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Welcome Parents and Students Ninth Grade Curriculum Night.

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1 Welcome Parents and Students Ninth Grade Curriculum Night

2 The Ninth Grade Year Begin with the End in Mind

3 College Admissions “Demonstrated Academic Achievement” is the primary factor in first year admission decisions. GPA Rigor of Courses SAT / ACT

4 2014 Freshman Class Profile University of Georgia 21,000 applications 11,650 admitted 3.8 – 4.0 GPA 1800 – 2060 SAT 28 – 32 ACT * Middle 50%

5 2014 Freshman Class Profile Georgia Institute of Technology 25,880 applicants 8,560 accepted 3.8 – 4.0 GPA 2050 – 2240 SAT 30 – 33 ACT * Middle 50%

6 High School Graduation Requirements 1 Year = 1 Carneige Credit  Bible 4 Years  English4 Years  Mathematics4 Years (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and an additional math to include Algebra III, Pre- Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, or Statistics)  Science 4 Years (Must include Biology, Chemistry, Introductory to Physics or Honors Physics, and one additional high school science course)  Social Studies4 Years (Must include World History, US History, Gov’t/Econ

7 Graduation Requirements Continued Foreign Language 2 Years (must be the same language Health½ Credit Personal Fitness½ Credit Fine Arts1 Year Electives2 Credits

8 GEORGIA’S HOPE PROGRAM Zell Miller Scholarship Eligibility 3.70 GPA college preparatory curriculum 1200 SAT (cr/m) or 26 (composite) ACT -Award Amounts Public University- Full tuition Private University– pays $4,000 per year

9 GEORGIA’S HOPE PROGRAM HOPE Scholarship Eligibility 3.0 GPA college preparatory curriculum -Award Amounts Public university- pays a percentage of tuition (90% this past year). Private university- $3,600

10 PSAT / Practice ACT PSAT – October 15 Practice ACT – October 28 Parent Night in January

11 TIPS for High School Success Begin with the end in mind …  Know How You are Smart  Use an Agenda  Preparing for Tests  Study Smart  Take Good Notes  Complete Homework/Classwork

12 Instructional Focus Instructional Focus (IF) is a twenty- five minute non-credit bearing course that affords students the opportunity for tutoring and/or enrichment during the school day. IF is often an extension of the fifth period class in which students have scheduled time to complete various assignments, homework or projects. IF also serves as a vehicle for mandatory tutoring for those students who may need additional assistance in mastering mathematical concepts, or assistance in reading, essay writing, etc.

13 2014-2015 5 th Period IF Schedule 24 weeks of support = ~ 18 hours of tutoring per subject ~ 75 hours of enrichment and extension Time5A5B5C 11:45 – 12:10IFInstruction 12:12 – 12:37LunchInstruction 12:37 -1:02InstructionLunchIF 1:04 – 1:29InstructionIFLunch

14 Classroom Visits English Ancient World History AP Human Geography Biology Geometry Spanish Algebra

15 ELCA … Pursuing EXCELLENCE Excellence is a matter … H – Hard Work E – Example A – Achievement R – Respect T - Trust

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