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By: Paige Fitzgerald and Lauren Evans

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1 By: Paige Fitzgerald and Lauren Evans
Acadians By: Paige Fitzgerald and Lauren Evans

2 When was Acadia first settled?
Acadia, an area on the Atlantic sea board settled by the French in 1604 and in dispute between France and England until 1763. Also in 1604 the French found a new world that was called Acadia.

3 Why did the French come to nova Scotia?
The French came to Nova Scotia because the British was not including the French in their ideas in law.

4 Who lead the first settlement in Acadia?
In 1604 the French expedition led by Merchant Venturer Pierre Du Gua, Sieur de Monts, including, Samuel de Champlain,arrrived off the coast of what is today south western Nova Scotia. The next slide is a map of the settlement of Acadia from 1604 ~ 1607.


6 What was Acadian life like in 1632? 1755?
1632, France once again gained control of new France including Acadia. This time they started sending men and women with the intent of making a family and settling down in Acadia. 1755,when they were deported and scattered along the Atlantic sea board in British colonies, witch is today’s eastern united states.

7 Where were the larger Acadian settlements in nova scotia located?

8 Why did the people of Acadia begin close ties to France by 1745?
In 1745 the fortress of Louisburg fell into the hands of the British. Causing the Acadian families to split up. Heading to different places in Canada.

9 Where were the Acadians sent in 1755?
In 1755, 6,000 to 8,000 Acadians were expelled to the American colonies along the Atlantic coast in Massachusetts to south Carolina. Most of them came to Louisiana to live with the French settlers that live there. Some American colonies didn't want the Acadians to be taken.

WHAT EVENTS LEAD TO EXPULSION IN 1755? WHY DID THE ENGLISH WANT THE ACADIANS REMOVED FROM NOVA SCOTIA? In July 1755 the deportation started , the Acadian population was about people estimated that Acadians were expelled. The British took farms livestock and took what they wanted to keep they ruined Acadian homes to make sure they wouldn't come back, this kept going until 1762 The war between 13 English colonies and New France led to the deportation of the Acadians. The British thought the Acadians were a threat to take back there land.

11 Was the expulsion necessary?
No, the expulsion was not necessary because the French did nothing to the British or the English. So they had no reason to take them away from there homes there land and there family.

12 What are the Acadian symbols representing Acadian culture?
Their flag has colors that represent important thing to them: Blue= sky-sea=the harmony between them and loyalty Red= blood-courage= reminder of the suffering and hardships in their history. White= lily-purity of their spirit- present peace Gold star= the virgin Mary- Stella Maris.

There may have been some Acadians hiding out during the seven years of war. But generally, Acadians were rounded up and deported or escaped to the eastern sea board. But after several years they were aloud to come back to Halifax.

14 Should the Acadians receive an apology from the king for the actions of the English in 1755?
We think the King should apologise because we said before they took them away from everything for no reason. When they did nothing to hurt the English or the British’s feelings. That is why the English and the British should not have done that.


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