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Online Software Demonstration

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1 Online Software Demonstration
atCom Time Manager Online Software Demonstration

2 1 Home Screen

3 Landing page with shortcuts to commonly used functions
Quick Access Information: Employee Statistics Employees on Leave Shift Attendance Attendance Analysis Reminders


5 2 Employee Settings

6 Particulars Contact Details References Other Details

7 Card Usage Employee Transfer Memo Letter

8 Leave Details Leave Balance

9 3 Table Settings

10 Formulas Attendance Shift Allowance Allowance

11 Day Type Fixed Shift Variable Shift

12 Minutes Rounding Time Code Calendar Leave Allowance Remark Position

13 4 Parameter Settings

14 General Attendance

15 5 Transactions

16 Request Time Data Request All Request Latest Retrieve Time Data
Retrieve Custom Data Time Data Quick Entry Convert Auto-Convert

17 Attendance Time Sheet Work Sheet Status Error Combine Sheet
Leave Sheet

18 End Month Processing OT/Misc Automatic OT/Misc Schedule Allowance

19 Approval Overtime & Misc Quick OT Allowance OT Schedule OT Shift
Fixed Shift Amendment

20 Closing Close Month Post to Payroll Plus

21 6 Reports

22 Journal History Journal Employee Analysis Monthly Attendance Absenteeism

23 7 Utilities

24 Processing Log Allowance Processing Log OT Processing Log

25 atCom Time Manager System V9 by

26 Visit For more information

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