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Laboratory Equipment Biology.

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1 Laboratory Equipment Biology

2 The Bunsen Burner Used in lab to heat something.

3 Striker Ignites the Bunsen burner

4 Test Tubes and Test Tube Rack
Test tubes are used to grow cultures in or to perform different experiments Test tube racks hold test tubes during an experiment

5 Graduated Cylinder Used to measure liquid volume.

6 Beakers Used to mix or dissolve materials
Not used for accurate measurement

7 Balances Three beam balances are used to find the MASS of an object.

8 Petri Dishes Used to grow and observe microorganisms

9 Pipette Used to transfer liquid from one container to another

10 Microscope View microscopic objects in a high viewing power.

11 Slide Slides are used to view specimen under the microscope

12 Cover slip Used to cover the specimen on the slide to keep it in the viewing area of the microscope Cover slip

13 Test Tube Clamp Used to hold test tubes that are either hot, or that are being heated

14 Safety Goggles Must be worn every time in lab
Are used to protect your eyes from chemicals

15 Dissecting Trays Dissecting Trays are used to place organisms that are being dissected

16 1 Ruler 2 Eyedropper 3 Scissors 4 Forceps 5 Scalpel
Dissection Materials 1 Ruler 2 Eyedropper 3 Scissors 4 Forceps 5 Scalpel 6 Dissection needle


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