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Le Grand Dérangement de 1755

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1 Le Grand Dérangement de 1755

2 The Great Upheaval The Great Expulsion The Deportation The Great Uprooting The Great Diaspora

3 “In the catalog of North American horrors, the destruction of Acadia can seem slight alongside the dispossession of Indian peoples and the enslavement of Africans, but it resonates deeply in our world of ethnic cleansing.” Richard White, professor of American History, Stanford University



6 First Settlement Pierre Du Gua, Sieur de Monts & Samuel de Champlain Saint Croix Island Harsh winter: half of the 75 men died Settlers relocate to Port Royal in spring 1605


8 French Settlement on Saint Croix Island, 1604-05
                                                                                                                                            French Settlement on Saint Croix Island,

9 “Habitation de Port Royal” by Samuel de Champlain


11 L’Ordre de Bon-Temps by Charles William Jefferys (1926)

12 1630 War between France & England British attempt to invade Port Royal
Acadia goes to France Must increase presence on their land

13 “Repairing a dyke” by Azor Vienneau

14 “Saltmarsh haying” by Azor Vienneau

15 “Building a home” by Azor Vienneau

16 “Trading” by Azor Vienneau


18 1710 - 1713 1710 - British take Port Royal
British take Grand-Pré Treaty of Utrecht Most of Acadia to British (Nova Scotia)

19 1713 – Treaty of Utrecht Leave colony or remain on land and enjoy “the free exercise of their Religion, according to the Usage of the Church of Rome, as far as the Laws of Great Britain do allow the same."

20 Conditional Oath “We will take up arms neither against his Britannic Majesty, nor against France, nor against any of their subjects or allies.”

21 “Signing of the Oath” by Nelson Surette
                                            “Signing of the Oath” by Nelson Surette

22 1730s - Prosperity Acadian Population Rich diet, no epidemics
1703 – 1450 1730 – 6,000 1750 – 13,000 to 15,000 Rich diet, no epidemics Still trading Conditional oath is a victory


24 “Reading the Order of Expulsion” by Charles William Jefferys

25 “The Great Diaspora of 1755” by Claude Picard

26 “We are now upon a great and noble Scheme of sending the neutral French out of this Province, who have always been secret Enemies, and have encouraged our Savages to cut our throats. If we effect their Expulsion, it will be one of the greatest Things that ever the English did in America; for by all Accounts, that part of the Country they possess, is as good Land as any in the World: In case therefore we could get some good English Farmers in their Room, this Province would about with all Kinds of Provisions.” - Pennsylvania Gazette, 4 September 1755

27 “The Expulsion” by Nelson Surette

28 “Many families were separated, parents from children, and children from parents”
Jean-Baptiste Galerne, exile First Acadian response to the deportation, Philadelphia 1756


30 “Burn and Lay Waste” by Nelson Surette



33 1763 End of the French and Indian War
Treaty of Paris: All of France’s North American possessions to England End of the Great Deportation Allowed to return to Nova Scotia First Acadians to arrive in Louisiana: 20 people made of 4 families from New York in Mobile, AL

34 “The Return” by Nelson Surette



37 “The Arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana” mural by Robert Dafford

38 What to make of this? Ethnic cleansing: the removal of one people by another from a geographic region through violence and terror Genocide: the destruction of one people by another Or Should one be allowed to claim neutrality in the clash of empires? Should one have to choose or the choice will be made for them?

39 Events The Royal Proclamation of 2003
July 28 - Day of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval 400th Anniversary of Acadia Congrès Mondial Acadien, Caraquet NB August 2009

40 Historical Sites Grand-Pré Park, NS
Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia, West Pubnico, NS Fortress of Louisbourg, NS Acadian Memorial, St-Martinville LA


42 Literature Évangeline, A Tale of Acadie, poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1847) Pélagie-la-Charrette by Antonine Maillet (1979)

43 Music “Acadian Driftwood” by The Band Grand Dérangement Blou Feufollet
Zachary Richard (LA) Wilfred Le Bouthiller (Tracadie-Sheila, NB) Roch Voisine (Edmunston, NB) Edith Butler (Paquetville, NB) Le grain de mil Oh cher, veux-tu venir danser?

44 People Last names – millions of descendants Family reunions
Acadian flag


46 Where is Acadia? “From the 1630s to 1755, Acadia was a region in what is now Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and eastern Maine. Now, Acadia is anywhere Acadians live, and Acadians live throughout the world. Acadia is a nation without a border. Patrie sans frontière.” Canadian-American Center University of Maine

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