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Test Tube  Used for storing, heating, mixing substances.

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2 Test Tube  Used for storing, heating, mixing substances

3 Test Tube Clamp  Clamps to test tube so it can be heated

4 Test Tube Rack  Holds test tubes

5 Petri Dish  For growing cultures and to hold small things

6 Beaker  Measuring cup of the lab

7 Microscope Slide  Holds the specimen that you will be looking at through the microscope

8 Cover Slip  Protects the specimen you are looking at. Goes on top of the microscope slide.

9 Test Tube Brush  Cleans the inside of test tubes

10 Erlenmeyer Flask  Holds and measures liquids

11 Graduated Cylinder  Measures accurately to the nearest mL

12 Meniscus: Curved shape of a liquid stored in a cylinder Caused by adhesion between the liquid and its container. *cohesion is between particles of the liquid

13 Meter Stick  Linear metric measurement

14 Triple Beam Balance  Measures the mass of an object in grams

15 Thermometer  Measures temperature or the amount of heat in metric units (°C)

16 Funnel  Allows liquid or dry substances to pass through a small opening

17 Mortar and Pestle  To grind or crush

18 Dropper or Pipette  Measures one drop at a time

19 Forceps  To pick up small things

20 Beaker Tongs  To pick up hot beakers or to hold and move things

21 Hand Lens or Magnifying Glass  To enlarge or magnify an object

22 Goggles  Protects your eyes

23 Spring Scale  To determine mass in grams or force in Newton's

24 Vial  A small glass or bottle used to store liquids or powders

25 Syringe  A tube and a plunger that can take in or release liquids and gases at the tube’s open end.

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