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Global Involvements and World War I, 1902 – 1920 Chapter 22.

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1 Global Involvements and World War I, 1902 – 1920 Chapter 22

2 2 Readings Pp. 663-671 Pp.671-683 Pp. 684-694 Also, make sure you have read Company K excerpts “Our Boys” article “Influenza, 1918”

3 3 Introduction Jane Addams –Urged increased food production –Fought for lower infant mortality rates –Organized Women’s International League –1931 Nobel Peace Prize

4 4 Defining America’s World Role, 1902-1914 Events of the 1890’s signaled America’s growing involvement in World affairs

5 5 The “Open Door”: Competing for the China Market Open Door –Textile investments –Railroad construction Boxer Rebellion –Harmonious Righteous Fists –Secretary of State John Hay –“informal empire” –250,00o international army Open Door notes –1900 Sec. Hay 467 million X 1.25 per Shirt

6 6 The Panama Canal: Hardball Diplomacy 1879 French company 1888 bankrupt 1902 sold to US 40 million Colombia? NO! “Greedy little Anthropoids” Philippe Bunau-Varilla New York Hotel revolution Nov. 3, 1903 US warship 10 miles in perpetuity Walter Reed –Army Medical Corps –Yellow Fever –Gorgas Panama Canal –1906 –1914 –Colombia gave in –1921$25 million

7 7 Roosevelt Asserts U.S. Power in Latin America and Asia Roosevelt –Venezuela –Great Britain, Germany, Italy –Dominican Republic –“Roosevelt Corollary” to the Monroe Doc. –“wrongdoing” –“Talk Softly but carry a big stick!”

8 8 Great White Fleet San Francisco Board of Education –No Asians in schools! “Yellow Peril” –California journalists “While Peril” –Japanese journalists 16 gleaming battleships Japan and Russia cut us out of China! Oh, if the first Roosevelt had only known!

9 9 Taft Asserts US Power Revolt against Adolfo Diaz in Nicaragua Taft sends marines who stay until 1933 Russia attacks and invades Manchuria Russo-Japanese War Japan sunk Russian fleet 1904

10 10 Map 22.1: U.S. Hegemony in the Caribbean and Latin America

11 11 Wilson and Latin America John J. Pershing “Black Jack”

12 12 War in Europe "Rule Britannia" "Rule, Britannia! rule the waves: "Britons never will be slaves."

13 13 The Coming of War "I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier"

14 14 The Perils of Neutrality Britain loses the Battle of Jutland. Britain declares North Sea a “war zone.” Germany declares waters off the coast of Britain a “war zone.” President Wilson: “Americans are to stay neutral in thought and in actions.” American banks loan $27 million to Germany American banks loan $4.3 billion to allies.

15 15 Lusitania May 7, 1915 Sunk off the coast of Ireland 128 Americans killed Secretly carrying munitions

16 16 Presidential Election of 1916 “He kept us OUT of War” Wilson defeats Charles Evans Hughes of New York, a Republican. Roosevelt roars, “The only difference in the two is the mustache—cowards.”

17 17 The United States Enters the War Wilson is elected in November. Russia is disabled from the war. Germany resumes “unrestricted U-boat warfare.” Czar is arrested. Democratic government comes to power in Russia. Yea, right! U-boats sink 5 American ships. Zimmerman Telegram to Germany’s ambassador to Mexico is intercepted. “Help us, and get back your lost territories.” April 2, 1917 Joint resolution to Congress. “Let us go and make the world safe for democracy.”

18 18 Mobilizing at Home, Fighting in France, 1917-1918 Casualties –Allied 70% casualties –US 8% in 19 months

19 19 Raising, Training and Testing an Army Selective Service Act (May 1917) Commission on Training Camp Activities American Expeditionary Force (AEF)

20 20 Organizing the Economy for War War Industries Board –Fuel Administration –Food Administration “Meatless Mondays” Wheatless Wednesdays “Serve Beans By All Means” Harriot Stanton Blatch

21 21 Personalities Kaiser WilhelmCount Alfred von Schlieffen Paul von Hindenburg

22 22 French Allies French general Victor Michel French general Ferdinand Foch French general Joseph Joffre

23 23 British Russian and American Allies General Earl Haig, “Butcher Haig” as some came to call him for 2 million British casualties King George V, Black Jack Pershing, Czar Nicholas II Notice anything abut George V and Nicholas? Voice of Nicholas II, last Czar of Russia

24 24 With the Expeditionary Force in France As early as 1916 American volunteers jointed a French air unit known as the Lafayette Escadrille (squadron).

25 25 World War I Artillery

26 26 Necessary Elements of War Maxim gun, U-boats, German anti-aircraft, gas masks and British whistles

27 27 With the Expeditionary Force, continued…

28 28 Alabamians who served Corporal Sidney Manning, Manning Memorial, Major General Robert Lee Bullard

29 29 Alabama Military Installations Maxwell Field, Lieutenant Maxwell, Red Cross, Fort McClellan, Ft Rucker

30 30 Map 22.2: The United States on the Western Front, 1918

31 31 WWI Aircraft

32 32 WWI Aircraft

33 33 World War I Posters

34 34 Flanders Fields In the Trenches recreation "In Flanders Fields"

35 35 With the AEF “A German bullet is cleaner than a whore.” “For God’s sake don’t show this to the President, he’ll stop the war.” German spring 1918 offensives along the Aisne River and Marne Harlem Hellfighters

36 36 Turning the Tide MUD St. Mihiel

37 37 Chateau-Thierry 3 US army and marine divisions stopped Germans here.

38 38 Belleau Wood 1 division 27,000 men and 1,000 officers

39 39 Rheims Turning point of war German attack failed Counter attack overwhelmed Germans.

40 40 Promoting War and Suppressing Dissent

41 41 Advertising the War Committee on Public Information The Marne, Edith Wharton New Republic

42 42 Wartime Intolerance and Dissent

43 43 Phonograph, Popular Music and Home Front Morale Make sure and read pp. 680-681

44 44 Suppressing Dissent Espionage Act Sedition Amendment Schenck v. United States

45 45 Suppressing Dissent by Law Espionage Act

46 46 Economic and Social Trends in Wartime America

47 47 Boom Times in Industry and Agriculture

48 48 Blacks Migrate Northward

49 49 Women in Wartime 19 th Amendment

50 50 Public-Health Crisis: The 1918 Influenza Pandemic Spanish Flu

51 51 Figure 22.1: Death Rate from Influenza and Pneumonia, 1900–1960

52 52 The War and Progressivism 18 th Amendment War Labor Board Bureau of War Risk Insurance

53 53 Joyous Armistice, Bitter Aftermath, 1918-1920 11 th Hour Of the 11 th Day Of the 11 th Month

54 54 Wilson’s 14 Points: the Armistice

55 55 The Versailles Peace Conference,1919

56 56 Fight over the League of Nations

57 57 Racism and Red Scare, 1919-1920

58 58 Election of 1920 Warren G. Harding

59 59

60 60 Conclusion

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