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A Global Conflict Chapter 29 Section 2-3.

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1 A Global Conflict Chapter 29 Section 2-3

2 Who was Involved? Central Powers: Germany and Austria-Hungary
Allies: France, Serbia, Great Britain, and US (later).

3 War in the West Stalemate along the Western Front – border between France and Germany Stuck in trench warfare Schlieffen Plan – Germany’s plan to attack and defeat Russia first, then attack France. Goal was to avoid fighting a war on two fronts.


5 Africa and Asia Allied forces attack German colonies in Africa and Asia. British and French recruit troops and workers from their colonies in Africa and Asia. Volunteers hoped to service would lead to independence of their country.

6 Germany and the US Unrestricted warfare – German submarines would sink any ship without warning in British waters. Goal: to stop war related supplies from reach Britain. Results in the sinking of several American ships Sinking of the Lusitania – 128 Americans killed.


8 Zimmerman Note Germany offers to help Mexico “reconquer” land it lost to the US if Mexico becomes allies with Germany. Intercepted by the US Pushed the US to declare war on Germany US had more economic ties with Great Britain Also share common ancestor, institutions, and language

9 Government’s Role in the War
Became a total war – countries devoted all their resources to the war effort. Government take control of the economy make sure war-related goods were made. Use ration system – people allowed to buy small amounts of goods in short supply. Promotion of Propaganda – one-sided information designed to persuade and maintain support for the war.

10 Role of Women Replaced men in factories, offices, and shops.
Built tanks and munitions, plowed fields, and served as nurses. Helped to keep soldiers supplies with food, clothing, and weapons Showed women were capable of filling men’s jobs.

11 Russia Withdraws from the War
1917- Civil unrest in Russia forces czar to step down from throne Communists soon take control of Russia’s government Russia signs treaty with Germany in March 1918, pulls out of war Germany able to move most forces to Western Front

12 End of WWI Second Battle of the Marne – defeat Germany
American troops help stop the German advance and lead counterattack Rebellion in Austria-Hungary and Germany armistice— end of fighting—signed in November 1918

13 Legacy of the War 8.5 million soldiers dead, 21 million wounded
devastates European economies, drains national treasuries Destruction of land and cities. Survivors suffer disillusionment and despair


15 Wilson’s plan for Peace
Wilson proposes Fourteen Points—outline for lasting world peace Calls for free trade, end to secret alliances, military buildups Promotes self-determination—right of people to govern own nation Envisions international peace-keeping body to settle world disputes

16 Treaty of Versailles Creates League of Nations—international organization to keep peace Germans blamed for war forces Germany to pay damages to nations Germany loses all of its colonies. New nations created from land lost by Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.



19 Results of the Treaty of Versailles
Germans angry after taking blame for war Many Americans oppose League of Nations Want peace by staying out of European affairs. Some former colonies express anger over not winning independence Fought in the war to prove they should be independent

20 Review What caused the US to get involved in WWI?
What were three effects of the war? What were three effects of the Treaty of Versailles?

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