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Lab Equipment Visuals, Spellings, and Uses The Right tool for the job!

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1 Lab Equipment Visuals, Spellings, and Uses The Right tool for the job!

2 Goggles and Apron Used to protect your eyes and clothing from damage. These are a must in lab!!

3 Plastic Gloves Used to protect your hands Used when handling specimen and organisms

4 Eye Wash Station Located in the “Workroom” between the science classes Used to wash out your eyes if any chemicals or substances get in them

5 Beakers Beakers are used for holding various chemicals. Not for measuring precisely. Sizes vary.

6 Graduated Cylinder Used to precisely measure the volume of liquids or run experiments. Read from the meniscus at eye level. Plastic ring always on top if applicable. Sizes vary.

7 Erlenmeyer Flask Used to approximately measure the volume various liquids. Useful for mixing by swirling Sizes vary.

8 Rubber Stoppers Used to close flasks and test tubes. The holes allow the insertion of glass tubing, probes, or thermometers as needed by the experiment.

9 Test Tubes and Rack Used to hold chemicals/tubes while experimenting. Not for measuring precisely. Waft! Aim away from faces. Sizes vary. Label tubes.

10 Test Tube Brushes Cleaning. You must clean tubes before and after you use.

11 Ring Stand and Ring Clamps Base/Pole of set-up for experimenting. Holds glassware in place for heating or evaporating.

12 Test Tube Holder Used for carrying or holding hot test tubes.

13 Thermometer Measuring temperature. Use metric!! Scientists use Celsius

14 Hot Plate Used to heat substances.

15 Bunsen Burner Used to heat substances quickly or if > 400 o C is needed. Do not use with flammable substances.

16 Beaker Tongs Used to carry beakers.

17 Stirring Rods Used to stir substances. Clean in between uses.

18 Mortar and Pestle Used to grind substances into powder or slurry.

19 Meter Stick Used to precisely measure length. 1m = 10dm 1m = 100cm 1m = 1000mm

20 Funnel Used to safely transfer substances from one container to another.

21 Dropper and Bottle Used to measure out small amounts of liquids for experiments.

22 Wash Bottle Usually contains deionized water. Handy for rinsing glassware and for dispensing small amounts of dH 2 O for chemical reactions.

23 Digital Balance Used to accurately measure mass. Only up to 200g in our labs.

24 Triple Beam Balance Measures the mass of an object. Make certain the balance is calibrated correctly before use.

25 Double Pan Balance Used to compare the masses of two substances.

26 Pipette Used to transfer small amounts of chemicals. Graduated pipettes can precisely measure small amounts of chemicals.

27 Petri Dish Hold specimen such as bacteria

28 Compound Microscope Used to magnify Used to observe specimen Cover slip goes on the top of specimen to hold it in place

29 Hand Lens Used to magnify objects

30 Forceps Used to pick up small items Follow sharp object safety rules

31 Spring Scale Measures weight / force Sizes vary, make sure object is not too heavy

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