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Bracknell Urgent Care Centre Bracknell & Ascot AGM September 2014.

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1 Bracknell Urgent Care Centre Bracknell & Ascot AGM September 2014

2 Agenda One Medical Group Mobilisation in Bracknell Activity Review Patient Experience Focus on the Future

3 Mobilisation of the UCC

4 Staffing Finance IM&T and data Premises Full ‘live’ risk register

5 Mobilisation

6 5 consulting Rooms Treatment Room & Plaster Room Patient Education Centre Administration Office Storage Facilities

7 Mobilisation

8 Activity Review

9 5 Months on: Exceeded the target set for attendances Established new team Reduction in A&E Attendances ? Delivering education and support to the local community Urgent Care under one roof now including Out Of Hours High patient satisfaction levels

10 In the first 21 weeks we have seen 13,512 patients Mondays and Saturdays have been identified as clear ‘peak’ days Peak times are 16:00 – 20:00 Data shows a 60% / 40% split for injuries and illness Successfully piloted the virtual fracture clinic



13 Heat Map Tool



16 Patient Experience

17 “Looked after very well from reception to treatment. Quick and efficient, minimum wait” Mr W 19 th August 2014 “Quick and pleasant service. Good to know I can come here and relieve the pressure on A&E” Mr B 15 th August 2014 Patient Experience

18 “X-ray closed for lunch which resulted in an hour delay. Unacceptable. I will not be using this service again. Also nowhere to buy lunch from whilst we were waiting.” Ms S 12 th July 2014 “Far too hot in the waiting area. I was in the centre for 2 hours and it was unbearable” Anonymous 4 th August 2014 Patient Experience

19 “I have no problems waiting for 30 minutes to be seen but please don’t make me stare at a blank wall… Give me something to look at whilst I wait!” Mr P 1 st June 2014 “Very thorough, not sure about the service from diagnostics but a reasonable wait for an urgent care centre” Ms W 16 th July 2014 Patient Experience

20 Patient Education Centre supported by a team of 6 volunteers Strong relationships with Bracknell Community Foundation All non-registered patients signposted to the PEC, Over 190 patients seen so far Supporting national campaigns such as Self Care Week and Bowel Cancer awareness month Patient Experience

21 Focus on the Future

22  Right care first time  Developing the Operational User Group Meeting  Demonstrating improved outcomes  Expansion of the children's services  Strengthening local relationships

23 Case Study 1

24 Case Study 2

25 Question and Answer Session

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