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MONITOR, MEASURE & SAVE............ David Humphreys.

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1 MONITOR, MEASURE & SAVE............ David Humphreys

2 The Important Issue After Legal Compliance and Pollution Risk Management The most important part of Environmental Management 2100 < 5%

3 What should we be monitoring??? Whatever is significant to you...... But at Least - Electricity Gas Water Waste Transport Where relevant - OIL/LPG for heating

4 Information Gathering Before setting reduction targets: Gather Information first – find your meters Understand how to read them Take regular readings including overnight and weekends Analyse to find out what the readings mean Look in skips and bins – measure volumes/weights or numbers of bins and waste types Monitor transport fuel – mileage or total fuel usage Use indicators where appropriate

5 Electricity Meter





10 Small Conference Centre 7 day consumption, only 4 days open - Switched off: Lighting Immersion heaters IT equipment Cold drinks machines Water boilers in Kitchens £1150-00 per year

11 Water Meter

12 Plastics Factory and Caravan Park Water monitor installed in plastics factory – Consumption 25 times more during night shift Static caravan site – 300 caravans, closed in January 22 tonnes £72000

13 Gas Meters

14 Waste Monitoring

15 Cheese Manufacturer Waste Measurement and Audit Staff Training Labelling of containers Provision of recycling containers throughout the factory Use of plastic/cardboard bailer Food waste Local Authority Proper separation of waste £9400-00 per annum

16 Transport Often the hardest for busineses to tackle Wide variety of software packages available for travel planning Reduction in meetings Car sharing Fuel changes Vehicle changes Overall mileage reductions often difficult Trackers – Electricians - Average £2000

17 Monitor, Measure & Save Keep it simple No need to spend a fortune Time monitoring is time very well spent - Don’t be one of the 95% Aur Cymru Diolch yn Fawr/Thank you

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