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Laboratory Equipment.

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1 Laboratory Equipment

2 Beaker Used for holding chemicals, mixing solutions
Not used for measuring

3 Graduated Cylinder Used for measuring volumes of liquids

4 Bunsen Burner Source of flame used for heating test tubes, etc.

5 Microscope Slides Used for holding specimens to be viewed under a microscope

6 Cover Slips Placed on top of a specimen that is on a microscope slide

7 Dropper Used for dispensing small amounts of liquids

8 Forceps Used for holding small objects

9 Ehrlenmeyer Flask Used for holding liquids, solutions
Not used for measuring

10 Funnel Used for pouring chemicals, solutions into other containers without spilling

11 Graduated Pipettes Used for measuring various volumes of liquids

12 Petri Plates Small shallow dish used to grow cells, bacteria, etc.

13 Safety Goggles Protective eyewear used when working with chemicals

14 Test Tube Used to hold or mix small amounts of chemicals

15 Test Tube Holder Used for handling hot test tubes

16 Volumetric Flask Glassware usually used for mixing solutions

17 Photo Credits Graduated cylinder - Ehrlenmeyer flask - Beaker - Bunsen burner -

18 Photo Credits Test tube – Petri plate - Graduated pipettes - Volumetric flask -

19 Photo Credits Microscope slide -
Safety_Goggles - Test tube holder -

20 Photo Credits Funnel - Cover slips - Forceps - Dropper -

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