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Cotswold Medical Practice Patient Survey Results 2014.

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1 Cotswold Medical Practice Patient Survey Results 2014

2 Methodology Due to the excellent response last year, we used electronic technology again this year. The link to the survey was sent to 800 patients by email, approximately 5,000 were sent a text inviting them to complete the survey on the practice website, and 200 paper copies were distributed in the surgery. Invitations were added to repeat prescriptions. 485 patients completed the survey

3 Number of responses = 485

4 Number of responses = 481

5 Number of responses = 400

6 Comments on the system for obtaining repeat medication Number of patients commenting = 44 Would like more than one months supply of medicines at a time 10 Great service9 Internet ordering is great7 Internet ordering is cumbersome or erratic4 Would like an automated way of knowing that the medicines are ready 2 Turn around time from request to collection is too slow4 Turn around time is quick2 Sometimes the system has failed me3 I would like to request medication by phone1 Difficult to get hold of a username and password for internet ordering1

7 Number of responses = 480

8 Number of responses = 64

9 Number of responses = 60

10 Comments on the services available out-of-hours Number of patients commenting = 18 Frustration with the NHS 111 questioning5 Good or excellent service at Moreton and Cirencester6 Dislike lack of continuity of care with out-of-hours GPs6 Long wait before a call back from 111/out-of-hours GP2 Journey to A+E, Minor injuries unit or OOH centre is too far3

11 Number of responses = 480

12 Comments on the Practice Number of patients commenting = 121 Positive comments about practice as a whole26 Positive comments about reception13 Negative comments about reception5 Best practice I have ever attended12 Positive comments about GPs11 Negative comments about GPs2 Positive comments about dispensary8 Negative comments about dispensing2 Positive comments about nurses7 Positive comments about appointment booking4 Negative comments about appointment booking4 Would like to book nurse appointments online3

13 Comments on the Practice (2) Number of patients commenting = 121 Appointments often run late6 Lately people seem stressed and finding it difficult to cope4 Would like late evening appointments3 Would like Saturday appointments3 Like the ability to have telephone consultations3 Planning to move to another surgery as unhappy3 Wait for repeat medication is too long3 You could make more use of texts and emails3 Would like more than 1 month of repeat medication2 Can be overheard in reception2 Referral problems2 Would like own GPs for Out of hours2

14 Feedback from the Patient Participation Group The vast majority of patients seem very happy with the service – well done. Please add an explanation about Nurse appointment booking on-line and repeat prescriptions to your web-site Whilst appointments running late can be annoying, I understand that different problems require different lengths of time and 10 minutes is the average. I know that if I need longer on occasion, I will get it Please can reception let patients know if GPs or nurses are running late. The practice is clearly struggling to cope with increasing demand

15 Cotswold Medical Practice Patient Survey 2014 Patients asked forOur response We would like to book nurse appointments on-line All our nurses have different specialities and training, which makes it difficult to offer on-line booking. We will be upgrading our computer system in July and will revisit this when it is fully functional. However, we will try to add flu appointments in September/October this year. We would like to order 2 or more months of prescriptions at once We are required by NHS England to only issue one month at a time. This is to avoid clinical errors and wastage. However, you can order your medication for the following month when you collect your tablets from the surgery or the chemist. You can also request to have “repeat dispensing” where 6 months of prescriptions are issued so that you do not need to request them monthly. You still need to collect the medication monthly from the practice or the chemist. Internet booking of appointments and ordering medication This is a very popular service. Unfortunately, after 10pm and at some points over the weekend, the computer is performing essential tasks and cannot be accessed to book appointments or order prescriptions. If this happens, please try again later. If you would like to use this service please ask at reception for log in details and password. Late evening or Saturday appointments We offer evening appointments until 20:30 with GPs and Nurses on alternate Mondays (Bourton) and Wednesdays (Northleach). Please ask at reception to book. Frustration with NHS111 service If you phone us when the surgery is closed, your call is automatically transferred to NHS111. Their trained operators will assess your problem and direct you to the appropriate service – Pharmacy, Out of Hours GP, Minor Injuries unit or A+E. In order to do this effectively they will ask a lot of questions to exclude a serious problem. Please bear with them – the survey demonstrates that people are generally happy with the service they are directly to. Minor Injuries service at the surgery Patients are very happy with the service at our local Minor Injuries Units. Some would prefer to be seen in the Practice. We have not been commissioned to treat minor injuries, and therefore our nurses do not have the appropriate training, nor do we have the facilities to do so. All our nurse clinics are generally fully booked and we do not have a walk-in facility. Patients are much safer being seen by experts who have access to the equipment they need to treat minor injuries. The Practice could make more use of texting and email We have the facility to send a text reminder for appointments, and other reminders for blood tests etc. Please give reception your mobile number if you would like this. We are making more use of email for contacting patients. This will continue to grow over the forthcoming years. Please let us have your email address if you are happy for us to email you.

16 Number of responses = 463

17 Number of responses = 480

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