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Meeting with Parents, Carers and Stakeholders of West Kingsdown Church of England Primary School.

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1 Meeting with Parents, Carers and Stakeholders of West Kingsdown Church of England Primary School

2 Purpose of the meeting To provide information on the academy conversion process and the changes to the status of the school To explain the role of the sponsor and the academy trust once the school becomes an academy To explain the vision and plans for West Kingsdown going forward To answer any questions about academy conversion

3 When will the school become an academy? Academy Order – 1st April 2015 Consultation with staff, parents and the local community is complete The legal documentation between the Local Authority and the Diocese for the academy transfer is complete and agreed The Department of Education enter into a funding agreement with the sponsor

4 What happens when the school converts School moves out of the direct responsibility of Kent County Council and passes to RDAT Academy is funded directly by Department of Education Staff become direct employees of RDAT School ceases and the academy opens

5 What are the key changes? West Kingsdown will be given academy status and join the Rochester Diocesan Academy Trust The Academy will receive its funding directly from the Department of Education and have greater financial freedom West Kingsdown can develop its own curriculum suited to the needs of the children; it does not have to follow the National Curriculum unless the school wishes The Academy will be able to begin to benefit from being part of the Diocesan Academy Trust

6 Financial benefits of academy conversion School receives additional funding: Pre-opening grants - legal fees, academy conversion costs and school improvement - £110K Environmental Improvement Grant - £40K Academy Start-up Grant - £110K over 2 years Total: £260K

7 What stays the same? West Kingsdown remains a Church of England school with a Christian ethos and religious character Local Governing Body remain in place but will be accountable to Directors of the Trust Children will have the same teachers - staff transferred to the trust - employment rights are protected Admissions arrangements – same policy as current school No change to the daily operation of the school - term dates, uniform, length of school day, clubs, dinner money

8 Any Questions?

9 The Sponsor The Rochester Diocesan Academy Trust R.D.A.T

10 Rochester Diocesan Board of Education Aims of the Board To promote Christian distinctiveness and support excellence in Christian education by working closely with schools, churches and parishes To develop and facilitate collaborative partnerships and networks which are sustainable and create positive relationships between those involved in Christian Education

11 Rochester Diocesan Academy Trust (RDAT) The Rochester Diocesan Academy Trust was established in October independent charitable trust set up by the Diocese To create a strong family of Church academies which can work collaboratively together To maintain and ensure the rapid improvement of sponsored Church schools across the diocese The trust will act as sponsor for Church and Community schools who wish to become an academy within the Diocese For Church schools which are being directed to become a sponsored academy by the Department of Education

12 Our Vision ‘Strong Christian Values and Educational excellence for all’ West Kingsdown C of E Primary School to become a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for primary education recognised in the local area and beyond

13 Our Ethos The Christian ethos of West Kingsdown is the core foundation of the academy and is integral to its character. We value every child, ensuring that they develop their individual talents and skills to become happy and successful learners, founded upon Christian values and practice, within our caring school community.

14 Our Commitment Our aim is to ensure that all our Church academies provide an outstanding education for all their pupils and maintain the strong Christian ethos which is core to our vision We expect that all schools will be judged as ‘Good’ or better by Ofsted within two years of joining the Diocesan Academy Trust

15 How we will achieve our commitment Trust Directors will work closely with the Local Governing Body to improve standards across the school Local Governing Body will monitor the performance of the school and be accountable to Trust Directors The Trust will provide support to Governors and Leadership through our School Improvement Partner The Academy Trust will provide opportunities for leadership development and training across its group of academies

16 Our Core Values Christian belief that all people are uniquely created by God and loved by God. Children deserve an excellent education which should be personalised and meet their needs Raise standards and transforming the life chances of the community which the Academy serves. The values of respect, service, truth, trust and integrity

17 Benefits of Joining RDAT Stability and protection in a fast changing educational landscape Support for schools requiring rapid improvement and schools aspiring to become ‘Outstanding’ Strong strategic guidance and advice from our experienced directors who believe in Christian Education Economies of scale, cost savings and value for money from a range of services centrally procured by the trust Professional development and training for staff across the group of academies

18 Governance arrangements Local Governing Bodies remain responsible for academies reporting directly to the Trust Board Directors oversee the strategic direction of all academies within the trust ‘Scheme of delegation’ used to delegate powers Local Governing Body

19 Our Directors & Staff Nine Directors who are experienced educationalists including serving Headteachers of our Outstanding schools and the Director of Education Operations Director Chair of Trust Director of Education

20 School Improvement All teaching and learning to be ‘Good’ or better in 2 years and aspire to be an Outstanding academy Department of Education require all Sponsors to have a ‘School Improvement Partner’ or capacity to deliver this Cambridge Education – school improvement experts available to support the governors and leadership Professional development and training for all staff and leaders

21 Any Questions?

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