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agenda Academies Scheduling Did You Know? Changes in Education.

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2 agenda Academies Scheduling

3 Did You Know? Changes in Education

4 Why Academies? 1.21 st Century Skills 2.Personalized Learning 3.Engaged Students

5 21st Century America: A More Demanding Labor Market 2/3 of the expected 47 million new job openings over the next 10-years will require at least some post- secondary education There’s been a net decline of 2 million jobs for workers with no post-secondary schooling since 1973 —Pathways to Prosperity, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Feb. 2011

6 The Students of the Future More Literate More Numerate Possess 21st Century Skills

7 The Solution 3 Integration with Business/ Civic/Post-Secondary 2 College & Career Prep Curriculum for All 1 Small Learning Communities COLLEGE & CAREER ACADEMIES

8 Traditional High School Structure Principal Faculty & Staff Students (1200 Students) Assistant Principal

9 Academy Structure Students (250-300 per Academy) Assistant Principal Principal Faculty & Staff Academy Lead

10 Small Learning Communities “Academies” Shared/Common groups of students Interdisciplinary Units Authentic, Hands on Experiences Career Focused Inquiry and Problem Based Learning Community Partnerships Personalized Learning

11 4 Academies 1.9 th Grade Academy 2.Business, Communication, Entrepreneurship 3.Health Science & Human Services 4.Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies & Natural Resources

12 Academy 1: 9 th Grade Academy Orientation to 9 th Grade Career Awareness Seminar Skills Mentorship Career Expo Academy Showcase

13 Academy 2: Engineering, Manufacturing Technologies & Natural Resources Possible Pathways include: Architecture & Construction Manufacturing Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

14 Academy 3: Health Sciences & Human Services Possible Pathways include: Human Services Health Sciences: Biotechnology, Health informatics, Therapeutic services, Medicine, Nursing, Diagnostic services Government & Public Administration Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Education & Training

15 Academy 4: Business, Communication & Entrepreneurship Possible Pathways include: Information Technology Marketing, Sales & Service Business Management & Administration Finance Hospitality & Tourism Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communication

16 Each academy will have: Consistent Core Curriculum General Career Pathways Provides Career Ladder Opportunities: – Career ready – 2 year college – 4 year college Shared Teachers College Credit Opportunities (AP and dual credit)

17 Academies JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE CLASSES As of 10/7/13 2008-092009-102010-20112011-20122012-20132013-2014 College Gen Psych345444585051 College Public Speaking1678537910398 College Comp 12779576211147 College French 3132918292117 College French 44564312 College Spanish 3545765867157 College Spanish 481725343740 Accounting II (New 2011-12)0141519 College Physics154312272227 AP Biology333156435365 AP Calculus173618172939 AP Chemistry191830252839 AP English112328221916 AP Statistics15220246121 AP US History8225149 TOTAL274514417538632562

18 Academies NEW CLASSES OFFERED 2009-10 **College Algebra4844333639 **College Macroeconomics6344407376 **College American Government7222404146 AP Music Theory1413766 TOTAL197123120156167 NEW CLASS OFFERED 2012-13 College American Studies10939 College Comp II3879 147118 GRAND TOTAL711540719935847 Percentage Increase/Decrease 259.49%75.95%133.15%130.04%90.59%

19 Experiential Learning Ladder 12 th Grade – Internship, Capstone Project or Community Service 11 th Grade – Job Shadow Experience 10 th Grade – Career Themed Field Trip 9 th Grade –Career Fair & College Planning

20 Structure of the Day 6 Period Day4 Period Day 4 English 3.5 Social Studies 3 Science 3 Math.5 PE/Wellness 1 “Art” Credit 9 Elective Choices17 Elective choices 24 Possible Credits (6 per year) 32 Possible Credits (8 per year)

21 10 th Grade Student Schedule Period A DayB Day 1English 101 AP Biology/Biology 2World History 2 Geometry 3Choir3 Band 4Spanish II4 Elective or Personalized Time 5Biology 6Geometry

22 11 th Grade Student Schedule Period A DayB Day 1English 111 Chemistry/Physics 2AP US History2 College Algebra 3Choir3 Band 4Spanish III/Band 4Spanish IIIElective or Personalized Time 5Chemistry /Physics 6College Algebra

23 12 th Grade Student Schedule Period A DayB Day 1AP English1 Elective 2Am Govt.2 Elective 3Choir3 Band 4Spanish IV4 Elective or Personalized Time 5Band 6Elective

24 COMMON QUESTIONS How does my child choose an Academy? Can my child change Academies? Can my child take courses from another academy? Where do classes such as music and foreign language fit? Will my child be tracked for a career? Why a block schedule?

25 Questions?

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