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Laboratory Equipment.

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1 Laboratory Equipment

2 Holds and measures liquids.
Beaker Holds and measures liquids.

3 Bunsen Burner/Hot Plate
Source of heat

4 Coverslip Covers materials on a slide. Coverslip

5 Dissecting Pins Hold specimens on dissecting tray

6 Dissecting Scissors Cut the specimen to be studied

7 Dissecting Tray Holds a specimen for dissection

8 Medicine Dropper Measures out drops of a liquid

9 Forceps Grasps small objects

10 Funnel Transfers liquid from one place to another; filters liquid using filter paper.

11 Graduated Cylinder Measures Liquid

12 Hand Lens Magnifies small objects Objects can be seen more easily.

13 Microscope Makes an enlarged image of a very small object.
Magnifies small objects so they can be seen more easily.

14 Glass Slide Provides a mounting surface for examination by microscope.

15 Petri Dish Shallow dish used for bacteria cultures.

16 Pipette Draws fluid by suction.

17 Probe Pointed object used to examine specimens.

18 Metric Ruler Measures Length.

19 Safety Goggles Protects eyes when using heat and chemicals.

20 Scalpel Small, sharp knife used to dissect specimens.

21 Test Tube Holds Liquids.

22 Test Tube Rack Holds Test Tubes.

23 Thermometer Measures temperature.

24 Triple-beam Balance Measures mass.

25 What laboratory tools are useful when looking at the internal organs of an earthworm?

26 What laboratory tools can be used to magnify small objects so they can bee seen more easily?

27 What tool or tools would you use to make each of the following measurements?
Amount of mild in a small glass Length of a sheet of paper Temperature of a swimming pool Mass of a baseball

28 How do laboratory tools improve the observations made by scientists?

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