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 Enhance students’ academic experiences to prepare for college.  Improve students’ college application.  Increase scholarship opportunities.

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2  Enhance students’ academic experiences to prepare for college.  Improve students’ college application.  Increase scholarship opportunities.

3  Provides a college prep curriculum for students who have initiative, are curious, and want to be lifelong learners  Promotes students who can think critically, solve problems, and appreciate diverse perspectives  Promotes students who can communicate effectively in writing, verbally, and technologically  Prepares students to be active leaders who practice honesty, responsibility, and respect in their communities

4  The Neosho Honors Academy focuses on providing students with a challenging and relevant education through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum and a diverse extracurricular program.

5  A minimum 3.5 GPA  Currently enrolled in at least 3 Accelerated/Advanced courses  Seniors need to have completed at least 9 Accelerated/Advanced classes since 9 th grade.  Juniors need to have completed at least 6 Accelerated/Advanced classes since 9 th grade.  Encouraged to attend at least 75% of the activities provided by the Academy  Meet with Teacher Mentor at least once a quarter  Perform an exit interview that the student must present a proposal and the process in which the proposal will be performed. The conclusion must give the outcome expected, and the sustainability of the plan. The proposal must include a Power Point presentation, and a handout for the audience. The new presentation must be between 8 and 12 minutes in length.

6  Educational field trips  College visits  Evening events and activities  Guest speakers  Internships  Job shadowing  Art and historical museums  Symphony Orchestra  Concerts  Theater

7 Neosho Honors Academy Newsletter September 2009 Welcome to the first edition of the Neosho Honors Academy Newsletter! We are so glad you have decided to become a part of our Academy and hope you will enjoy the activities we have planned. We will depend on YOU to help us make The Academy the best program it can be not only by participating in as many activities as you can but also giving us ideas as to what you would like to do. If you have ideas for field trips Or guest speakers, please let one of the Team Leaders know Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Fausett, Mrs.Kemna, Mrs. Marta, or Mrs. Miller) Willkommen in Deutschland!! (Welcome to Germany!) On Sept. 29 TH, students from NHS who went to Germany this past summer will give a presentation about their trip. We are working on getting a German intern from FAG Bearing to also speak about Germany. Refreshments will be served. Come see what your fellow Academy students have to say about how they spent their summer vacation!! PROJECTS AND MENTOR TEACHERS Be thinking of a project you want to do that enhances one of your classes. Need ideas? Talk to your Mentor Teacher. COMING ATTRACTIONS: We will be learning about Australia/New Zealand, Italy/Greece, and Africa this semester. Don’t miss out!! Festival of Friends in Carthage Sept. 19th This Sat., Sept. 19 th will be your first opportunity to participate in an activity with The Academy. Cultural displays, entertainment, and ethnic foods will be among the offerings at the ninth annual Festival of Friends in Carthage. Some of the cultures to be featured include: Colombia, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Cherokee Nation, and others. The program will feature Middle Eastern belly dancers, the Delaware Inter Tribal Youth Council and Musica de Gracia. Opening ceremonies are set for 3:00 p.m. and door prizes will be offered throughout the event, which will continue until 7:00 p.m. We will meet in front of the flagpole at the high school at 2:30 and return by 7:30 at the latest (we may be done sooner if everyone is ready to leave). If you are going with family members (who are welcome to attend any of The Academy activities) you must find me in order to check in and get credit for attending. My cell phone number is: 417- 439-0362 if you need to call me to find me!! You need to let me know by Thursday afternoon if you will be going. LOGO CONTEST!! We need a logo design to put on t-shirts, letterheads, etc. If you think you have a great idea that reflects what The Neosho Honors Academy is all about, submit it to any of the Team Leaders. The 4 best designs will be voted on by Academy members. Winning design gets a $25 cash prize!! Submit your idea by Oct. 1 st to any Team Leader.

8  Number of students in the Academy: 88  Percentage of females: 68  Percentage of males: 32  Number of Juniors: 55  Number of Seniors: 33  Average weighted GPA: 4.0 (range) 4.5 to 3.5  National average ACT:21.1  State average ACT:21.6  Neosho High School average ACT:21.4  Honors Academy average ACT: 25.9 (based on seniors only)  Percentage of students in A+ 82.9

9  Our School  Enrollment:  Our Curriculum * means dual credit class with Crowder College  Accelerated courses:  English I, II, III,Algebra II  SpeechGeometry  American History*College Algebra  U. S. Government *Trig  Modern World HistoryMath Analysis  Ancient World HistoryPhysical Science  Debate III Biology I, II  Computer Applications IIIChemistry I  Anatomy & Entomology*Zoology

10  Advanced Classes:AP Classes: *English IVU.S. Government *CalculusEuropean History *Biology II Debate IV Other Courses offered: Spanish I, II, III, IVChoraleers German I, II, III, IVShow Choir JournalismCecilian Choir ACT prep (semester class)Wildcat Band Art I, II, III, IVJazz Band Drama I, II, III, IVOrchestra Oral Interpretation I, II, III, IV

11  Each quarter students will meet with their advisors.  Advisors notebook  Advisors help prepare students for their exit interviews.

12 Question 1?  What are some ways we can make our students the ones colleges want to pursue?

13 Question 2?  What other criteria should we use to identify students for the program?

14 Question 3?  What are some resources you know of that could be helpful to The Neosho Honors Academy?

15 Question 4?  What are some other components/experiences/career opportunities we can provide for our students?

16  Barbara Arnold Instructor, TESOL, MSSU  Dianna Baker College Advisor Neosho R-5 Schools  Dr.Larry Barnes Internal medicine at Freeman Neosho Hospital  Dr. Glen Coltharp Professor/ Associate Dean, School of Education, MSSU  Darren Cook Principal, Neosho High School  Sue Day High School Counselor Joplin R-5 Schools  Kathy Fausett Math Team Leader, Neosho R-5 Schools  Gib Garrow Director, Neosho Economic Development  Dr. Ely Gordon Internal Medicine-Pediatrics at Freeman Neosho Hospital  Alton Johnson General Manager, Premiere Turbines  Terri Kemna Science Team Leader, Neosho R-5 Schools  Dr. Brad Kleindl Professor/Dean, School of Business, MSSU  Bruce Mahr Vice President, Arvest Bank  Pam Marta Social Sciences Team Leader, Neosho R-5 Schools  Karin Miller English Team Leader, Neosho R-5 Schools  Tim Mitchell Pharmacist/Owner, Family Pharmacy/Advantage Health Care  Richard Page Supt. Neosho R-5 Schools  Billie Skelly Joplin Community leader  Joanne Slama High School Counselor Neosho R-5 Schools  Alma Stipp Assistant Superintendent Neosho R-5 Schools  Dr. Brad Tyndall Dean of Instruction, Crowder College  Jeff Werneke Mayor, Neosho/owner Neosho Box and Wood Products  Kevin Wilson Representative, District 130 Missouri House of Representatives

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