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This is my diary of the students’ exchange in Cyprus.

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1 This is my diary of the students’ exchange in Cyprus.

2 I travelled by plane. It was amazing! At 11 PM I was at the airport. I was very scared and tired. I was in hotel ‘OELMEK’ in Paphos. I shared room with Karina, Iza, Monika and Natalia. This hotel was very modern and beautiful.

3 I visited : The Harbor Archeological Park in Paphos Tombs of the Kings The Rock of Aphrodite. It was beautiful and interesting.

4 I was with Carolina’s family. I stayed at home. We were talking and watching the photos. This family was very friendly, polite and hospitable. In the afternoon I was in a shopping center. I bought a sweatshirt and a cap.

5 I woke up at 6 in morning and I went with Carolina to school. I met Carolina’s friends. They were very polite and friendly. At school I had a welcoming with a traditional Cypriot Breakfast. I had also attended the Celebration of the Cyprus Independence Day, tour of the Cypriot school’s premises, and enjoyed the Comenius Activities. In the afternoon I visited the old city of Nicosia and the Venician walls. I also visited Ledra Street and The Green Lines. We took photos to present Mysterious Cyprus.

6 I was in the Avianapa Monastery and The Harbour beach. The sea was very hot. I swam and had fun. This day was the best! I took photos.

7 I went to school again. I attended the Comenius Presentation Ceremony prepared by Cypriot students who presented what activities they have done so far in the project. We planned future activities together. Maja and Natalia showed us their presentation connected with the Polish traditions.

8 We were divided into international Polish-Cypriot groups. We cooperated in the groups to create materials for the project. I was in a group of five together with Stefanos, Carolina and Conrad. We created a trilingual mini-dictionary of parapsychological terms, learnt to dance ‘The dance of ghosts’. We created the Cyprus legends and myths. There was an exhibition of the photos called ‘The Mysterious Cyprus’. We designed the super hero called PolCyprus and we created a comic book. In the evening I had „the movie evening”. We presented our favorite films connected with the topic of fantasy. We met by the swimming pool and we presented them. I’ve done the presentation about the Twillight Saga.

9 I visited: The Archbishop’s Palace, The Cyprus Folk Art. Museum Museum of National Battle The house of Hadjivjobatzis Kornesian Leventis Museum Ledra street.

10 I was in the mountains. It was very cold and beautiful pleace. I’ve visited: Kalopanayiotis Village St. John’s Monastery Kykkoos Monastery Trodos Mountains. We were divided into two groups – the Mystery Hunters’ and ‘the Guards of Mystery’. I belonged to ‘the Guards of Mystery’. We were giving hints for the Mystery Hunters and they followed these tips.

11 I had a free time. I was with my Greek family. I was at home again. In the afternoon I went to the shopping mall. This was great! In the evening I had a ‘Goodbye Evening’ at a traditional Cypriot tavern. The food was delicious. I took photo with my peers from the exchange. This people were great and I’ll miss them.

12 I went to school and at 11 PM we drove off to the airport. I cried and I was sad. I said ‘goodbye’ to everyone. This 10th day was amazing! I had a great time with great people. I’d love to come back but I missed home, too.

13 Thanks you for watching Julia Hilgarner

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