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Leading through Best Practices

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1 Leading through Best Practices
Presenter: Naveed A. Khawaja Chief Operating Officer English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. Date: November 6, 2008

2 The History of EBM English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd. was established as a joint venture company in 1965 with the name of PEEK FREANS PAKISTAN LIMITED In 1966 the UK sponsor company was renamed as Associated Biscuits International Limited (ABIL), while the venture was renamed to English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt.) Ltd., which stands to date EBM started manufacturing and marketing of world famous Peek Freans range in 1967 in order to provide Pakistani consumers with good quality, nutritious and hygienically packed biscuits

3 The History of EBM EBM enjoys the distinction of being the 1st food company in Pakistan to promote biscuits as “food between meals” that are healthy and nutritious True to its corporate claim of 'The Legend Leads', EBM has led the biscuit industry in Pakistan for over 40 years by providing innovative and high quality biscuits The trade mark Pied Piper made its mark about 35 year ago, but it still remains in the hearts, minds and souls of the people

4 Our Vision To be recognized as a LEADING and PROGRESSIVELY FORWARD looking FOOD COMPANY, providing the best quality products to everyone in Pakistan

5 Our Philosophy Transform EBM into a Living Institution with a Body, Mind & Soul that is recognized as a good corporate citizen due to its core values as Open minded, transparent & responsibly delivering consumer satisfaction with a sprit to excel

6 Core Values We believe in integrity, transparency and commitment as our cultural ethos We continually adhere to the highest standards of hygiene & ecology We believe in governance with a human face We protect and promote the cause of the environment We emphasize on employee welfare We believe in leading and innovating in all aspects of the business


8 EBM – An Organization that Truly Believes in the Triple Bottom Line
The idea behind the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) paradigm is that a corporation’s ultimate success or health should be measured not just by the traditional financial bottom line, but also by its social and environmental performance. These 3 bottom lines are classified into: People (Social) Planet (Environment) Profits (Economic)

9 EBM’s Strategic Pillars
Mind Number 1 + + + Soul Leadership Vitality Innovation Humanity Growth Strategy Branding & Creativity Competitive Edge Leading the Way Being the FIRST in the Industry Hygiene/ Pakeezgi Productivity Ethical & Transparent Cons. Trust & Confidence Responsibility Socially Responsible Environmentally Friendly Food Safety Standards After the video, you may want to consider running a short discussion on `Shaping our Future. The following ideas may help: How does `Shaping our Future’ affect what we do? The video explained how important it is to understand how our work contributes to the Group as a whole. How does our work fit in? What do we do that adds the most value? Are there any things we can do better? How? Dynamic Organization Good Corporate Citizen People Dev. – Openess – Team working – Spirit to Excel Body Coming next> Video Part 2

10 Leadership & Innovation
The pioneers of packaged biscuit manufacturing in Pakistan and country’s leading manufacturer of biscuits & cookies since 1967, with an annual sales volume and production capacity in excess of Rs. 7.5 billion and 80,000 tons respectively True to its corporate claim of 'The Legend Leads', EBM has led the biscuit industry in Pakistan for over 40 years by providing innovative and high quality biscuits EBM manufacturers and markets its biscuits under the name of “Peek Freans”. a household name, people blindly believe in the quality of the products made under this brand. The Peek Freans Pied Piper today is the most popular icon in the industry leading biscuit lovers to experience one superb product after another The brand signifies “trust, confidence and wholesomeness” for consumers

11 Leadership & Innovation
Most of the brands are recognized as the “firsts” of the industry and enjoy market leadership positions in their respective segments Rio – was the first of its kind product to enter the local sandwich cream segment of Pakistan offering children the value proposition of two creams in one biscuit Peanut Pik is the first packaged peanut biscuit in Pakistan Peanut Pista is the first and only peanut and pista product available The uniqueness of Peek Freans Party lies in the fact that it is the first and only biscuit in the market with the unique and tasty combination of peanuts and raisins EBM has the distinction of being the 1st company in Pakistan to introduce sandwich cream biscuits to the local market through Peek Freans Chocolate and Lemon Sandwiches back in 1974 Leadership through a “high volume / low margin strategy

12 Leadership & Innovation
Major investments in excess of Rs 2 billion to increase production efficiencies, reduce wastages, increase employment opportunities, develop human capital & minimize cost through economies of scale

13 Sense of Responsibility towards Consumers
Ensuring Quality & Affordability No compromise on product quality Focus on improving internal efficiencies & economies of scale Offering the best Quality & Taste Adherence to International Quality Standards PSQCA certification marks Manufacturing & Expiry dates Ingredients details Calorie counts Do Not Litter signs Consumer Help Line (UAN nos.)

14 Sports & health

15 Vitality

16 Humanity EBM does whatever it takes to uplift the lives of the most deserving people around us not as an obligation but as a responsibility of good governance Adoption of schools in Korangi Sponsoring the Blind Cricket Tournament since the last 7 years Providing Technical & Infrastructure support to improvised schools catering to 2,000 children Sponsoring participants of Para Olympics Jail literacy program for educating adults In-house EBM literacy program by the name of Ujala

17 Caring Corporate Citizen
Primary focus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives on 3 key areas: HEALTH EDUCATION SPORTS EBM

18 Responsibility towards the Nation
Company contributes over Rs. 850 million to the National Exchequer in the form of Taxes & Duties Clubbed in the Elite group of highest tax-payers of the country Provides Employment (direct & indirect) to over 2,600 people

19 Our Achievements through Best Practices


21 Awards & Certifications

22 Awards & Certifications

23 Awards & Certifications

24 Awards & Certifications

25 Awards & Certifications

26 Awards & Certifications

27 Awards & Certifications

28 Awards & Certifications

29 Best Practices Reflected in Business Growth
31% 31% 48% 81% 11%

30 How did we Achieve all that?

31 Power Of Vision

32 Our Philosophy Food is “RIZK” What we offer is Trust & Confidence
An IBADAAT “PAKEEZGI” – A company ethos What is the concept of PAKEEZGI for us at EBM? Innate realization that the Food we offer, MUST be of the highest Quality Hygiene at the work-place In our THOUGHTS In our ACTIONS In having a SENSE of RESPONSIBILITY and the HEART to do what’s right

33 Any Questions


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