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Germantown High School Student Services

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1 Germantown High School Student Services
PLEASE put your cell phone away! I need your FULL attention! Germantown High School Student Services

2 Germantown High School Student Services
Pre-registration Germantown High School Pre-Registration Presentation Counselors: Shannon Cox A-G Taylor Walden H-N Rebecca Cobb O-Z Germantown High School Student Services

3 GHS Graduation Requirements
English Math (4 Carnegie Units) (4 Carnegie Units) English I Algebra I English II Geometry English III Algebra II English IV One other math GHS Graduation Requirements

4 GHS Graduation Requirements
Science History (4 Carnegie units) (4 Carnegie units) Biology I MS Studies One Physical Science .5 World Geo. Two other full credits World History US History .5 US Gov. .5 Economics

5 GHS Graduation Requirements
Health Computer (.5 Carnegie unit) (1 Carnegie unit) Comprehensive/ Keyboarding Contemporary – Computer or Individual Health Application OR STEM Physical Education (.5 Carnegie unit)

6 GHS Graduation Requirements
Fine Arts Electives (1 Carnegie unit) (5 Carnegie units) Band Any courses Art of your choice Theatre Choir

7 State mandated exit exams:
    All students must pass Subject Area Tests in: * US History * English II * Biology I * Algebra I

8 Mississippi Community College Admissions:
Any student who meets the graduation requirements for high school graduation is automatically eligible for entrance into a 2- year or community college. *The ACT test is also required for admission.

9 Mississippi University Admissions Requirements
There are 8 major Universities in Mississippi: Alcorn State University Delta State University Jackson State University Mississippi State University Mississippi Valley State University Mississippi University for Women University of Mississippi University of Southern Mississippi

10 Mississippi University Admissions Requirements:
English Math (4 Carnegie Units) (4 Carnegie Units) English I Algebra I English II Geometry English III Algebra II English IV One math above Algebra II

11 University Admissions Recommendations:
Science History (4 Carnegie Units) (4 Carnegie Units) Biology Mississippi Studies Chemistry World Geography (recommended) World History 2 other sciences US History Government Economics Health/PE: ½ unit of each Fine Arts:1 unit Computer: 1 unit

12 Mississippi University Admissions Requirements:
Required Elective: (2 Carnegie Units) 1st unit must be either: Foreign Language OR Advanced World Geography 2nd unit must be one of the following: 2nd year language Advanced World Geography 5th math 5th science

13 I want to be a Junior! In order to be classified as a Junior, you must have: * completed English I and II * completed 2 math credits * completed 8 additional units for a minimum of 12 total credits

14 Important!!! Please do not rely on Summer School to become a Junior!
Did you know that you must have at least a 55 in the class you fail in order to even attend Summer School? Anything lower, Summer School is not even an option!

15 Example of a class offerings:

16 Watch the Pre-Requisites!

17 Course Description Book
If you see a course and you want to learn more about it’s content, simply go to: In the “Counselor” drop down, click on “Courses”

18 Let’s talk about English!
Regular English II now = Regular English III next year Accelerated English II now = Accelerated English III or AP English III (if you meet AP requirements) next year (Please remember, if you get out of Accelerated there is NO going back!)

19 What is AP and WHY take it?
AP is college-level courses taught to well-prepared high school students WHY TAKE IT? Gain an edge on College preparation Stand out in the college admissions process Broaden your knowledge Possible College Credit

20 Choice Sheet Example

21 NEW math options & recommendations
Algebra Geometry Algebra II Trig/PreCal Geometry Algebra II Algebra III Early College (old Trig/PreCal) Calculus Early College AP Cal. AP Stats Adv. Math Plus A 20 currently on the ACT math is required for Early College (College Algebra then College Trig). Please DO NOT sign up for EC if you do not have a 20 currently. Make sure you take a math your senior year!!

22 NEW Math Options Please pay close attention to the math handout for course information and eligibility requirements.

23 Choice Sheet

24 (Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Science)
Requirements are: Biology One Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics, or Physical Science) Two other sciences

25 Science recommendations:
The GHS Science Department recommends a B or better in Biology and Algebra I to be successful in Chemistry. B average or better is recommended in Biology, Algebra II and Chemistry if you are considering Physics Starting in 2014, AP Physics will be a 2 year course.

26 Choice Sheet

27 U. S. History You may pick either Regular US History Or AP US History * * (A in your current Social Studies course and have your current Social Studies teacher sign your choice sheet.)

28 Choice Sheet

29 If you are signing up for cheer, dance or any sport please sign up for:

30 Your choice sheet is due:
To your WORLD HISTORY teacher NO later than Wednesday, January 28 COMPLETED AND ENTERED INTO ACTIVESTUDENT! ALL alternate courses filled out and parent signature (and teacher signature if needed)

31 ActiveStudent: All course requests must be entered into ActiveStudent by: Wednesday, January 28 Please note: your login and password will be the same as your MAC book and GHS student and will be ready for login tomorrow

32 IMPORTANT MEETING! Any student interested in taking AP or Early College level courses for the school year are highly encouraged to attend a Parent Meeting with their parents this Thursday, January 22 at 6pm

33 NO SCHEDULE CHANGES Therefore, please choose wisely!

34 Food for thought! The BEST way to increase your ACT score……….. take challenging courses! Don’t take the easy way out and take easy courses!

35 What you can do to prepare for college:
Build your resume get involved in school and the community Work on your ACT however, ACT says not to take the test until you are a junior Work on your GPA Come see us with questions

36 Questions?

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