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Corporate Profile. About Us Mission & Vision Our Values Business Units Our Agencies Our Capabilities Organizational Chart Core Competencies Logistics.

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1 Corporate Profile

2 About Us Mission & Vision Our Values Business Units Our Agencies Our Capabilities Organizational Chart Core Competencies Logistics Partnership Opportunities Index

3 Ajjawi® was established in 1981 by the late Mr. Hamza Ajjawi. Since the beginning of the century, the company has been managed by Mr. Bashar Ajjawi and Mr. Basheer Ajjawi. Despite challenging economic situation, Ajjawi® witnessed unprecedented growth and quickly became one of the largest business enterprises in the country. Ajjawi® is a registered trade mark that rhymes with honesty and trustworthy. The company enjoys a proven track record of superior quality and service excellence, which has been successfully maintained through its long years of operations serving the Palestinian market. Capitalizing on its developed structure and experienced team, Ajjawi® has been recognized by a number of leading international brands as their chosen partner in Palestine. About Us

4 Our first store was opened to public in 1981. Today, the store remains at the heart of the business, being a flagship of Ajjawi’s growth and prosperity.

5 Ajjawi® looks forward to maintain its vigorous growth through diversification, operational excellence and continued innovation. Ajjawi® is committed to make a positive contribution in advancing the Palestinian economy, through adopting highest international standards, valuing professionalism and maximizing value to our customers, partners and employees. Our Vision Our Mission

6 Innovation We believe in innovation to sustain our competitiveness and success, innovation in strategic orientation, innovation in operations and innovation in business development Superior Relationships We can only be successful through building superior relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We value relationships over economic rewards and always take additional measures to building excellent relationships Community Matters We recognize our responsibilities towards our community and understand the importance of giving back through well executed CSR efforts that creates sustainable opportunities to communities we operate in. Our Values

7 FMCG Distribution FMCG distribution has been in the core of Ajjawi’s operations since its incubation in 1981. Building on its superior distribution experience and capabilities, Ajjawi® acts as an exclusive distributor for a number of leading international brands from all over the world. Real Estate Ajjawi® is a renowned real estate investor and developer, with a strong protfolio of residential, commercial and mixed use properties in Palestine and abroad (namely Jordan). Business Units

8 Our Agencies


10 A professional and highly experienced team of 32 employees, with extensive exposure and experience in commerce and business. Highly professional & trained staff. In house marketing, sales, logistics & commerce. In house state-of-the-art data processing. Modern and well equipped facilities. A fleet of transport vehicles. Our Capabilities

11 Ajjawi Group Ajjawi Group Managers 3 Personnel Warehouse5Personnel Office 12 Employees Sales Force & Logistic 5 personnel Marketing 2 Personnel Total Team Member: 32 Personnel - Managers 3 - Sales Force 5 - Office Employs 12 - Drivers 5 - Warehouse employs 5 - Marketing 2 Organizational Chart

12 Ajjawi® Group has one of the largest retail distribution networks in Palestine reaching over 1500 POS through different trade channels and covering 75% of retail market in Palestine. Our distribution network covers the following: 1. Wholesalers 2. Sales Representatives for medium size stores and chain stores 3. Specialized Agents to Restaurants and Hotels 4. Independent cash vans Distribution Capabilities

13 Core Competencies Nation wide reach Access to all major retail and wholesale channels Superior Distribution Network Extended shelf space Higher brand visibility Continuous retailer support Excellent Relations with Retailers Dedicated dry and cold warehousing and handling Experienced and committed team of professionals Well established facilities and capabilities

14 Total area: 6,000 M2 Building area: 4,500 M2 Warehouse: 2,450 M2– 9m. Height. 750 M2– 7.5m. Height. 3,000 pallets can be stored simultaneously. Expanding: Another 5,000 M2 planed to be built by the end of year 2014 Logistics

15 Private area for loading and unloading, capable of handling large volumes at the same time Logistics

16 Spacious storage area, with a capacity of over 3,000 pellets (upon completion of expansion, capacity will reach over 7,000 pellets) Temperature and humidity control, offering optimal storing conditions for any product

17 Efficient co-packing unit Logistics

18 Efficient heavy and light commercial vehicle fleet Logistics

19 We are always keen to expand our product portfolio and explore new business opportunities Partnership Opportunities Our partners will receive:  Superior nation-wide access  Advantageous merchandising and brand visibility  Professionally planned and executed marketing strategies  Meticulous implementation  Superior merchandising and promotional activities  Effective marketing communications  The advantage of Ajjawe Co. ‘umbrella’

20 We Import Partnership Opportunities We MarketWe Distribute We Do It All Your Trusted Business Partner

21 Contact Us:  Tel:  Email:  Address:

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