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Welcome to P.A.S.S. People Advantage Self Service March 1, 2007.

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1 Welcome to P.A.S.S. People Advantage Self Service March 1, 2007

2 What is P.A.S.S. P.A.S.S. or People Advantage Self Service is UHD’s system for employees to manage their personal information online. P.A.S.S. employees to access their personal information, including →home address and telephone number →marital status →benefits information →income tax withholding →pay history →direct deposit account information

3 Advantages of using P.A.S.S. Access to personal information 24/7 from any computer with internet access Change address, withholding allowances and direct deposit information in real time View and print pay history View benefits information Request change in name, marital status, and educational level on- line Request W-2 tax forms on-line Print W-2 forms

4 Major Features of P.A.S.S. Employees are given a unique ID and password for accessing the system thus ensuring the security of private data from unauthorized viewers. Passwords remain active for up to three years after termination or retirement. Using a web browser, employees actually log into PeopleSoft to view the information held in the system about them and make changes where applicable. Any changes that do not update the employee’s record immediately and require approval go into a worklist to the authorized ESO staff member pending the submission of required support documents. P.A.S.S. includes a link to ERS for making address changes in their systems.

5 Changes that don’t require support documentation: Home address Home telephone E-mail address Emergency Contacts Direct Deposit W-4 tax information

6 Other capabilities not requiring prior authorization: Accessing/printing pay history Accessing/printing earnings statements Accessing/printing W-2 forms (Reminder – Beginning January 1, 2006, The UH System will require employees to print their own W-2 forms. Accessing/printing benefits summaries Accessing sick and vacation leave balances

7 Changes that require support documentation: Marital Status →marriage certificate →divorce decree Name →marriage certificate →divorce decree →name change affidavit plus a copy of new Social Security Card

8 Things to Remember Operator ID →Empl ID →Example: 0085962 →Empl ID found on earnings statement (paycheck stub) Password The first time select “Forgot your password?” and follow instructions. Passwords that you create must be at least ten (10) characters and include at least one (1) digit.

9 To Access P.A.S.S. From Faculty & Staff e-services select ESO Services/PASS

10  The PeopleSoft 8.9/PASS Portal is the login point for all P.A.S.S. and PS HR Users.  The User ID is your Employee ID number or Empl ID found on time sheets.  The first time you will enter the ID and click “Forgot Your Password?”  Follow the instructions to have a new password e-mailed to you. HRMS PeopleSoft 8.9 Portal

11 P.A.S.S. Home Page  The P.A.S.S. home page includes a link for online instructions for the new user.  The drop down menu lists all of the various options that are available to the user.  Select the option you want by clicking it.

12 Personal Information Offers Several Options The Personal Information Page contains links to several pieces of data found in PeopleSoft. Included on the personal pages is address, phone numbers, e-maill address, and emergency contacts. To view and update data, click the link for the data you wish to see.

13 Emergency Contacts All employees should make sure that at least one emergency contact is listed. Edit DeleteUse the Edit and Delete keys to change an existing contact. Add an Emergency ContactUse the Add an Emergency Contact key to add a person.

14 Benefits You can view benefits enrollment but cannot make any changes. All changes must be done through the ESO Department. The Benefits Page contains a link to the Employees Retirement System (ERS), the administrators of the group insurance plans

15 Payroll Information At the Payroll information page an employee can:  View past and present paychecks.  Add or change direct deposit.  Change W-4 withholding allowance information.  Print annual W-2 Tax Form.

16 Compensation History Compensation History when selected will first give a list of all job records that includes the most recent title and department of employment To look at details of a specific job record select it by clicking the title link.

17 Compensation History Continued The compensation history page for a specific job record includes the title, department, status of the job, effective date, annual salary amount, and pay frequency. This page is useful in getting a print out of earnings from a specific job.

18 W-2 Print The W-2 Print allows you to print any W-2 that has been issued since 2001. You may also request a prior year by clicking the link shown for requesting a year prior to 2001. Employees who choose to print their W-2 through PASS should complete the Electronic W-2 Consent Agreement each year.

19 ESO Contacts for P.A.S.S. Assistance General Questions and Assistance with P.A.S.S. Betty Powell, Asst. VP Employee Services, Ext. 8072 Lorenzo Morales, ESO Technician, Ext. 8933 (for technical assistance) Personal, Payroll, and Tax Information Changes requiring ESO Authorization Stormy Castleberry, Payroll Supervisor, Ext. 8073

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