of new format overtime/temporary payment spreadsheet  Payroll team transition from Midland Trent to CoreHR  Changes to system interfaces & OPENdoor  Phasing out Oxford pay group  From January 2013  New guidance on future payroll processing  New overtime/temporary payment spreadsheet offered to more departments Page 4

5 Appointing and commencing – what and when? (1)  Golden rules:  Commence the appointment to generate the salary approval  Approve before the admin cut off date  Future actions  Future commencing appointments – only in the current payroll month (at the moment!)  No need to future date contract extensions Page 5

6 Appointing and commencing – what and when? (2) Transfers Page 6 Actual start date Appoint Commence

7 What needs salary approval? Page 7 Remember: check ‘next steps’ in the QRG Salary approvalNo salary approval  New appointments (inc variable hours and regradings)  Allowances  Additional increment(s)  Amending multiplier (e.g. for change of hours/sick leave half/ no pay)  Maternity leave return  Unpaid leave  Agency workers  Funding changes  Contract extensions  Leavers  Changing personal data  Changing job title  Changing place of work  Maternity leave start  Ending allowance

8 Salary Changes and Approvals  Rehires remain dormant  View Position History Screens  Second Level Approval  Mistakes and Fixes and Backdating Salary changes Page 8

9 Re-hires – Employee Search Page 9

10 Re-hires - Salary Approvals Page 10

11 View Position History Screens Page 11

12 Salary Details Button Page 12

13 Allowances Page 13

14 Allowances – Salary Details Button Page 14

15 Rate of Pay changes Page 15

16 Second Level Approval Page 16

17 Second Level Approval – New Starter Page 17

18 Mistakes and Fixes and Back dating Page 18

19 Mistakes and Fixes and Back dating Page 19

20 How will I know?  Staff requests  Auto-notification email  Sent to the staff request approver  Salary approvals  No email  On screen prompt when you log in  Rejected salaries  Automatic email  Sent to person who entered the salary change Page 20

21 Rejected Salary email Personnel No : 2341783 Caroline Qa Test 1 Salary Type : PRIM Date Effective : 14-SEP-12 Rejecter username : ADMN2422 Rejection reason : reject test Rejection Date : 28-SEP-12 Page 21

22 Cost allocations  Terminology  Description in Portal  Search using wild cards use wildcards (%) around parts of the cost centre you know e.g. %JX%  Activate new codes with 1p journal  Don’t backdate changes to cost allocations in Personnel Page 22 Oxford name (GL)Oxford name (project)Core field name Cost centre e.g. BK0000 Project number e.g. BKRBDA0 Cost centre Activity e.g. 00 (default) Task e.g. 1 Project code e.g. 00/A1001 or 1/RBDA0 Source of funds e.g. A1001 Award e.g. RBDA0 % split % Funding end date Effective dates

23 Payslip address  Home, Work (Location) or ADDLAB  ADDLAB – alternative, non standard work address  Default: Location  Email Payroll to change Page 23

24 Casuals  All casual workers and casual teacher up to 12 weeks: casual payroll form to Casual Payroll team  Casual teachers more than 12 weeks: choose – form or on system (use QRG PA3).  New appointments for existing casuals: transfer, additional or rehire?  Ending the appointment  As soon as possible  Email Casual Payroll team  Coming soon  auto-enrolment  pay group 10 clean up Page 24

25 Recent changes and reminders  End of appointment payments (e.g. Holiday or redundancy payment)  NOT allowance  Additional Instructions for Payroll (UDF)  Back dated regradings  Only pay back dated NOT appointment and contract  Use salary comments for pay effective date  Work in real time – avoid the payroll admin cut off rush!  Always use the relevant QRG Page 25

26 Questions Page 26

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