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LCCS Training Sessions OSU July 2007

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1 LCCS Training Sessions OSU July 2007
Cuttering LCCS Training Sessions OSU July 2007

2 Background and Definitions
Book number: A decimal number consisting of a letter of the alphabet followed by one or more digits that is appended to a class number in order to arrange material on the same subject in a specified order, usually alphabetically by author. Also called author number. Charles Ammi Cutter ( ) and the Two-Figure Author Table

3 Example Treasures of the Library of Congress / Charles A. Goodrum ed. Call number: Z733.U58 G Book number: G66 [for the author's surname Goodrum] This is an example of double cuttering

4 Use of the Cutter The Cutter is the means by which books can be arranged alphabetically. Arrangement is based on: the LC filing rules the Preferred Shelflist Order table

5 Use of the Cutter (cont.)
Cutters are treated as decimal numbers Allows for infinite expansion between any two numbers Example: .T3 .T46 .T57 .T585 .T59 .T7

6 Step 1: Find the filing position of the work
Search the class number in the online shelflist Locate the proper location for the work to be shelflisted Usually, works are shelflisted in alphabetical order by main entry

7 Step 2: Cutter the main entry
Use LC’s Cutter table: Cutter consists of initial letter of main entry, capitalized Then, using appropriate line in table, add numbers for 1, 2, or more letters Examples: IBM - .I26 List - .L57 Quinn - .Q56 Schicht - .S35

8 Special Cases Treat initials with spaces and/or punctuation as separate words when filing Treat acronyms and initials not separated in any way as single words Example: A.B.C atlas of Isle of Wight A.W. Johnson enterprises Aavik, Johannes ABC health series Afaisen, Johnny AFL-CIO American Philosophical society

9 Cuttering Initial Numerals
Use Cutters .A12 - .A19 when cuttering Roman or Arabic numerals (title main entry) Choose a Cutter near the center of this range when it is the first Cutter for a numeral in the class Example: 101 careers in mathematics Call no.: QA10.5 .A

10 Cuttering Example Shelflist has:
Q387 .I (main entry: International Conference…) Q387 .K (main entry: Knowledge representation…) Q387 .L (main entry: Larsen, Thomas) Work to be shelflisted: Part-whole reasoning in an object-centered framework / Patrick Lambrix.

11 Cuttering Example (cont.)
Lambrix: L for initial letter 3 for “a” 6 for “m” Cutter: L36 Will file between: Q387 .K (main entry: Knowledge representation…) Q387 .L (main entry: Larsen, Thomas)

12 Single and Double Cutters
Single Cutter for main entry Part-whole reasoning in an object-centered framework / Patrick Lambrix. Q387 .L Double Cutter for topic or geographic, then main entry A book on taxation of chemical industries in the United States by John Smith: HD U62 S

13 Single and Double Cutters (cont.)
Double Cutter for country, then local geographic; add digit to 2nd Cutter for main entry Chemical industries in Prague / Josef Chemický. 2005 HD C943 P

14 How many numbers are needed?
Cutter according to your needs! Generally, a letter and 2 numbers is adequate Add more numbers if needed Example: new book has author Hinkley, D.A. Shelflist has: QD251 .H Hermans, Petrus QD251 .H Huckel, Walter Assign .H5655 for Hinkley

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