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Vocabulary Workshop Unit 7: #’s 1-20

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1 Vocabulary Workshop Unit 7: #’s 1-20

2 authorize (v.) to approve or permit; to give power or authority to
Synonyms: order, entitle, empower I wonder if Congress will someday authorize U.S. citizens to cast official votes over the Internet.

3 culprit (n.) a person who has committed a crime or is guilty of some misconduct; offender Synonyms: lawbreaker, wrongdoer Thanks to their efficient tracking methods, the police were able to catch the culprit red-handed.

4 dawdle (v.) to waste time; to be idle; to spend more time in doing something than is necessary Synonyms:delay, loiter, dillydally It’s relaxing to dawdle in the shower, but it wastes water.

5 dissect (v.) to cut apart in preparation for scientific study; to analyze with great care Synonym:examine I can’t wait to dissect a frog in biology class next week.

6 expend (v.) to pay out, spend; to use up
Synonyms:utilize, consume, disburse The most experienced long-distance runners learn not to expend their energy too soon.

7 fatality (n.) an event resulting in death; an accidental death
Synonyms: casualty, mortality The driver slammed on the brakes, but it was too late to prevent the traffic fatality.

8 gullible (adj.) easily fooled, tricked, or cheated
Synonyms: trusting, innocent, naïve, credulous Are you gullible enough to believe everything you hear on the radio?

9 illicit (adj.) not permitted, unlawful, improper
Synonyms: illegal, unauthorized, forbidden Students will be suspended for one week if they bring any illicit materials to school.

10 immerse (v.) to plunge or dip into a fluid; to involve deeply
Synonyms: dunk, engross I find it’s easier to immerse my entire body in a swimming pool than try to get used to the water slowly.

11 inflammatory (adj.) causing excitement or anger; leading to violence or disorder Synonyms: provoking, incendiary, provocative The candidate made an inflammatory speech that incensed all those who heard it.

12 memorandum (n.) a note to aid one’s memory; an informal note or report
Synonyms: reminder The principal posts a weekly memorandum to remind teachers of programs, deadlines, and special events.

13 pathetic (adj.) marked by strong emotion, especially pity and sorrow; able to move people emotionally; worthy of pity; woefully inadequate Synonyms: moving, distressing, pitiable, heartrending It was a pathetic sight to see so many starving people desperately begging for food.

14 persevere (v.) to keep doing something in spite of difficulties; to refuse to quit even when the going is tough Synonyms: plug away, pursue, stick to it The patient needs to persevere with the painful exercises in order to be able to walk normally again.

15 prevaricate (v.) to lie, tell an untruth; to mislead on purpose
Synonyms: fib, stretch the truth, equivocate His reputation has suffered because of his unfortunate tendency to prevaricate.

16 quash (v.) to crush, put down completely Synonyms: suppress
Swift military action was required to quash the revolt before anyone was injured.

17 relish (n.) enjoyment of satisfaction; something that adds a pleasing flavor; (v.) to enjoy greatly Synonyms: (n.) pleasure, gusto; (v) take delight in She opened the tiny box with relish knowing that is contained a piece of jewelry.

18 reminisce (v.) to recall one’s past thoughts, feelings, or experiences
Synonyms: remember, recollect At the family reunion, we got to hear 94-year-old Tia Luzia reminisce about life in old Havana.

19 scour (v.) to clean or polish by hard rubbing; to examine with great care; to move about quickly in search of Synonyms: scrub, search, comb The pot roast was delicious, but it won’t be any fun to scour the burned roasting pan.

20 tribute (n.) something done or given to show thanks or respect; a payment Synonyms: praise, honor, homage, recognition, commendation, glorification, money, tax, levy The best-selling author offered tribute to the teacher who inspired her.

21 writhe (v.) to make twisting or turning movements in a way that suggests pain or struggle Synonyms: twist, squirm, thrash It’s so sad to see an injured bird writhe in pain.

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