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Meet the counselors: Mrs. MerrihewA-G Mrs. DowdH-N Mrs. HightowerO-Z.

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1 Meet the counselors: Mrs. MerrihewA-G Mrs. DowdH-N Mrs. HightowerO-Z

2 Credit Information Graduation/College Requirements Curriculum Flowcharts Finalizing Registration

3 Credit Information Students must earn 42 credits to graduate A student can earn up to 14 credits a year Students must earn a 4 or higher to receive credit No credit is given for study halls

4 EHS Graduation Requirements UNL Admission Requirements English  4 years 8 credits English  4 years Social Studies  3 years 6 credits Social Studies  3 years Mathematics  3 years 6 credits Mathematics  4 years UNO  3 years Science  3 years 6 credits Science  3 years PE  2 credits Foreign Language  4 SEMESTERS Technology  1 credit *** ***Some colleges require additional courses

5 English  8 semester requirement ESLA 9,10, or 11 (not English credit) English 9 English 10 English 11 Honors English 9 Honors English 10 AP English Language and Composition English 12 Non-College prep (recommendation only) AP English Literature and Comp *Composition *Creative Writing (recommendation only) *American Literature *British Literature *semester class

6 Mathematics  6 semester requirement ESAT ESIG (not math credit- permission only) Algebra I Geometry Algebra II PreCalc Math Analysis *semester class ***Algebra required ESAT II Geometry: Honors or Regular Algebra II: Honors or Regular Precalc Honors or Regular Math Analysis PreCalc AP Statistics AND/OR AP Calculus (AB or BC)

7 Science  6 semester requirement *** Biology required Natural Science 9 Biology Physics Chemistry AP Biology Human Anatomy & Physiology Electives can be taken with Chem, Physics, AP Bio or AP Chem. * Horticulture * Adv. Earth Science *semester class AP Chemistry

8 Social Studies  6 semester requirement 9 th Grade: *Civics AND *World Geography *semester class 10 th Grade: World History or AP World History 11 th Grade: American History or AP U.S. History 11 th and 12 th Grade CHOICES: *Current Problems *American Government *Economics *Sociology *Psychology AP European History ***Civics and American History required

9 Technology Credit: 1 semester requirement All students must complete: Career/Info Tech (CIT)

10 PE : 2 semesters requirement *9 th Grade: PE and Health One more Upperclassmen Choice Required, Choices Below PE classes can be taken more than once for credit. *semester class *Lifetime Activities - Cardio, Weights, Game on Friday * Weight Lifting - Focus on Lifting *Fitness for Life - Focus on Cardio/Running Should list at least one alternate for PE classes.

11 Electives = Choices Fine Arts Music Art Drama Practical Arts Business Industrial Arts Foreign Language Family And Consumer Science Others: Journalism HALE Teacher Cadet Internships Distance Learning

12 Foreign Language *** most 4 year colleges require at least 2 years of same language French I French II French III French IV Japanese I Japanese II Japanese III Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV AP Spanish

13 Fine Arts Freshman Chorus Mixed Chorus Concert Choir *Music Theory Band *Acting *Drama *Competitive Speech *Technical Theatre *semester class Level 1General Art *Beginning Paint/Draw Level 2*Advanced Art *Computer Graphic Design I *Computer Graphic Design II *Ceramics *3-D Concepts Level 3*Creative Techniques (permission only)

14 *Programming I 10-12 Grade of 1 or 2 in Algebra I & Geometry and taking Algebra II *Programming II Practical Arts: Business Electives Cisco I 11-12 Good reading skills Algebra Cisco II *Career & Info Tech (Required) 9-12 *Advanced Info Tech 10-12 Computer based courses *semester class * Multimedia/Web Page Design 10-12

15 Practical Arts: Business Electives * Personal Finance 9-12 Accounting I 10-12 Good math background Accounting II 10-12 Marketing I 10-12 *Advanced Marketing *Sports Marketing *Personal and Business Law 10-12 *Economics 10-12 *Business Management 10-12 General Business Courses *semester class

16 Industrial Arts *Woods I Woods II Advanced Woods *Small Engines I *semester class *Small Engines II * Consumer Home Maintenance (must also have a study hall for driving time to ESHS) Advanced Drafting Practices Prerequisite: 11-12 with strong interest in design related field. Naturally follows Computer Home Design. *Residential Planning & Construction Prerequisite: Intro to CAD *Computer Home Design Grades 10-12: No other prerequisite, but if taking all drafting courses, comes after Residential Planning Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting No prerequisite

17 Family & Consumer Science Class OfferedPrerequisites *Foods &Nutrition I10 th -12 th *Foods & Nutrition II (must take Foods I first) 10 th – 12 th *Culinary Arts (must take Foods I first) 10 th - 12 th *Scientific Nutrition11 th & 12 th *Textiles, Clothing, & Design (repeatable) 9 th – 12 th *Housing & Interior Design9 th – 12 th *Child Development10 th – 12 th *Human Development & Relationships 10 th – 12 th *Career Life Essentials11 th & 12 th *Health Care Careers 11 th &12 th *semester class

18 *Journalism *Photojournalism Newspaper Convergence -permission only Yearbook Staff -permission only Other Electives *semester class

19 Special Programs Permission Only Career Prep Internship 12 th Teacher Cadet 12 th HALE Seminar 10-11 - Must get permission from counselor - Takes up two periods of the day - No study halls are allowed when enrolled in either program

20 A copy of your student’s plan is in your packet Course choices are on the back for each respective grade level Finalizing Registration Sample of Sophomore plan – Freshmen plan contains one more year This is a sample for to-be sophomores. To-be juniors has one less grade on it.

21 Please sign and return before leaving tonight. If you are not ready to sign the form tonight, please return to the Counseling Center by February 22nd to reserve your student’s classes. Please choose carefully as next year’s master schedule will be made based upon courses your student has currently selected. 9 th /10 th Registration Sheet Example of To-Be Junior Classes

22 Please see teachers if you have any questions about specific courses or recommendations. Counselors are available if you have any other questions!

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